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Lemon Sep 2019
looking through the door,
to see you walk by,
all the people blocking my view,
just like thoughts crowding my mind.
Lemon Sep 2019
i ended my life,
and youre the reason why,
you made me believe you loved me,
but you really made me wanna die.
Lemon Sep 2019
hide behind a tree,
because i wanted to see,
what was about him,
that was different than me.
Lemon Sep 2019
i wanna feel her heartbeat,
im tired of mine,
its just too weak.
Lemon Sep 2019
as you can see,
its all happening again,
youre not talking to me,
and you wanna make this love,
Lemon Sep 2019
im so tired of feeling this way,
so when you go,
make me feel,
like im almost alive, and halfway
Lemon Sep 2019
in your eyes how do i seem?
do you love me so,
or do you want me to bleed?
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