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Feb 8 · 75
For Eric
Leah Barton Feb 8
I heard the news today
Of your critical state
It's funny the things the grieving mind gravitates to

My only thought
Was about your last anniversary
And how you told me beforehand you were probably just going to work that day

I yelled at you, and said **** that Eric
You HAVE to keep the love alive
Take the day off
Get her flowers
Take her out and remind her through all the years, children and trials she's the one
Tell her she's special, and pretty and everything to you
And that without her you'd be lost

Your eyes lit up
You took my advice
Romanced her and made her feel alive, beautiful

Now as I think of her
Sitting, grieving at your bed side
Wiping the tears away from your five childrens wet faces
A woman I have never met

I thank god you took my advice
Took that chance

Because it was your last
My friend Eric had a brain anyuresm last night. He is in critical care and is not expected to last through the night.
Feb 2 · 260
I've Built You A Home
Leah Barton Feb 2
I've built you a home
Of brick and of bread
A soft safe place
To lie down your head
A textile of trust
To wrap yourself in
And filled it with love
Till bursting within

I've made you a meal
Of your favorite foods
Berries and grains
Sauces and noods
I’ve handed it to you
Sealed with a kiss
Served on a platter
Checked off the list

I gave you my love
Generous and warm
Laid on your chest
Wrapped in your arms
Your heartbeat the rhythm
To which I set my pace
Your eyes to my eyes
Your face to my face

Don’t take for granted
All this that I’ve grown
This love and this meal
This time and this home
I’ve made it with hands
I’ve made it with heart
I’ve made it with you
Made it right from the start
In the "Seussian" style lol.
Jan 11 · 51
Leah Barton Jan 11
They called him old "dinkin bean"
But i think his name was Digby

He traveled the country in his old rusty van looking for precious metal and stones to buy wholesale

He used to live in that old flat off of sylvan road
Although he was basically never home

He reminded me of some old 70s ideal
Long scraggly gray hair that was only combed for weddings and funerals

Faint smell of patchouli and ****

Hes the nicest guy in the world but he'd ******* wife given half a chance

He always told whomever was in front of him exactly what they wanted to hear, even if it was the opposite of what he had just told the last guy

Shook your hand just a little too softly for most men to consider him manly

Sometimes when I get bored i see what old dinkin bean is up to
Makes me feel a little less alone

I heard this week he's in Iowa
Jun 2019 · 358
Leah Barton Jun 2019
Look at you with your snowman eyes
They'd easily burn if they weren't so cold
I suppose you can only have black in your sky
When what you see with is made of coal

What can you hold with your kindled hands?
Fingers entwined with a matchstick touch
Discarded from a dying branch
Holding the frost that you love so much

You really are a wintery lad
With your salvation scarf and your carrot nose
If you weren't so cheery you'd be quite sad
Left out all night alone in the cold

When springtime rears its pretty head
Heating the rooftops one by one
Well frosty, you're as good as dead
And the people will wonder where you've gone
Oct 2018 · 438
Leah Barton Oct 2018
I dont want to be broken
But my heart is made of glass
I can see it in your eyes my dear
The hurts of long days past

Why can't I shake this feeling
That you are gonna leave
And take all of those pretty moments
And hide them up your sleeve

Maybe we went to fast
And thats both of us to blame
But playing with a beating heart
Is the worlds most dangerous game

I cant shake this awful feeling
After breaking through the lust
That you'll wanna see the road again
And leave me in the dust
Oct 2018 · 383
The Monsters
Leah Barton Oct 2018
It's easy to drift sometimes
In a world of ships in the night
And backness
Is comforting
When you're in over your head
When you cant face up
When you're dancing around the broken glass
Call on me, softly
I'll rest my old quilt around your shoulders
You can run your fingers through its old familiar tears
Take comfort in its memory
And wash it all away down the kitchen sink
The monsters will never get us
Jun 2018 · 607
My Leah
Leah Barton Jun 2018
I like the way your hair is tossed up first thing in the morning
And yesterdays makeup is still a little on your face
The way the sunlight hits your skin in the early hours
That is the girl that no else gets to see
But me
That is MY Leah
Jun 2018 · 234
In weakness and in wealth
Leah Barton Jun 2018
Down a tipsy staircase
Encased in narrow brick
The cigarette smoke rises to greet us
Your strong frame in front guiding me
With gentle hand behind
Their playing funky jazz
That resonates far too loudly
A cover of some popular song
I vaguely remember it from before
When the world was black and white

I order two beers and two shots
From an old bartender who'd rather not be there
But I'm happy so it doesn't bother me
I sit for a moment and think about contentment
And how its so easy to lose
And I grip you a little tighter
Holding onto that moment for dear life
We sip on our beers
And your glazed eyes never looked so green
As they do in the haze of smoke and christmas lights
When you say "I love you"
And mean it

Suddenly I'm petrified
What if I lost you?
****** this up?
Or you died?
In some terrible accident?
What if you tire of me?
Or find someone prettier, or smarter?
What if time dries us up like sun spent raisins until all of our juicy pulp is petrified?

I look into your kind face and want to run.
Back up those tipsy steps
And down those city streets
But someone sowed our heartstrings together
We are bound, its too late

I take the shot

For wetter or worth
In weakness and in wealth
Till you give back my heart

I do
Apr 2018 · 235
You Saved Me
Leah Barton Apr 2018
I had been blind since birth
Accepting the scraps I'd been given
I just thought it was normal for things to be ******

I'd been beaten, ***** and held at gunpoint
Had more than one dance with the devil
And for the longest time thats just how it was

One day, slumped in a corner
You walked towards me
Slowed down
And after thousands had passed by
You picked me up
Took my blindfold off and said "come with me"

How gentle your outstretched hand was
How beautifully that one piece of hair fell into your kind face
How magnificent your soft body felt against mine

You saw into me
You learned me
Put splints on my broken bones
And with a strength I didnt know exhisted
You held me aloft
Until I learned to walk on my own

You are the dream
The angel of God
Beautifully mild
Wonderfully tough
Cast from the mold of great men long since past

And now we walk together
Tall and full of pride
Side by side and hand in hand

Thank you
******* thank you
You amazing kaleidoscope of color, heartbeats and sound
You saved me
Mar 2018 · 535
Rain and Music
Leah Barton Mar 2018
The pouring rain encases us
In a candle lit room
Lightning crashes
But Im not afraid
I can smell peach and mango
Clean linen
And of course you
You kiss me for the hundreth time today
How is it possible I still need more
Was I that starved and didn't know?
An angel opens his eyes
And inside them only mirrors
I pray to make it last
This moment
Take me again
I could never say no to you
Keep me here
Locked away
A prisoner of rain and music
Mar 2018 · 212
Lord Hobo
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Today was a beautiful day
I got to kick your *** at old arcade games
And drink craft beer with oddly oxymoronic names like "Lord hobo"
I got to sit on an old couch with you at some hipster bar and listen to you spill your heartache about your brothers death
Which only made you more vulerable and more appealing
I was lusted to death until both of us ached and still wanted more
I was seen
I was touched
I was close
It all hurt so wonderfully
You said "stay" and held me so I felt beloved, kissing me softly throughout the night
I want you to love me
Make me the brighest star in your sky
I want to dance with you
Feed you
Need you
You're so close to perfect
And I'm gonna **** this up somehow
All I ask is that I get a little time
Before I do
Mar 2018 · 300
A Little You
Leah Barton Mar 2018
You're with me this morning
In little notes and silhouettes
In my first sip of yesterdays reheated coffee
In the melody of "Last Dance With Mary Jane"
In each puff of that glorious first cigarette
I see you staring back at me
From the whirring blades of my ceiling fan
Yesterdays ***** finally just starting to wear off
It's almost like I can feel you walking
All those miles away
To find a stolen moment on a park bench
To spill a word or two on your lunch break
Will you write about dystopia?
Or find a character to dissect so beautifully as only you can do?
Or perhaps write a little *****?
I can't wait to see
Because even though it's silly
And I know it isn't true
In every piece you write I see a little me
And in every piece I write I include a little you
Create and fixate.
Mar 2018 · 213
A Wrinkle For Every Laugh
Leah Barton Mar 2018
We will always be what we are
And what we're not
A wrinkle for every laugh
And a tear for all these years
I think id like to see a blush
Upon your pale milkbottle cheeks
And see your eyes change to a deeper blue
As age and wear comes to get us both
I hope we can stay this way
Sending little notes to linger
Touching letters with our fingertips
I can still smell you faintly upon them
Mar 2018 · 186
Example Human
Leah Barton Mar 2018
I make it too easy
As the clock ticks away down to nothing
My tears keep the second hand company
Both tapping endlessly
Funny as I feel you slip
I always blame myself
I shouldn't have given you my flowers
I should have saved the filth for tomorrow
I am the "example human"
Model no. 1
Basic as a cup of starbucks
Alive or dead it doesn't matter
The same corpse lies and walks
I was hoping you'd be different
Im tired of being fooled
**** this ****** hope inside of me
Its slipping
Deathly slow
Just rip me up and throw me in the waste bin
Too broken to pick up the pieces
To old and tired to start again
Mar 2018 · 257
The Little Things
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Have you ever seen a bit of paper
Floating in the careless wind
Dancing to the beat of drums
And wonder where that papers been?

Or here the simple melody
Of a loved yet unknown song
With you for the briefest moment
And you miss it once its gone?

I get too attached to simple things
Most would not take notice of
Discarded pennies, eyes of strangers
All too distant, all beloved

I wonder why im made this way
And give my heart to little things
But im grateful for the endless beauty
That loving the forgotten brings
Mar 2018 · 182
A Lesson in Determination
Leah Barton Mar 2018
After months of dressing up
In the proper costume
Painting my face professionally
Shaking important mens hands
Answering questions found somewhere on the internet
Driving to exotic locals paved in concrete
Parking lines
And front desks
Being told "No."
"We decided to promote within."
And "We just don't feel like you're the right fit."
Crying tears of rejection
Financially struggling
Eating far to much ramen
And asking myself why I wasnt good enough

A little bluebird chance was handed to me
By my number one choice company
And I nailed my dream job
After interviewing with them 10 times
Years of pushing, determination and ambition is finally coming to fruition

Now I'm dancing alone in my bedroom to feel good music
Walking a little taller
And for once looking at myself with pride

Everyone makes up their own truth
And life just doesn't give a ****
So don't give up
On those pipe dreams
Those quiet heartbeat hopes
Those soft wishes whispered into your pillows
I didn't
And neither should you
Mar 2018 · 206
Dirty Pick Up Line
Leah Barton Mar 2018
I tricked him with a ***** pick up line
He replied "******* you *****" and laughed
It was then I knew he was a keeper
His banter was amazing
He was a ******* Rembrandt
A tall nerdy awkward schmorgashboard of awesomeness
He had a piece of hair that kept falling in his eyes like Johnny Depp in that one movie
He told me I was tolerable
I replied, "No I'm holla-rable"
He never called
I still think about him now and then and wonder why not
Ah well **** 'em
Mar 2018 · 151
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Left cold by my wedding band

You took back all your promised land

And now I finally understand

We were just ticks of a minute hand
Mar 2018 · 266
Streets Of Amsterdam
Leah Barton Mar 2018
The streets of Amsterdam
With pathways made of spine
Lit gently by the softest of yellow lights
Always welcomes him
Embracing him with the night
He takes walks there sometimes
After the owls go to sleep
Just a breath before dawn
And contemplates his calloused hands
And his hiccup heart
The only sound to be heard
A low rumble of a passing train
Going somewhere he'll never know
But would like to see anyway
He prefers the first half of his walks
Each step increasing the distance from his home
As if bits of him are stripped away With each snow encased footprint
And for the briefest of moments
He can be who he wants to be
Mar 2018 · 177
One More Ride
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Can we go for one more ride
Inside that beat up Cadillac
I'll slide down right next to you on that leather bench seat
A red disco ball hanging from the rearview
You can push the gas pedal
And I will hold your stick shift
Im getting pretty good at changing gears

We can rob banks again
Laugh and take shots straight from the bottle
Leaving skid marks and loose notes in our dust
I'll flash truckers in exchange for honks
And watch as you try not to get excited

Lets make out like teenagers on the hood of your car
The heat from your engine burning my thighs
You can spill your whiskey wherever you please

The wolf and his little lamb
The Wordsmith Rembrandt and his number one fan
Mickey and Mallory
Always, forever
Apart, together
Mar 2018 · 105
Steal A Kiss
Leah Barton Mar 2018
When you whisper those weird naughty things
Into my echoed ears
Your voice is red my dear

When I'm feeling brave enough to steal a kiss
It's the only time, you see,
I'm where I want to be
Mar 2018 · 128
Playing Roulette
Leah Barton Mar 2018
I hate playing roulette
Between ****, ***** and tease
Sometimes I'm all three
And sometimes none of these

Don't call me "bossy"
And call him "ambitious"
Cause we're the same thing
A **** shouldnt switch us

Don't ask me to cover
Clothing keeping me locked
Just because some guys
Lose control of their *****

I will call you out
I will make you see
That this everyday ****
Just ain't working for me

I am a feminist
And ******* proud
If some ladies stay quiet
I'll be twice as loud

So go ahead throw me
Your slurs and your lies
Cause in the end baby
I will rise
I will rise
Stole that last line from Maya Angelou but I don't think she'd mind. Got in a tiff with a chauvenist and this is the end result lol.
Mar 2018 · 134
Dolores Claibourne
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Your house always smelled of pipe tobacco and forgotten books
Perched on the top of that old hill
Like it owned the place
Your hard and weathered hands would gently cut bread slices
As seen from the other side of a lopsided window
You can tell alot about a person by looking at their hands you know

Your youth had sunny vibrant colors
Warmth and optimism
But now everything is in shades of blue and gray
It's his fault
He shouldn't have ****** with you Dolores
Should have left your little girl alone too
But now he pays for it with his bones
At the bottom of that old well in your backyard

You got nothing left but the ***** inside
And you like it that way
Sometimes being a ***** is all a woman has left to hold on to
If you haven't read this book I highly reccomend it.
Mar 2018 · 127
The Lonely Hearts District
Leah Barton Mar 2018
The lonely hearts district
Is home to laureates
With red lightbulb eyes
I go there on ******* fueled nights
To see where the sidewalks crack
And count my blessings
That I'm only a visitor

A girl I can never remember the name of greets me gingerly
Sipping on her Tanguray
All her hopes and dreams slipping through the holes in her fishnets
Is this what giving up looks like?
Or maybe she's more alive than I am
Who am I to judge...

I doodle your name on a half wet napkin
Then I scratch it out
It's continued presence leaves me exposed and I dont like it
Tom Waits is playing on the jukebox

Fantastic, as if I'm not depressed enough

Some old guy sits next to me even though there are three empty seats to my left
He smells like cigarettes and regret
It takes him all of 5 minutes to start ******* about his wife
This happens everytime I come and yet I always return
I am the embodiment of masochism

I order another beer and for just a moment enjoy the sound of Tom inside my fishbowl brain
He really isn't so bad

The lonely hearts district is full of sacrifice and cigarette smoke
Sharks and cheats
Vice and ash
I can't help but love it
Mar 2018 · 130
Sex and Excess
Leah Barton Mar 2018
I can see them
Your sky blue windows
With lashes for curtains
Pretty please look my way
And I will open them and let the breeze in
I dream of you dipping your pen
In my jet black ink
And writing your poetry
On the inside of my thighs
Be sure to dot the I's with kisses
Grunt for me
That deep guttural growl
That animals do
When the hunger has taken over
And the blood lust has begun
Tell my again how you love my pretty princess *****
And maybe just maybe I'll call you daddy
Cause all bad boys like that
And you can spill all of your secrets into my mouth
I wont waste a drop
I want to keep you buried and surrounded
Wrapped up like christmas
In my ***** silk sheets
Sliding  to crescendo
Mar 2018 · 205
Baby Boy
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Covered softly in dish soap bubbles
No idea yet about the words troubles
The only rift in your future lies
With the fact you might get some in your eyes

Sweet baby boy and your cornflower blues
Looking up at the sky and its polychrome hues
How wonderful to have an untainted mind
Where the world is always gentle and kind

If I could tell you one thing to keep
As you drift off to your lullaby sleep
It would be to take hold of your dreams and run
And don't be afraid to touch the sun

The worst fate isnt dreams fought for and erased
It is in dreams buried, lost and unchased
But for now just play with your little toy duck
And be content in the fact that you dont give a ****
Mar 2018 · 149
Trailer Park Beauty Queen
Leah Barton Mar 2018
Trailer park beauty queen
******* up that pall mall smoke
You make those leggings look good

I don't care if you wear too much makeup
And that your hair frames your face in loose greasy tendrills
I love you anyway

Maybe I could take you to the steak n' shake
And we could talk about getting out of this two bit town
And how your youngest baby looks the most like you

Trailer park beauty queen
Please sashay by lot #5
So I can enjoy your filthy mouth again
Feb 2018 · 172
Persistent Softness
Leah Barton Feb 2018
I have not felt the gentle touch
The persistent softness of loves sweet rush
For every time I open hand
There is a lack for its demand

Grand is the torment that love affords
Pleasure and pain in perfect accord
The only thing yet sweeter still
The return of love by thine own free will
Feb 2018 · 161
The Gift Of Goodbye
Leah Barton Feb 2018
Today she remembered all of the little things she loved about you

Things that had been buried deep underneath time and resentment

Like how your right eye blinks a little more slowly than your left when you drink
And how you always call her on her ******* because you know her better than she knows herself

Today is the last day she will ever see you and look into soft granite eyes and see life reflected back
Today is the last photo in your album, gone in the blink of a day
The last drop in a bucket of countless tears
The quiet death of 1000 dreams

Sometimes a goodbye is a gift
Feb 2018 · 267
See Past Morning
Leah Barton Feb 2018
I like to think there is the smallest piece of me left
When you drift into your teacup
In that blink of a daydream
Just before reality returns to get you

I like to think mine is the name you'd write
On the dewey window of a midnight car
As the streetlights illuminate our memories
With the same fingertips that used to touch my skin

More time elipses between each of those waves
And soon the tides will come no longer
I will sit alone in the sand then
My skin bleached and worn

But I'll still remember how the soft early light draped your face as you slept
And how your crows feet had a line for every wish in my heart
I'll still see past morning
Feb 2018 · 335
Old Bones
Leah Barton Feb 2018
I need to get up
But these old bones are just a pile of dust
Why break back hustle for another "no"?
For when god shuts a door he opens a mouth
It'd be easier to just melt
I prefer decay to decades anyway
Dec 2017 · 369
Can anyone find their home?
Leah Barton Dec 2017
Pasty vacant dish plate faces
Lugging cumbersome briefcases
Walking briskly to their places
Can anyone find their home?

Making money spending money
Laughing at jokes that aren't too funny
Licking bodies drenched in honey
Can anyone find their home?

Not fragile like a sweet birdsong
But fragile like a ticking bomb
One we knew would blow up all along
Can anyone find their home?

Homesick for a place they've never been
They get up and do it all again
Not quite strangers, not quite friends
Can anyone find their home?
Sep 2017 · 345
Heart Bird
Leah Barton Sep 2017
If I could change your mind,
I'd open up your rib cage,
And let your sweet bird free.

Perhaps he'd fly to me and rest his beating wings next to my beating heart.

Perched upon my fingertips,
He'd **** his head to the side,
And look at me in a peculiar way.

Like he was just seeing me,
For the first time.
Leah Barton Aug 2017
Can I take you away for awhile?
Stolen from the shadows and the day to day
Gripped and pulled from the worn pathway on the floor
Tie and coffee mug left in the dust
Out entwined fingers strong as steel
Nothing could ever break us baby
I'd show you star lit nights on homemade quilts
Smoke the finest **** and talk about philosophy
Forget we are adults and play in the softened grass
Swim in someone elses pool till we get caught and chased away
Wander the streets in the wee hours
Snapping reflections and characters
Remind you of how beautiful you are
Because people need that sometimes
I'll try my best not to kiss you
Aug 2017 · 455
Leah Barton Aug 2017
Beneath the blinking halogen
That quivers calculatingly
In an ashen room encased
By showers flowing comfortably

I am hugged and held aloft
By postcard words sent lovingly
The sweetest sugar licked and shipped
From honeycomb to honeybee

You told of torrid ******* nights
Reflected in the raindrop streets
Of limbs and hips and eyes and lips
And that she reminded you, of me

I can taste you subtle mouth
In a mirrored fantasy
Gripping my shadow in the dark
Taking me, deliberately
Aug 2017 · 324
Shadow Man
Leah Barton Aug 2017
Shadow man touches me
Jet black lips take custody
Moving down my runway spine
Ever so deliberately

I can feel his hands coerce
And hold me like a canopy
Taking every drop I have
Collecting it in memory

And with a lightswitch he will flee
Ducking down a darkened hall
I wrap myself in crimson sheets
As he tips his hat to me

Shadow man touches me
With his beautiful ambiguity
And keeps me in the darkest night
Protecting me with poetry
Jul 2017 · 304
Dear Lady
Leah Barton Jul 2017
Know your place at my feet
Dear lady
Filling space in my sheets
Dear lady

Knowing out hearts
Are wicked and gone
Just enough cash to be
Getting along

You thought that I cared
Dear lady?
Your heartache I've spared
Dear lady?

I've no use
Once my pennies are spent
Now that our limbs
Have been broken and bent

Have two coins for your blues
Dear lady
Heres your coat and your shoes
Dear lady

I'll call you again
When the night gets cold
But for now
Just do as your told

Dear lady
Jul 2017 · 792
See Her Worth
Leah Barton Jul 2017
She barters with the best of them
Using all her mounds and motions
Walking strangers to her bedroom
Swapping skin for company
Painting bodies with her lipstick
Hoping for a warm embrace

Yet you hold her mind with strings
Flashes of your hands have stayed
Eyes that burn and never waiver
Long after you've released her heart

She grips and suffers silently
Closes eyes and flies away
Makeup tears staining sheets
Hoping you will see her worth
Jun 2017 · 445
Sans Espoir Romantique
Leah Barton Jun 2017
The little things are lost:

The faint smell of sage and wax
Heart eyes and nicotine kisses
Walks through city streets
Laughter like the clearest bell
Soft scratches on my head from your fingertips
Puffs of clove smoke
Your black button down shirt
Cheap breakfast at Joanie's
Soft lips stolen in China
A lonely bench and river wind

Sans Espoir Romantique,
Tu es les etoiles dans mais yeux

The one I wanted to find
French Translation: "Hopeless romantic, you are the stars in my eyes."
Jun 2017 · 384
Leah Barton Jun 2017
Born on the wrong side of everything
She learned early on to cover her scars
With a Cheshire cat smile
"No one wants to hear you complain"
Her mother used to say
As she locked her up in the bedroom closet
Daddy bought her candy
But made her work for it
And she thought that was normal for the longest time
She married a man just to get away
Had his babies and cooked his drugs
Until one day he took too much
And struck her in the head with a cast iron skillet
Yet, she smiled
Because that's what she was told to do

She listens to "Jolene" on repeat
She can't sleep on lonely sheets
She dances on poles and turns her tricks
She plays hopscotch and pickup sticks

Would her life have been different if she was born on the right side?
Or does fate always steer you back to where you belong eventually?

Still to this day
Through a cloud of pall mall smoke
Even when shes dying inside
She smiles
Jun 2017 · 305
Leah Barton Jun 2017
It's easy for her
To put others down
She is skilled, and sharp
With deadly tongue
She slays gentle souls
But what people don't realize
She has dinner for one
Spills more coffee than she drinks
And even though she is beautiful
She looks in the mirror with such self hatred
It takes all she has to keep from smashing the glass

It's easy for him
To belittle women
Wearing too many sterling silver rings
To distract from his lack of personality
Calling them "uncapable"
As they bend on knee for his pleasure
But what people don't know is
His mother used to slap him in the head when he spilled his milk
Call him a "worthless little ****"
And all he wanted was a bit of her love

On they outside they are the perfect family
Polished and primed for the best of society
Evoking jealousy from the little people
Facebook photos with plenty of likes
But what people don't know is
Momma pops pills like candy drops
And daddies other girlfriend gets all his attention
The kiddies don't know how ****** up life can be
But they will soon enough
For we can only stay spotless for so long
Jun 2017 · 293
Ache for an Encore
Leah Barton Jun 2017
I heard a voice today
Reminiscent of a famous ghost
Someone unknown yet loved
That I've held with empty hands

I wanted him to talk ***** to me
So I could picture your mouth
Twisting upward at the corners
As you smile deliberately

A wave of words long since departed
Flooded my heart
Until I was drowning in blood and verbs
A tide of the feelings I once had

It cannot be that way once more
As good people do, we came to our senses
But hearing his evocative song
Made me ache for an encore
Jun 2017 · 680
Those Bells
Leah Barton Jun 2017
Your porcelain bell laughter
Resonates beautifully off of my every flaw
Making each crack magnify
Until my foundation crumbles

But the smallest painted touch
From oil stained fingerprints
Fills the gaps with watercolor
Until I am solid once again

I long to fix you in this way
To hold you in your deepest weakness
That my broken china bones keep
Just a little while longer

So much so that in this
The smallest of moments
I am tremendous
And I may hear those bells again
Jun 2017 · 481
Hidden In Love
Leah Barton Jun 2017
Sunbeams sneek through open cracks
My window greets them graciously
Dust particles dancing upwardly
Your breath a slow and steady hum
Getting lost in its eternal drone
The light kisses the freckles on your shoulders
Guitar strings strum on repeat such a gentle melody
I am there the moment you wake and every moment after
Green eyes greet the world
And close again for awhile
I am lost in this moment
Lost in you
And never want to be found
Hidden in love
May 2017 · 1.1k
I Knew You Wouldn't Like Me
Leah Barton May 2017
I knew you wouldn't like me,

By the way your long eyelashes flickered the reflection of Zeitgeist past midnight,
and that your peach mango candles burned the edges of their glass containers defiantly.

I knew you wouldn't like me because as you once said "Most people just can't hang." and that you were tall, funny and good looking.

I knew you wouldn't like me because the years you've spent behind bars hardened you, and I am not nearly crazy or interesting enough to keep your attention.

I am not wild, nor colorful, nor beautifully flawed.
I am sturdy, too nice, mildly boring perhaps even "normal."
Which as we all know is the most horrible thing to be these days.

We are too much alike to be lovers,
and too similar to not be friends

I knew you wouldn't like me,
because I liked you,
and that's how life always goes.
Apr 2017 · 402
Not A Word
Leah Barton Apr 2017
Waiting, wishing patiently
My collected heart incurred
From your lips a silent gift
Not a word, not a word

Eyes that speak in multitudes
The lines of love and lust are blurred
Yet your mouth keeps deadly still
Not a word, not a word

Hands that paint my curvature
The reason stands yet still obscured
Your voice as quiet as the grave
Not a word, not a word

Though every part of me I'd give
Not a single line is heard
With hands and eyes you say it all
Not a word, not a word
Leah Barton Apr 2017
You left me alone
To drink red wine and taste candy pills
To cry tears of glass that cut my eyes
To shake and be afraid

I had lost you for awhile
Between the cracks of poetry and empty ***
I fell rapidly and forgotten
And left for dread

Until I sent you a picture I had taken of you
While you were sleeping gently
Upon the bed where we used to make love
And said "Why do I still miss you so much?"

You returned with a fire just as Christmas approached
I saw your shadow before I saw your face
You kissed me and no words could be spoken
And in flashes all of our moments reappeared

Still, I cant forget
That you left me
To cry tears of glass that cut my eyes
To shake and be afraid
Apr 2017 · 545
Quiet Company
Leah Barton Apr 2017
You don't have to say a word
Just touch my fingertips
Musical breath
And quiet company

I don't need money spent
Or compliments
Just softness
And slaps
And quiet company

Keep your wall
I will climb it
Keep you guards
I will fight them to the death
Keep your filth
I like getting ***** anyway

I dont need "I love you"
Though it would be nice
Just green eyes
And quiet company
Leah Barton Apr 2017
I still miss you sometimes
The way you danced with me alone in our livingroom
Singing elvis softly in my ear
And that time you punched that guy who called me a ***** at Ann's party
I miss you coming home for lunchtime quickies
And the ring you spent way too much on

But I dont miss the graveyard of beer cans on the coffee table that would reappear everyday
Or your insane jealousy over literally every other person in my life
I dont miss being called a ****, or walking on eggshells
Or having to dress a certain way
And that I wasn't allowed to change my hair

Sometimes I wish we could have made it
You were the only man who ever wanted me enough to marry me
You were the first one to pluck my fruit
The first to look tenderly in my eyes
To want more than my body
To speak the words "I love you"

You have a new wife now
And a baby, which you always wanted
I'm happy for you
I truely am
I know I did the right thing
But I can't help but wonder...

Do you call her a ****?
And sing her Elvis?
Apr 2017 · 247
The Artist
Leah Barton Apr 2017
In every fingerprint
And every streak of oil
In every watercolor
And every droplet on the floor
A part of his soul is given
And taken just the same
By those who buy the pieces
And put them in a frame
He sells it for survival
Yet it dwindles in its girth
He hoping to prolong his death
And has been since his birth

The lights, The water,
And food for his daughter
He deals himself like cards

He fights, He falls
He rebuilds his walls
His hands callosed, cut and hard

His soul may be sold to the highest bidder
But given in its place
Is strength, is love, life for another
A sacrafice embraced
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