Leah Barton Sep 23

If I could change your mind,
I'd open up your rib cage,
And let your sweet bird free.

Perhaps he'd fly to me and rest his beating wings next to my beating heart.

Perched upon my fingertips,
He'd cock his head to the side,
And look at me in a peculiar way.

Like he was just seeing me,
For the first time.

Leah Barton Aug 11

Can I take you away for awhile?
Stolen from the shadows and the day to day
Gripped and pulled from the worn pathway on the floor
Tie and coffee mug left in the dust
Out entwined fingers strong as steel
Nothing could ever break us baby
I'd show you star lit nights on homemade quilts
Smoke the finest shit and talk about philosophy
Forget we are adults and play in the softened grass
Swim in someone elses pool till we get caught and chased away
Wander the streets in the wee hours
Snapping reflections and characters
Remind you of how beautiful you are
Because people need that sometimes
I'll try my best not to kiss you

Leah Barton Aug 7

Beneath the blinking halogen
That quivers calculatingly
In an ashen room encased
By showers flowing comfortably

I am hugged and held aloft
By postcard words sent lovingly
The sweetest sugar licked and shipped
From honeycomb to honeybee

You told of torrid cocaine nights
Reflected in the raindrop streets
Of limbs and hips and eyes and lips
And that she reminded you, of me

I can taste you subtle mouth
In a mirrored fantasy
Gripping my shadow in the dark
Taking me, deliberately

Leah Barton Aug 3

Shadow man touches me
Jet black lips take custody
Moving down my runway spine
Ever so deliberately

I can feel his hands coerce
And hold me like a canopy
Taking every drop I have
Collecting it in memory

And with a lightswitch he will flee
Ducking down a darkened hall
I wrap myself in crimson sheets
As he tips his hat to me

Shadow man touches me
With his beautiful ambiguity
And keeps me in the darkest night
Protecting me with poetry

Leah Barton Jul 30

Know your place at my feet
Dear lady
Filling space in my sheets
Dear lady

Knowing out hearts
Are wicked and gone
Just enough cash to be
Getting along

You thought that I cared
Dear lady?
Your heartache I've spared
Dear lady?

I've no use
Once my pennies are spent
Now that our limbs
Have been broken and bent

Have two coins for your blues
Dear lady
Heres your coat and your shoes
Dear lady

I'll call you again
When the night gets cold
But for now
Just do as your told

Dear lady

  Jul 30 Leah Barton
Brad Lambert

Fuck me like the ocean would the moon, Dear Amaranthine.
Teach me as you would any abecedarian, slow with pace.
My pallid arms are spread, and feet are crossed.
Crucify me, like one of your French girls.

Your endless frame arched over mine
a vaulting testament to the heat
of your front against my back.
This scene should have been a chapel.

Through hazed musk I can taste the saline
as it tumbles from your dripping brunette tendrils
forming brooks and lagoons the color of flesh
in the glens and about the islands of my spine.

I wish I could write about you in me
while you dance a contemporary beat
ceaseless, indeterminate, untold are
your feats within and upon my person.

For a split moment, seconds shattered in two,
I am completely and totally permeated by you.
I whine for you to vacillate me, I am fucking begging
to be occupied, satiated, by a rhythm akin to the sway of trees.

Love me fast and kiss me slow, Dear Amaranthine.
My palms are red, and feet bloodied, too. I moan.
Call me your poetaster but don't come on my chest;
There's far too much weight there already, my dear.

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