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Lena Ghabayen Jun 2014
It just starts with another painful cough
And then my head really begins to spin.
It reminded me of how much I'm closed off
And how I keep my feelings bottled in.
It seems as if I push people away
Like they are forbidden fruit from the tree.
But really, I want them to stay.
I want them to stand side by side with me.
I want to be independent and brave.
I can't. I just need someone else to blame.
Yet, it is still your comfort that I crave
Although, you do not even know my name.
Always being alone is what makes me scared.
Day after day, I wished that you cared
Lena Ghabayen Jun 2014
Right now the water is calm
There’s no turbulence, no rigid edges
But when you decide that this isn’t right
and you move on
I’ll be caught in between your walls
Because I know on the outside
you push people away
but on the inside you want someone to love you
someone to hold you and someone to tell you it’s okay.

But that’s not me, I’m not the one
who’s going to hold your hand and pull you along the way
You have to decide for yourself
Follow me with a risk of drowning
or stay afloat and crash with the waves
onto the inflexible shore
But beware, there is a storm coming
and it demands a change.

The water has lost it’s tranquility
the waves, they’re picking up.
and to you I’ll shout “Follow me.”
with a plea in my voice
But there’s no will or desire in your eyes, I get it.
You want to stay.

My heart ached for days
and my lungs were filled with water.
My mind raged on until I was there no longer.
The tide had carried my body
and the wind had carried my soul.
How’d this happen?
How did I let you slip away from me?

The storm continued to fight on
carrying us farther and farther apart
I could breathe easy now
for the truth had set in
I was willing to change
But it was you that really mattered

I had found my out of the storm
and fresh air made it’s way to my sopping sponge lungs
i could feel the power, the relief
as my eyes scanned the horizon
for the boy I lost at sea
Lena Ghabayen Jan 2014
Be ready for it.
Ready or not, here it comes.
Like hide and seek.
Telling you to expect the unexpected.
Even if the unexpected is hiding up in a tree.
When the rules clearly defined only "on the ground hiding spots."
Ready to drop in on you.
On top of you.
And crush you to the ground.
Catch me if you can.
Lena Ghabayen Jan 2014
My defense is paper thin.

I’m caving in.

My walls are crashing down

around me.

When I don’t know where to go.

Then I see your face.

I don’t know how.

I don’t know when.

I don’t know why.

But you decided to come back again.

You came like a storm..

Blew me away.

You fell like the rain.

Took away my pain.

Now I’m here

standing in the eye of your hurricane.

— The End —