Shane Leigh Jul 31
It creeps through windows and hues the skin ...
Hello Hello Poetry friends. I wanted to make a poem in which anyone can be involved in. SO, I've started the first line (it was the only thing that really came to mind to me today lol) and I'd really like to see how creative we get with the following lines. Please comment one line at a time and lets see where this poem takes us !!! I'll take all the lines that have been commented and smash them all together and see how the finished product looks !!

Can't wait to see the finished work guys (:

© Hello Poetry Community
Shane Leigh Jul 27
There's only so many hours in a day;
only so many words in my vocabulary;
only so many breathes to take
before I am dead and buried.

Therefore, I laugh,
I giggle and smile.
I live in this moment
if only for a while.

If breathing was infinite,
like life itself,
there'd be no point in worrying
about my sense of self-
righteousness that creeps further away
because no one knows what will happen,
not even today.

Because there are only so many minutes,
because there's only so many breathes
and so many turns;
because I fear that it goes by so swiftly
I'll miss
whatever is lurking
if I'd take one more risk.

So, because all the things that I've said above;
because I forget what I said it was;
because I fear the swiftness of spring,
I will savor all moments
and do one last thing ...
I've been gone a while ... I'M SORRY !! I'm sure I've missed some AMAZING poems while I've been gone and I can't wait to play catch up hahaha
I hope you enjoy !!

© Shane Leigh
  May 26 Shane Leigh
Pagan Paul
What is a poet to do
when his favourite muse
faints whilst making love,
a victim of passions fuse.

To carry on regardless?
Perhaps slap her lovely cheek?
Mouth 2 mouth no tongue?
Or maybe implore her to speak?

A lesser poet
shakes her anxiously
and writes a verse about prowess and spooning.

A True poet
carries on regardless
and writes a sonnet about his muse and swooning.

© Pagan Paul (23/05/18)
5th poem in my series Even Poets ***** Up ...
I only write these when in the silliest of moods!
Shane Leigh Apr 25
When one stops to smell the magnolias,
Do they say to themselves,
“What does a rose have over you?”
Hello (:
Please enjoy, it’s just a thought but I’d thought I’d share said thought (:
Enjoy !!
Shane Leigh Mar 28
Dear Jane,
Sorry this didn’t reach ya in time;
Sorry I couldn’t leave on better terms;
Sorry for leavin' ya alone in Virginia ...

                   Dear Jane,
                   Did my last letter get to ya alright?
                   Did you come in happy when ya realized it was me?
                   Jane ... do ya miss me?

       Dear Jane,
       Notes can't explain how much I miss ya;
       there are voids that were occupied by you
       that take up so much space here.
       I can’t stay here because you ain't here;
       but I can’t go back to Virginia.

Dear sis,
I miss ya without reason
and I can’t remember what it was we fought for,
somethin' petty I imagine.
Nothin' compares to this emptiness I feel,
but I’m tellin’ ya
I can’t stay here,
but I won't go back to Virginia -
I’d have to say goodbye again.

Dear Jane,
It’s been 3 years ...
Are those flowers doin' alright?
Of course they are.
I can’t say goodbye to you again Jane,
but here I am.
Your tombstone doesn’t fit ya sis,
but I'm happy you died in your home,
on your bed,
all nestled up in the heartland of Virginia.
© Shane Leigh
Enjoy (:
This is dedicated to one of my close friends. Her sister and I weren’t very close but I still feel a great loss and I know my friend is. I will grieve with you for as long as you need me to.
  Mar 10 Shane Leigh
Ciel Noir
We are such            clever creatures to divide
Most everything             into its different sides
With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
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