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Some girls were stars,
But she was the universe
I wanted my hand in hers

Her glow was that of comets
And her heart was the sun
Her light you could never outrun

The Big Bang occurred in my heart
And instead of galaxies there was love
Through the universe my heart was shoved

She was light-years of work
I couldn't stop thinking of her face
But what remains in my hand is space
This is what my work looks like when done at 4 AM.
Never let yourself find home in a
People are not
and they don't have to
They can walk away at any
Find home in
the sun and the moon
but god
whatever you do don't find home in a
because what'll you do when they're
and your home's gone
I saw my mother for the last time
The mortician whispered in a silent voice I'm aware your mother didn't wear much makeup, but we had to put some on her as she had some discolouration."

I walked through the slightly opened door
Across the room was a light brown casket
Roses as red as the breast of a robin surrounded you

I couldn't seem to get my feet to move
My feet cemented to the ground
All your artifacts lay around you

By painful step
I made my way over to you

I felt the sting of tears behind my eyes
My orchid hearts petals fell slowly to the pit of my stomach

My mom didn't look like my mom
Not with that makeup
But they put it on you to cover the discolouration, the discoloration of the carbon monoxide that corrupted you beautiful mind, or maybe it was the demons that had haunted you for so long

When my tears began to overflow my red eyelids I could have sworn I saw you breathing
My mom is gone
My mom is gone

I kept repeating over and over
I saw an old couple today holding hands

and smiled.
I loved the way they still craved one anothers touch, it made me smile
Every last person I was with told me this is forever
We would live happily ever after
In my mental- I was an disbelief  
Cause I've heard this all before
You will have to show in prove
Make Me A Believer

Keep the spark that we held in the beginning
Hold my hand ✋  when situations become tough
Hug me
Call or send a text when I'm running through your mind.
Make Me A Believer

I believe one day I'll find Love and hold on to it until death due us part

I'll Make You A Believer
Kiss me
with every breath
you're willing
to deprive yourself
It's an addiction
dad left
for his second tour of duty
on my third birthday

mom kept
a jar full of jelly beans
on the living room coffee table

every night
she gave me one to eat, saying
"when these jelly beans
are all eaten up,
dad will come back home"

i would sneak another,
to help dad come home sooner

one night
the phone rang
and i watched mom
wipe away a tear
as she filled
the jar
On this Remembrance Day, I think of all those who have served, with a special thought for Dad.  And though she has no medals, I also think of Mom; every tour of duty Dad went through, she went through too, taking care of us on her own.

*** Edit: Thank you for all your kind words!  Due to a recent outpouring of sympathy, I feel it necessary to clear up the fact that my dad did in fact make it home from this mission; his tour had simply been extended for an additional 3 months.  Still, it isn't easy being part of a military family - and that's what I meant to show. ***
Beauty is not defined by your skin colour,
Hair colour,
Eye colour,
Birth marks,
Beauty spots,
Or your ****** features.
Beauty doesn't care whether you are
A little chubby,
Or skinny,
Whether you have a thigh gap,
Or stretch marks,
Silver stripes or scars.
Beauty is not meant to be physical but rather what resides within.
Once you become comfortable with yourself,people become comfortable with you.
You are all beautiful.

— The End —