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I loved to play,
Football in the day,
Till they see gray,
That guy with big pay.

you could see learns ,
beat them not once
On and off the banks,
Hailed by the fans
All clapping their hands.

There came a season,
Season of doom was born,
A rough moment for the son
Overhaul beckoning like a bad loan
All in a bid to  demolish the "clown"

I stopped being a player,
When they took me for a lier,
After exposing this layer
Of secrets to them betrayers,
Who crucified me up higher.

one mess and the crowd is booing
Allies showcase competing,
Unclothing our dark chats laughing,
Me taken for a virus in room dressing,
No one cares ideals that Built whispering.

perfect player always rearing to go,
Escaping by all means the upheaval,
When he laughs with them in the table,
Fooling them to come to his level,
And destroy 'em like God does to devil
Kmg  I am watching
I start frm everest leeward
you from its windward
Step by step wayward,
To top we fight hard.

There we shall meet ,
There we shall eat,
Rest after we beat ,
All odds to clinch it.

The wall looks rough,
At times we laugh,
Others we sulk enough,
To a point of abominable silence.

We like to compete in a way,
Checking each other's move and say,
Judging each others act in dismay,
Our heads in unsaid depression.

The abundant love is there,
We can manage to everest top,
Only if we drop this nuisance
And naivety by all means.

You are great on appearance,
My greatness is unmerged too ,
let's drop the bad attitude and give everything
To make it to the end.
Collins learns Nov 2018
Mix and match thing,
As he used to put it,
Sing it as well till,
Our eardrums could ache,

Hear him talk to all and sundry,
Like a preacher of outreach mission,
You hate the message but may love him,
For his utterance is but an ordinary co sumption,

Build bridges and ladders of life,
That us but his two themes,
With which he mean,
To promote human interdependence.

No need  to hate this prank,
That kidded you one day,
Or either broke your sacrosanct deal,
Just assume that all will be okay.

Tommorow is still as good as today,
The crap is vital for tommorow,
Much needed than even your closest ally,
Very unavoidable like oxygen.

His never ending plea,
Coming after the bridge he built,
Bearing juicy fruits and great harvest,
A clever opportunist this lad.
Collins learns Nov 2018
This is to her in particular,
The lass that takes after keila,
I loved her like Diamond to Bailla,
I took her my heart's cellar,
Of course never she is a baller,
Only three lies taller.

Sure you are dang beautiful,
Elements exposed in full,
You need no cutex either to school,
All boys to be fools,
And certainly pick a marriage tool.

Haven't laid my grievances yet,
All were in the last paper I set,
The other day I almost bet,
With them that you were my sure bet,
Lent me your ears yet.

You neglected my brilliant efforts,
Rubbished all my plans even pivot,
The pillars of our love ***,
Said my eyes were too hot,
And my visits frequent in some sort,

You have never a dry spell,
How every corner of the zone smell,
When rain for long have not fell,
You even miss being rained on as well,
You too will hate the sun to hell.

You have never known my part ,
How others consumes even the ****,
I know you don't need my heart,
Or you kidding in some kind of art,
Aimed at fooling me to wait like nuts.

It was supposed to be 50 -50 deal,
No lose on either side still,
I sure have offered too much with will,
Now look at me withdraw for real,
The repercussions I won't feel,

I cannot forget the useless brats,
You shielded as pals of earth,
So visionless and despondent rats,
That awaits fate alerts,
They will soon lead you to their mediocre parts.
5660 you know yourself..
#sikupendi by rayvanny supplements this.
Collins learns Jul 2018
I have been forced,
Out of domicile,
And now **** bored,
With sojourners' world worthwhile.

I used to love phones,
It's versatility in functioning,
Obeying instructions  at all zones,
I loved making calls and chatting .

That was long ago ,
When it made me feel at home,
Simply chatting could let go ,
Steam and heartbreak loom.

Not now at this century ,
Where them need airtime to pick  a call,
Where successive missed  calls arouse no worry,
When they no bother reply at all.

I won't lower my self -esteem,
Not because of them dissaproval,
That I aint  classy and fit for hymn,
Its okey if u take me for a mall.

Needless fight a loosing battle anymore ,
You won't torture me again as u laugh,
Beaming is me at nirvana jaw,
I declare enough is enough.
Collins learns Jul 2018
2018                    05                   21
                    That day             my birthday
               May 21st  2018    22nd anniversary
      Me remember all as if it was yesterday's tale
     How someone , very important stranger then,
       sent me a b'day wish I still cherish to date.
        Thats how it was born a unity of reason,
           Between me and my love Diana Dee,
             The beauty paragon I much adore.
                   Bae ur voice in particular,
                      Makes my ears gyrate,
                        Both in sure unison,
                          I will love u ***,
                            without any
Collins learns Jul 2018
I love human beings,
The descendants of Adam,
The guy who conversed God one on one,
With them happiness meets a soul,
As hope and trust are kept real.

With that boss of mine,
Whom u I tirelessly worked for from dusk to dawn ,
When you failed to pay me fully,
I have never called it a betrayal,
Not at all sir.

To them relatives ,
The guys within my reach,
When I cried out for help,
And never saw you turn up,
You have made me love them more.

That learner over there ,
Expected to learn under my custody,
Do you remember calling me **** names?
Criticizing the calabash instead of consuming its contents?
I love you for that.

Come to this attractive icons ,
Feminine gender thats thrills me.
I admire how them look down upon guys,
Of their true age and type ,
Just for love graduates with fat pockets.

Thats not all ,
When you value this ****** creatures ,
Mistreatment is all you harvest,
They rather invest their trust in who they  like.
Never mind they are that magnificent.
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