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I believe in love,
My mind wanders freely..
I've come to terms with who I am,
My concept of life;some may condemn,
But that's not something to bother me,
I believe in heaven,
In life after death..
My life may not be perfect here,
But I'm hopeful,I live to satisfy my inner most being.
I love and trust truly.
I'm not much of an open book,its upto one to flip my pages and read through me.
I've never believed anything without questioning why,
The question of God is the biggest I've come and across and actually answered.
God isn't a myth to comfort a weak mind,
God is the truth that a strong humble mind accepts and embraces.
With wisdom God lives,for with wisdom one knows that science is a portion of His creation and therefore it can't prove His absence.
If God exists,He's just there doing nothing.
But if God lives,He's always moving and watching over His children.
Believing in God isn't folly nor illiteracy. It is wisdom and realisation that without a Creator life has no purpose and if that's the case then there's no point living.
Most people that choose not to believe in God,do so thinking if they accept the belief in God they'll be conforming to a lower standard of thinking and to a control over their lives. Well that's no the case,God doesn't control your life,God directs your life.
Lemuel Davy Nov 2015
Some say that Faith is Blind, I don't believe its true,
For one deliberately portrays, their convictions in all they do
It clearly is intentional, the way you put your trust
And like a piece of metal, if not used, it may rust;

Some say that Hope is blind, i find that to be false,
For one will swim the deepest seas whenever hope makes her call,
Acts of hope are intentional directed to a cause,
Specifically expecting a change, through that hope they give their all;

Some say that Love is blind, yes, many believe this flaw,
But I've found this lie to be, the biggest lie of all  
For Love cannot be forced, True Love freely flows,
And Is impossible to be quenched as long as it has grown

So then, I asked myself "Why do we attribute Blindness to these Virtues"?
Which often times leaves so many of us running in circles?,

Then I Found the answer to the question, IT IS WE WHO ARE BLIND nothing else is.
Lemuel Davy Oct 2015
Back when life was easy, Back when i was a child,
Those days were days of fun and innocence, i couldn't tell a fake smile;
Back when Guilt was foreign and my heart knew no pain,
I lived a life of simplicity, not concerned about riches or fame;

I played with my older brothers and sisters, we would dance and sing,
I was the youngest for a time, so i was borne on eagles wings,
Those days were days of happiness, frustrations were few,
I still remember waking up early to play in the morning dew;

But now I am a Man, no longer the innocent child i was,
And  I have learnt the hard way how people misuse the word called “Love”,
How self pleasing and cruel people can be, without remorse or shame,
Using and abusing the rights of other only for selfish gain;

I sit still in my dorm room at college and something flashed back in my head,
It was the prayer my Mother taught me when i was a baby before I went to bed;
“This night I lay down to sleep, I give the Lord my Soul to Keep,
In My Little Bed I Lie, Heavenly Father, Hear My Cry,
Lord, Protect Me Through This Night, and Keep Me safe Until Morning Light,Amen!”

After I finish reading My Bible And Praying.... As I Lay down.. I Still Pray This Little Prayer That My Mother Taught Me...
Well, I Guess Old Memories Never Die.

Lemuel Davy
Lemuel Davy Oct 2015
The ground crumbles beneath my feet, the shaking of my hands,
My tent was secure, without alarm, but now an avalanche;

My day has turned to an eclipsed sun, my radiance diffused,
my glory has grown wings and flown away, my mind becomes confused;

If this is how you feel, you are not alone, a friend to sorrow, a stranger to friends,
Travelling through a dark valley full of dead mans bones, a journey without an end,

But I found hope, yes even I, who was counted as refuse for the earth,
My glory returned, my wounds healed, I received a second birth;

Within the tranquility of every mans existence, An avalanche will come,
Sudden terror, pain and betrayal, and how will you overcome?

My dear friend, heed my words, you cannot walk alone,
But do as i do, and cry out to God and your avalanche will be gone.
#hope in the midst of despair#
Lemuel Davy Sep 2015
Before you Judge look, analyse what you see,
And ask yourself the question, what would I do if it was me?

Before you negatively criticize, stop and check yourself,
Flee the path that leads to casting stones at someone else;

Flee I say, Yes Flee, away from harsh comments that pain,
For in the destruction of anther there is naught to gain;

And remember to be loving in all you say and do
For the stones you cast on others may one day return to you:

Be straight, thoughtful and Sympathetic to the mistakes you will see,
The things we see sometimes are not what they appear to be;
And be thoughtful of the harsh words that you presume to say,
For the sting of spoken words are so hard to take away;

So then, as you walk each day, fill your heart with Godly love
And avoid the opportunities to negatively judge.
Instead of casting down, build up....... Instead of destroying... Edify.
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