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Leah Barton Oct 2018
I dont want to be broken
But my heart is made of glass
I can see it in your eyes my dear
The hurts of long days past

Why can't I shake this feeling
That you are gonna leave
And take all of those pretty moments
And hide them up your sleeve

Maybe we went to fast
And thats both of us to blame
But playing with a beating heart
Is the worlds most dangerous game

I cant shake this awful feeling
After breaking through the ****
That you'll wanna see the road again
And leave me in the dust
Leah Barton Oct 2018
It's easy to drift sometimes
In a world of ships in the night
And backness
Is comforting
When you're in over your head
When you cant face up
When you're dancing around the broken glass
Call on me, softly
I'll rest my old quilt around your shoulders
You can run your fingers through its old familiar tears
Take comfort in its memory
And wash it all away down the kitchen sink
The monsters will never get us
Leah Barton Jun 2018
I like the way your hair is tossed up first thing in the morning
And yesterdays makeup is still a little on your face
The way the sunlight hits your skin in the early hours
That is the girl that no else gets to see
But me
That is MY Leah
Leah Barton Jun 2018
Down a tipsy staircase
Encased in narrow brick
The cigarette smoke rises to greet us
Your strong frame in front guiding me
With gentle hand behind
Their playing funky jazz
That resonates far too loudly
A cover of some popular song
I vaguely remember it from before
When the world was black and white

I order two beers and two shots
From an old bartender who'd rather not be there
But I'm happy so it doesn't bother me
I sit for a moment and think about contentment
And how its so easy to lose
And I grip you a little tighter
Holding onto that moment for dear life
We sip on our beers
And your glazed eyes never looked so green
As they do in the haze of smoke and christmas lights
When you say "I love you"
And mean it

Suddenly I'm petrified
What if I lost you?
****** this up?
Or you died?
In some terrible accident?
What if you tire of me?
Or find someone prettier, or smarter?
What if time dries us up like sun spent raisins until all of our juicy pulp is petrified?

I look into your kind face and want to run.
Back up those tipsy steps
And down those city streets
But someone sowed our heartstrings together
We are bound, its too late

I take the shot

For wetter or worth
In weakness and in wealth
Till you give back my heart

I do
Leah Barton Apr 2018
I had been blind since birth
Accepting the scraps I'd been given
I just thought it was normal for things to be ******

I'd been beaten, ***** and held at gunpoint
Had more than one dance with the devil
And for the longest time thats just how it was

One day, slumped in a corner
You walked towards me
Slowed down
And after thousands had passed by
You picked me up
Took my blindfold off and said "come with me"

How gentle your outstretched hand was
How beautifully that one piece of hair fell into your kind face
How magnificent your soft body felt against mine

You saw into me
You learned me
Put splints on my broken bones
And with a strength I didnt know exhisted
You held me aloft
Until I learned to walk on my own

You are the dream
The angel of God
Beautifully mild
Wonderfully tough
Cast from the mold of great men long since past

And now we walk together
Tall and full of pride
Side by side and hand in hand

Thank you
******* thank you
You amazing kaleidoscope of color, heartbeats and sound
You saved me
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