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Minsan sa buhay natin,
kahit alam natin na tag-araw,
may iilang ambon o ulan na sa buhay nati'y dadalaw.

Sa pagdating at sa pagbuhos ng ulan,
May ilan naghahanap na punong masisilungan,
ngunit di katagalan - sila'y mababasa't tuluyang mauulanan,
pagkat di kaya ng mga sanga't dahon na saluin ang buhos ng ulan.

May mga nakahandang armas na payong naman ang iba,
ngunit mababasa naman ang kanilang mga binti't paa,
na kung minsan sinasabayan ng malakas na hangin,
na ang mga payong nila'y kayang liparin o sirain.

Ang iba nama'y sa pagbuhos ng ulan - nagagalak,
may parang lasenggerong tumitingala, sinasalo, sumashot na parang alak,
may mga batang masayang naglalaro habang naliligo,
na kung minsan nagtatampisaw sa mga inaipong ulan sa estero.

Kung ako ang 'yong tatanungin, ang ulan nakatalaga sa bawat tao,
Na kahit anong iwas mo - darating at darating ito sayo.
ang mga patak nito'y sadyang maliliit -
kapag ito'y patuloy na bumuhos, kung minsan ito'y mabigat at masakit.

Kaya ang tanong ko sayo aking kapatid,
Saan ka dito sa aking mga nabanggit?
Na sa unang pagpatak ng ulan sa iyong bumbunan,
Ano ang iyong gagawin at naiisip na paraan?
open ocean to your white silhouette of this piece
Let it swirl waves are navigating dahagamu
Bring greetings grief that I was full of wounds
Wound, which I bandaged the silhouette piece.

Draw the shoulders of prayer in the black shadows
Even if it's dark I'll greet
I am the wound, in nature
open your white to black shadows this piece ...
bukalah samudra putihmu untuk sepenggal bayangan hitam ini
Biarlah ia arungi pusaran ombak dahagamu
Bawakan  salam duka bahwa aku penuh luka
Luka, yang ku balut sepenggal bayangan hitam itu.

lukislah doa di pundak bayang hitam
Biarpun itu kelam akan ku beri salam
Akulah lukamu, di alam
bukalah putihmu untuk sepenggal bayang hitam ini...
I used to think they were harmless,
I was so naïve.
The variety in my house;
a never ending rainbow.
white ovals
multicolored capsules
muddy orange circles.
A plethora of every imaginable combination,
right at my fingertips.

Ive followed in my mother's footsteps
no matter how hard I tried to avoid it.
No longer innocent
I am tainted in sin

Shape doesn't worry me
size and color don't either
some went with headaches
some for concentration
some for depression
they couldn't ever make the suffering go away
it lingers within me
no matter how hard I try

I cry out

Oh god,
Do you really
What is this
I live in?

I popped another;
I just couldn't resist the
bittersweet taste
the coating leaves in my mouth.
Swallowed it whole
no water
I am a pro.
Maybe a few.
3 more
then 5
only 1 more
well 2 couldn't hurt

Lost my count by now.

This time i'm not in pain
I just want the fog to cover me
and to once again not



at all

For I go numb once again
as I swallow
Might be my favorite one I have written so far...... idk
I Lie.
I cheat.
I steal.
This is me.

I lie.
I cheat.
I steal.
Why can I not just tell the truth?
Its so simple.
You say “I love You'
And so do I.
But I don't.
I hate you.
When you say I love you,
I can feel the bugs crawling under my skin.
I want to throw up.
I want to hurt you.
But I don't.
I say “I love you too”
And stomach this anger that is boiling from my past.
Because maybe you
are lying as well.
I lie so much
there is a fog over what is
and what is a
how can I even be sure?

I lie.
I steal.
I cheat.
Whoever you are,
I have cheated you
at least once before.
To get what I want.
You haven't even realized it yet.
Cheating is an impulse.
I don't notice
until it is too late.
Until the damage
has been done.
Why do I cheat
even though I know
how much it hurts?
Do I like receiving
I mean giving
this pain?

I lie.
I cheat.
I steal.
I don't steal physical things.
Too easy.
I have no desire for these
things of the world that are supposed to matter.
I steal small pieces of
I have stolen your
And the worst part
is that I love it.
How can I steal
when I know what it will do to you?

My cycle of three.
but only to me.
It is deadly
to you.
Builds me up!
Tears you down.
Why are you all so weak?
Have you not seen the real world?
Or is all I see
Are you the blind one,
or am I?
Relieving myself through pain.
Intensifying yours.
How can you
look me
in my fiery but blue eyes,
that are filled with hatred,
and say that I have a conscience
when you
This one kinda ***** but i got bored in class haha.
who deserted from other roses sweet smile
whether, red, white, orange and infinite
are always made ​​in satiation

  I / black rose
 no dark mosaic: often drowned nature of struggle
sleeping at the time of red roses, white, yellow, blooming
wilted due to weak roots

i / black rose
the brooder
stuck like a rock
the meaning of the many colors of roses are:
broken into one / black

because, i / early black rose of colorful roses.

Idra, Tuesday, 2/11/13, wrote village, Bantul, Yogyakarta...
  May 2014 Lelaki baur kata liar
Both light and shadow
are the dance of Love.

Love has no cause;
it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets.

Lover and Loving are inseparable
and timeless.

Although I may try to describe Love
when I experience it I am speechless.

Although I may try to write about Love
I am rendered helpless;
my pen breaks and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place
where Lover, Loving and Loved are one.

Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love.
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