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Leishgn Raj Jan 23
Sometimes we meet some good hearts
No reason we can’t be amicable
We lost all the thoughts
Might it be reasonable?

A good heart is kind
A kind heart is fine
A fine heart is nice
A nice heart is wise

A wise heart has wisdom
The wisdom never be visible
Search it to preach
Always having been friendly.

Get the good will from them
very difficult to reach them
Very easy to get them
wait, let them speak

Less word makes you wisdom
Pious to their words
To become wise
Do it no missing credit.
                 -Leishgn Raj
words form the wise male us wise. Heard melodies are sweet than those are unheard. wait let them speak.
Leishgn Raj Jan 23
Proud? No. Yes you are.
Think that you are the most beautiful
So you are there as  you are.
None can replace you.
You are the night dream girl
No men are not here
Without appreciate your beauty.
Who are you? Where are you from?
When look at you no other thoughts.
You are the unwritten epic and
Undrawn image giving name and
Fame too many legend poets
You are evergreen love to lovers.
Arise, fair moon waiting to see you
To  praise your beauty.
Also waiting to get thought of you my moon.
                                                         -LEISHGN RAJ
sudden look at the moon and its thought

— The End —