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Leila Feb 8
Excuse me mister !
This may seem pretty random
But I have been watching
You since December.

You sit in the same cafe
On the same table, with a same drink
You always have headphones on
& Have a book covered in ink.

You cracked a little smile when you
Heard the Nirvana tune
It made your dimple show
And my heart swoon.

I want to talk to you
I'm sick of this watching game
But I don't know how to approach you
Just like I don't know your name.

So hey Mr Anonymous !
You might have a girlfriend
And I might be a bit late .
I don't wanna freak you out
But can we go on a date ?
Just another harmless crush
Leila Feb 7
will we ever see the end ?
we wont ever escape.
crying out we said,
"hell is empty"
but its our hearts
that are empty instead.
ever felt lonely in a room full of people ?
Leila Feb 7
breath you in
breath you out
you are the one
i cant go a day without.

**** with my head
bad for my health
if you wish
you can have me dead.

always thirsty for you
toxic but i still love you
never stop making me feel this way
would you ?

I'd kiss you all day
if i had my way
with a hazy mind
and my eyes grey.
nicotine really is injurious to health

— The End —