There is a world and it's subtleties;
It's breathing in of morning
And exhaling of mourning;
It's blind eye to the women whom make husbands of one-night stands,
And the men that only see women as one-night stands;
It's gentle pushing and shoving in forms of naturally planned disasters,
Rushing waters and uprooting winds -
It's a curiosity of the millionth wonder of the world,
The one that no one knows about.
I see a world full of subtleties
That only exist because we want them to,
And because nature says that they must be.

Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Shane Leigh Nov 9

This love has no words
for I have no song
nor tokens of affection to linger on.
What is love without words and a song?
Dead but breathing only because it’s “natural?”
I am no longer speaking of “us.”
What of me?
I am frightened of what is to come.
Will you slash me with more words
and take mine to coo another?
No more!
For I have no song,
and no love with words.

I thought back to a time when I was completely miserable in my so-called relationship and this is how it felt in so many words.
© Shane Leigh
Shane Leigh Nov 5

Do not be stilled by my name,
Change stays the same:
In smooth transitions from season to season,
Dinner dates with friends,
Holidays with loved ones ...

But some things just do not change:
The rattling of their chains,
The hemorrhaging of money,
The coming and going of hello, my name is Change
As they look out of their windows
For warmth and sunlit breezes
They find the dust on the windowsill
Doesn't seem the same as it was yesterday.

So really,
What truly is the same,
Is me, Change,
And how I am truly unchanging.

© Shane Leigh
Enjoy (:

before you go and do something dumb
I know how it is just to feel numb.
take a moment to let me tell you people care
because maybe you want to share but you don't dare.
don't be afraid to tell somebody you need help
because no matter how small the yelp
they will be there to listen to you
so maybe this is your cue.
this world is better with you in it so don't quit
Please stop hiding that pit
speak out and seek attention
let's start the process of ascension
I know that you feel alone all by yourself
like you've been placed on a dusty shelf
cut off from a society that doesn't love you
but I'm telling you that isn't true.
just give a call to that hot line
let it be a light in the dark that shines
because they will answer and listen
the tears will fall and glisten
because you'll know that they care
you can let go of the tremendous weight you bare.
people love you and they always will
so before you take that pill
before that Blade touches you again
before you step off the end
put down that gun
and just call them so you live to see the morning sun
I love all of you with all of me
I just hope I reach you in time for you to see.
I beg and plead
before you start to bleed
just call them and talk
they want to help you they really do.
don't be afraid to take that first step
don't be like me and never speak out.

-Caleb J. Collins

Please feel free to share this with loved ones. I hope it helps some of y'all and I want you to know I speak from my heart with this one.

Its name is sadness.
Violent sadness.
It's creeping up on me again. It is giving me anxiety because I don't want it to crawl in my skin again and be comfortable. With the anxiety brings depression. It's always been there, never completely going away. But I can ignore and it slows, grows smaller everytime I smile and laugh. But every time someone leaves me for someone shinier, the sadness spreads like wild fire, like the mold on strawberries I cannot eat. I wish I was born thin like her, perfect like her, golden like her, the one who steals them away. As I watch the monster crawling towards me, I analyze it. I watch the way it moves slow, trying not to be discovered like the way I do. It moves swiftly, not in pulses. I watch it creep, pulling itself from whatever depths it came, like the way I do. And that's the scariest part. I watch it's iridescent nails crawl closer. It has a diamond ring.
So do I.

Shane Leigh Oct 31

A candlelight:
     My fire,
          My flame.
   As it
     The wax:
        Away in the dark and I
       Find myself at the bottom,
        On the floor,
                At your door
                  But too afraid to knock,
                     So I count,
                   For the subtle flame
                  In your window to burn
               Like me, it will melt away;
            Until finally,
           One day,
          There is nothing.
        No light, no glow, no warmth
      And my candlewick's black -
    Used up and gone -
  But will you remember?
            Will you remember?

© Shane Leigh
Enjoy (:
Shane Leigh Oct 29

Sweet and savory upon my lips are
his lips; and my hands caress the stubble scattering
his jaw as he holds me close about my waist.
I praise his gentle hands -
still forceful - and I, with
gentle nature and hopeless romance, am
not accustomed to such vigor and blunt lust-driven
passion such as his. My body irks and begs for
his caresses and unashamed desires though I
am fearful of what is to become of me; but,
please, if you were to truly love me, do not
leave steadfast into the dark once the deed
has been done
for this is a risk I'm taking,
and a mistake you are willing to make.

© Shane Leigh
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