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she laughs with the moon
and dances with the stars
there's no reason to hate
a heart full of scars
There's something about your eyes
I wonder why
Every time you look at me
I automatically smile

There's something about your laugh
I wonder why
My heart beats rapidly
As if hearing your voice is enough

Maybe there's something about you
That I won't deny
In this world full of people
I will still choose you
Don't ask me why
I almost said I like you
I almost do
But I held back
I hesitated
the moment you mentioned a name
it's hers
You still like the girl
A little bit of love
is all I need
When I ask for it
Would you willingly give?

Will you just say goodbye
then walk away?
Or will I hear I love yous
almost every day
because you chose to stay?
can we bring back old memories of us?
like on how we spend mornings with coffee
drinking on our favorite glass
at night, you tell me a story
and I always wish the moment to last
You will call me to say sorry
even the fault was mine
You often tell me not to worry
and that everything will be fine

can we bring back those memories?
can we turn back time?
just like in old movies
I wish I can still call you mine
She writes herself letters
whom the guy cannot give
She does this to feel better
hoping on him she has dibs

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