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Stars gleaming in the firmament,
Beautiful as ever
Her lustrous eyes gazing innocently,
Thoughts start to wander
Will the stars continue to shine brighter
As the night grows darker?
let's take some downtime, just you and me.
let's not talk about how bad our days were, just be carefree.
i'll play our favorite song; let's sing along while you're driving
i'll sing the chorus, your eyes on me while humming
don't fake that smile, i know it's meant for me
i'll put a hand on your knee, gleaming coz together we're really happy
my biggest setback
was when i decided to stop
instead of just to rest
full of apprehension to take a step forward
so i turned my back
away from the light
away from everyone's sight
that led me to a dead-end
I still struggle to find
the self I once lost
so what if we reached the ******
and then our story eventually came to its end?
can't we just reset?
rewrite new chapters
fill each pages with cliffhangers
so we would turn to the next
our love won't be caged in this small box
trust me, I don't want you to be my ex
The stars were all singing; we were sitting next to each other, gazing at the gleaming moon.

I glanced over to your side only to find out you were looking at me, too.

In this place where fine sand, calm sea, and a painted clear sky was our canvas, a simple night could mean a lot when we were both together. Then you rest your head on my shoulder and whispered I was the one, the reason why you were smiling.
you only remember me
when you are bored
you only listen to my favorite songs
when you are told
darling, are you just going to watch me fall apart?
how do you intend to mend my slowly breaking heart?
mind's chaotic
mouth prefers not to speak
hush, little kid
you're not weak
rest thy heart
those thoughts are not bleak
save it for later
you've got a listener
someone who cares
just utter a silent prayer
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