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leo Sep 2015
My head is buzzing.
I can't control it.
I need to settle down,
Let sleep come and
drag me lower,
Allowing me to rest.

But my bed is hard
and unaccepting of my
attempts to sleep,
So I lie awake.
All I want is to escape
into a state of unconsciousness,
so I don't have to feel.
leo Sep 2015
I look at my skin in the fogged up mirror

and I don’t see any redness

no dots

no blemishes

and I think,

“why can’t it be like this all the time?”
leo Jul 2015
I approached the door, as something caught my eye
A glimpse of a person,
a wishful hi
Something inside me was filled with terror and glee,
but I soon realized,
the reflection,
it was only me.
leo Apr 2015
Chocolate eyes pair with your brunette hair
your gentle but firm grip on my hand,
fingers lightly tracing circles in the spaces between my knuckles,
How can you feel so warm?

Your touch lifts dead weight in my center;
I feel light and airless
Your warm and enveloping scent
Comforts me,
Calms me,
makes me feel like nothing is wrong in the world.

Your voice is so deep but high
slightly groggy and dark
What would it sound like if I woke up next to you?
I could listen to you talk for hours my dear,
a soothing voice among this sea of shrills.
you guessed it
i gots me a cute boy
also its slightly unfinished but i like where it ends so
leo Apr 2015
You linger.
I desire for your body,
in this vast night.
leo Jan 2015
I'm just going through the motions,
each day is the same.

The work day drags on,
unfinished and cut off.

I stand at the door of my house,
hoping for some change.

I greet my cat with love,
refill her water.

I procrastinate at playing guitar,
pushing away my dreams.

I'm fine.
I'm fine.

I'm lonely.
I'm fine.
i need to get this off my chest
leo Jan 2015
The rings around my eyes,
they pull.
Pull at my quality of life,
dimming the pleasure,
forcing the exposure to reality.
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