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 Nov 2018 Leigh
Edmund black
To reside
her own
She’s a
rare rose
the thorns
Still attached
She walks
a fine line
Along the line
Between pain
And fine wine
She always
found the time
To shine
You, yes You.... you have the strength of ten men , although not always easy ..... You keep standing for the win... You’re indeed a rare rose,  at times..... unaware!
 Oct 2018 Leigh
Born into the ocean
Stubborn shell hiding the potential within
A world in theta
Good things
But then worries
That our great ideas
May not come to pass
So we wrap the future
With comfortable nooses
But not too tight
Only enough to protect
Our investment
Another with no voice
The Sun wraps itself around it
As the ocean slowly rolls it along
And others pile on
As days carry on
Sheltered infinity
Covered completely
Because we are afraid
So infinity walks alone
And others stitch themselves
Onto it
But these restraints become tired
And it feels there may be more
Than the shroud it has worn
So infinity begins to unwrap
Digging through fears
Stripping away conditions
And infinity finds
Every idea supplants another
Another uncovered
Another discovered
So it lets them all go
And now we can see a shape
The paths of planets
Intimately encased
The shoreline breaks
And here where we end and begin
Can never know a face
But now we can finally see
And not some thing we created
But what ever it wants to be

Go inside
Eat again sleep again
Touch the sun and run
Away from everyone
The Universe expands
And so does the space between us
Imposed by nature
Our nature, perhaps?
To live with is to attack
Devouring the world around us

My dreams are coming true now
People walk out side by side
Many feet wide
The roads are yawning
Keeping children safe
So we can hear them play
And be entertained
In a world without games
Where we say what we say
And fight with empty space
 Mar 2016 Leigh
Joel M Frye
I have no wisdom
of my own; borrowed insight,
hindsight of many.
 Sep 2015 Leigh
I showed the librarian how Dostoevsky predicted the internet (and what we'd use it for) over a hundred years ago.

She seemed unimpressed.
"We are assured that the longer time goes on, the closer the world draws towards fraternal communion, when distances will be bridged and thoughts transmitted through the air. Alas, put no faith in such a union of men. By interpreting freedom as the multiplication and immediate gratification of needs, people distort their own nature, for they engender in themselves a multitude of pointless and foolish desires, habits, and incongruous stratagems."
- The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. (Published in 1880.)
 Aug 2015 Leigh
lil j
I am still so in love with the person I thought you could be that I forgot to fall in love with who I've become without you.
 Jul 2015 Leigh
Arlo Disarray
I had a mohawk
you didn't mind that I'd shaved part of my head
you cared more about my eyes and the loving words my lips said

life takes you in all directions when you don't expect at all to budge
but sometimes it takes a bit of love to give you a light nudge

two kids full of angst, anger and screams
two kids with high goals and many shared dreams

no matter how much I hate people, there is something I can't do
I could never bring myself to have a bad thought about you
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