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Lemon Jun 1
With all the fish I rope in,
I could surely live on land by now.
Lemon May 23
And if words spoken, with too little time,
Should remain in your head, and as you may try to rid of them,
You continuously fail,
Know that these words are for who I love,
And that they are not found in any other heads,
And I hope you will know that life is preferable,
When I have you to tell my words to,
And I know that if they stick in your mind,
Then our love will not fade.
Lemon Apr 18
Understand the circumstance,
Evaluate the loss if I were to speak up,
And tell you that i am often in pain,
When you tell me where you’ve been all day.
Lemon Apr 17
I’ve let myself trust you,
And I hope I have earned yours too,
Trust me to be alone with my thoughts,
When you are far away.

I let my thoughts wander,
But never stray to far from you,
Often sleeping inside my mind,
But also suffering from insomnia at the same time.
Lemon Apr 17
Violet eyes, deep summer tint,
Look at me from a lifetime away,
A stranger, but eyes not estranged at all.
How much will you know me,
And how much will the tint have changed by fall?
Lemon Apr 17
Fell asleep, sometime this afternoon,
Had a dream that brought back, many memories,
And made me feel warm inside.

Dreams of you in my bed,
Telling me words that were never said,
I hope you will tell me them soon.

Memories of the library,
Sharing my music with you,
Close to you, I felt so warm inside.

I never got to tell you,
Because I was conflicted inside,
But you made me feel happy, for once in my life.

A unreachable dream,
I had about you,
If only I had told you, that I wanted you.
Lemon Mar 21
ive been so hungry
and my soul have partaken in the fruit of life
i am no longer hungry
and i no longer crave you
now i must starve myself
of your lustful fruit
in order to become hungry
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