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1.6k · Jan 2019
Haiku #1
You're such a beauty
an underrated abstract
only they can't see
572 · Jan 2019
Night's Cry

Meeting you was more like painting my life in different hues
Getting close to you was my definition of scenic rendezvous


Picking a fight with you was the hardest thing to pursue
It was like staring at the poisonous apple of peru


Losing you was completely forgetting someone's value
But letting you stay was equivalent to losing myself, too.
344 · Jan 2019
Our Story
This is how you remember me:
A poetess with
written poems,
rhyming verses
in old pages.

This is how I remember you:
A prosaist with
carved proses,
written phrases
in dead pages.

This is how we are remembered:
A prose that was never meant for poetry.
335 · Jan 2019
Afraid Love
My love for you was made of glances
from the window, from afar.
I'm a person afraid of taking chances,
and that's what made my love so sour.
332 · Jan 2019
Guess I can't stop you
Go if you need to, just go
I'll be here, waiting
328 · Jun 2019
Not Me
I almost said I like you
I almost do
But I held back
I hesitated
the moment you mentioned a name
it's hers
You still like the girl
275 · Feb 2019
Like You
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I think I like you
But I won't give a clue
209 · Feb 2019
No to Second Chances
I thought I'd give it a try
To forgive someone who made me cry
It's not easy, I won't tell lies
I was left with swollen eyes
190 · Mar 2019
Hands inches apart
There's a thing pounding in my chest;
maybe it's my heart, doesn't want to rest.
You look at me and say,
"It's starting to snow. Do you still want to stay?"

Sitting next to you
Enjoying the cold weather
You have no idea
You being near me; makes me feel warmer.

I speak in a calm manner
Saying, "You can go. I prefer to stay."
You respond right away,
"I don't want to leave. You're my favorite getaway."
168 · Jan 2019
How cute is that dimple
when you smile
I also like that mole
in the lower right corner of your eye
Dont worry about the acne marks
On your cheeks
That dont make you strange;
I find it unique
That we don't have to talk
Whenever our eyes meet,
seems like they let our feelings speak.
163 · Mar 2019
What Matters
If we were to be lovers
but end up hurting each other
I'd rather be your best friend
Two hours of happiness,
Three days of bliss, that's perfection!
Four weeks of debating, laughing and talking about random things,
any time of the day; we are both happy
even if we're not together
as long as you'll stay
I'd rather be your lifetime friend
We only have limitations, but the connection between us won't end.
158 · Jan 2019
Does it Makes Sense
Does it make you smile
when I say your name?
     My heart flutters when
     I do the same.

Do you think
of me as the sun
in a fine Tuesday?
    Coz you're my rainbow
    on that rainy day.

They see us as one
and not as two;
We can make a great pair
Does it make sense to you?
151 · Jun 2019
small fights,
late night arguments;
she misses those.
But that's the kind of love
she has to close
148 · Jan 2019
Pen Speaks
I let my pen speak;
when they see me as fragile and weak
I let my pen speak;
when they say I'm naive and meek.
I don't want to pick a fight
So, I let my pen speak
as they say those hurting words
that hurt me deep.
148 · Jan 2019
You and I
- were the pen I wouldn't use in writing
the paper I wouldn't crumple or throw for shredding
the music I wouldn't let them hearing                                                                                                                                                                            
and the book which pages I'd continue turning.  

- were worth keeping and remembering
- was the game you keep on losing
the battle you wouldn't be fighting

I -
  was the letter you keep on forgetting.
135 · Jun 2019
Mend it, forgive
To attain the happiness you want to have,
learn to open up your heart
even if it was broken by love
134 · Apr 2019
Amazingly Amazing
I'm amazed
coz you're amazing
You always put me in daze
Baby, you're fascinating
It's only you I want to chase
Let's not meet the ending
128 · Jan 2019
Just a Bit
Just a bit of love
if there's something left
as long as it's from you
I'll definitely accept.

Pictures of you
still remind me of
daffodils as they
dance with the wind

It's you that i need,
this call from me
when will you heed?

Memories we've created
won't ever get wasted
still in my mind
just like the way you sing,
I wish to rewind
the moment when you
pulled out a ring

I wish I was the girl
who you want to wed
I can give you everything
if you chose me instead.

What has become of us?
This question came up
like a speck of dust
it hurt my heart, my eye
down to my thigh
You swore to love me right?
Till the day I die.

Just a bit of love
if there's something left
as long as it's true,
from you;
let's start over,
are you willing for that take two?
124 · Jan 2019
DFB 2.0
Please, don't tell lies.
Avoid making promises.
Please, no breaking of ties.
I'm not entertaining excuses.
120 · Jan 2019
The Question
a broken heart;
hurts like hell.
what we had
was it love...
in a nutshell?
118 · Jun 2019
It's funny that I don't feel alone
Whenever I'm with the person
whom I can't call my own
116 · Jan 2019
unique, special
some are caring, some not
others start loving, some just stop
110 · Jun 2019
Your Name, Always
There will always be one name
Stuck in your head
You keep on thinking about the person
Till you go to bed
104 · Feb 2019
Like You #2
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My world becomes brighter
When I met you
104 · Jun 2019
North to South
You complain about the sultry
weather in my country
I do the same about
the freezing cold in yours
We have to deal with matters;
time zone is one of the many
But regardless of distance and season
we still find ways to be in each other's company
99 · Jan 2019
Imagine Me & U
Imagine the world
Me, you; just the two of us
Perfection at last!
99 · Jan 2019
Don't leave me so fast
There's still another sunlight
Dream with me tonight
98 · Jan 2019
Fun and Games
My mind is full of wonder
Why did you ever say hi
You are a stranger to me
That's why I responded with bye.

My mind is full of wonder
Why did you ever smile
Now I want to know more about you, stranger
And I need to ponder why

My mind is full of wonder
When you start to speak
We talk about things that aren't so sweet

Thoughts in my mind start to wander off
I know there's something about you
That won't turn me off

My mind is full of wonder
Why we haven't mentioned our names
Perhaps, this is all just fun and games.
98 · Jan 2019
He knows to play the songs
you wish to sing with him.
He smokes a pack of cigarettes,
he does it on a whim.

He has five tattoos,
does he look hot with that?
He did well in school, perhaps not a truant,
just love to smoke a lot.

A bottle of alcohol
for him is not enough,
he drinks with friends on Friday nights
maybe a little, maybe too much.

He's twenty-five, has vices, but he's not bad.
There's a lot of reasons why you should admire him, he'll be glad.
95 · Jun 2019
I love you, goodbye?
Will you just say goodbye
then walk away?
Or will I hear I love yous
almost every day
because you chose to stay?
84 · Jan 2019
first true commitment
me without anyone else
no doubts; all just love
81 · Jan 2019
Left Behind
On a vast surface
Alone, deserted feeling
Lying bare and naked
80 · Jan 2019
Kill Zone
then stop holding back
set foot on what scares you most
better die trying
79 · Jan 2019
Perfect to Me
You are against my choices,
you don't like the decisions I make,
you hate the way I eat,
but all my leftover food, you take

I'm not even your type,
you hate the way I cut my hair;
there's no moment I caught you stare,
you said I'm the abstract
from the painting you wanted to paint

But here we are, still together;
we argue once
we reconcile twice,
we are blinded by love
and that's perfect to me.
79 · Jan 2019
The Way You Are
The sun shone for you to smile;
the moon lit up for you to admire.
You will feel alive soon as they conspire
'cause the brightest star in this life was your eye.

The blue sky was made for you to dance;
the sea was made for you to filter feelings of oneness.
The desert was just right there at a glance;
and the forest was watching your step towards kindness.

Kid, remember this
You were born with different eyes from him.
You were born with that tanned skin to illuminate darkness.
You were you from the moment of conception until death.
No need to compare yourself with others;
We don't have the same breath.

You were born unique, you are priceless.
No one can ever replace you in His heart;
These words how can I confess?

The way your eyes blink,
The way you think,
the way you speak,
all of it makes you unique.

You are beautiful,
It is your heart, your soul,
even your darkest mole.

The way you are is incredible
You see, a person's beauty is not invisible
Don't wish to be someone else,
Just be you;
It is one way of being true.
79 · Jan 2019
Goodbye to You
let's stop please, no more
sorry for the honesty
cut the red strings now
77 · Jan 2019
Too foolish to stop
So he continues to love
Rabble who wronged him
74 · Jan 2019
These are hands of fate
Intertwined; with fingers locked
No one will let go
72 · Jan 2019
Sad Happiness
The funny thing that makes me laugh
is when I think about the past
How did you make me fall in love
when you also make me sad?

The saddest thing that makes me cry
is when I look into your eyes,
How did I ever get so high
just by thinking of you and I?
67 · Feb 2019
Just for You
You make my heart race
just by smiling at my face
Maybe this isn't a simple crush
when it's you, I easily blush

64 · Jan 2019
I start to write again
after the strikethrough
this time, it's about me forgetting every you
58 · Jun 2019
To myself
She writes herself letters
whom the guy cannot give
She does this to feel better
hoping on him she has dibs

56 · Mar 2019
A Minute or Two
He's there, still waiting for you
on your favorite spot
He won't waste a minute or two
Time for you; he has a lot
56 · Mar 2019
Don't complicate things,
If you love me
Say it straight into my face
But if you don't,
Let's start walking away from each other.

Don't confuse me with your actions,
Don't let me hold onto your words of affection;
For I'm not good at handling my emotions.

I easily fall for the wrong person
So if you love me, confess
But if you don't, let's stop from here
I don't want another stress.
49 · Jun 2019
Little of It
A little bit of love
is all I need
When I ask for it
Would you willingly give?

41 · Feb 2019
Holding On
Standing here, waiting
The train has not arrived yet
Stop me from leaving
38 · Mar 2019
Hurry Up
Boy, stop dawdling like a snail
Time won't wait for you; it owns the clock
You aim to win; not to fail
To please her heart you need to push your luck
Paint the skies for her
Tend to all the wilted flowers
Build a garden
Surely her heart will soften
Be her king even if you only ride a dandy-horse
and in sand you build castles
Together you can put up an empire next to Eiffel Tower
Just make sure you stop to dawdle
Or else there's no chance for the love you're after
38 · May 2019
May 10, 2019
I've waited for an email from the publishing house
Full of impatience; was too excited
Received a notification, immediately browsed
My heart sank, I'm not even elated

My manuscript was not chosen
It won't get published
Thought my writing worsen
The ultimate dream has vanished

Friends cheered me up
I shouldn't tilt my head down
This day has been rough
They said, "continue scribbling, don't just frown."
38 · Jun 2019
Can We?
can we bring back old memories of us?
like on how we spend mornings with coffee
drinking on our favorite glass
at night, you tell me a story
and I always wish the moment to last
You will call me to say sorry
even the fault was mine
You often tell me not to worry
and that everything will be fine

can we bring back those memories?
can we turn back time?
just like in old movies
I wish I can still call you mine
35 · Jun 2019
I write
I write even if nobody wants to read what I've written.

I still write for someone even though he made me feel broken.
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