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Leah Barton Feb 8
I heard the news today
Of your critical state
It's funny the things the grieving mind gravitates to

My only thought
Was about your last anniversary
And how you told me beforehand you were probably just going to work that day

I yelled at you, and said **** that Eric
You HAVE to keep the love alive
Take the day off
Get her flowers
Take her out and remind her through all the years, children and trials she's the one
Tell her she's special, and pretty and everything to you
And that without her you'd be lost

Your eyes lit up
You took my advice
Romanced her and made her feel alive, beautiful

Now as I think of her
Sitting, grieving at your bed side
Wiping the tears away from your five childrens wet faces
A woman I have never met

I thank god you took my advice
Took that chance

Because it was your last
My friend Eric had a brain anyuresm last night. He is in critical care and is not expected to last through the night.
Leah Barton Feb 2
I've built you a home
Of brick and of bread
A soft safe place
To lie down your head
A textile of trust
To wrap yourself in
And filled it with love
Till bursting within

I've made you a meal
Of your favorite foods
Berries and grains
Sauces and noods
I’ve handed it to you
Sealed with a kiss
Served on a platter
Checked off the list

I gave you my love
Generous and warm
Laid on your chest
Wrapped in your arms
Your heartbeat the rhythm
To which I set my pace
Your eyes to my eyes
Your face to my face

Don’t take for granted
All this that I’ve grown
This love and this meal
This time and this home
I’ve made it with hands
I’ve made it with heart
I’ve made it with you
Made it right from the start
In the "Seussian" style lol.
Leah Barton Jan 11
They called him old "dinkin bean"
But i think his name was Digby

He traveled the country in his old rusty van looking for precious metal and stones to buy wholesale

He used to live in that old flat off of sylvan road
Although he was basically never home

He reminded me of some old 70s ideal
Long scraggly gray hair that was only combed for weddings and funerals

Faint smell of patchouli and ****

Hes the nicest guy in the world but he'd ******* wife given half a chance

He always told whomever was in front of him exactly what they wanted to hear, even if it was the opposite of what he had just told the last guy

Shook your hand just a little too softly for most men to consider him manly

Sometimes when I get bored i see what old dinkin bean is up to
Makes me feel a little less alone

I heard this week he's in Iowa
Leah Barton Jun 2019
Look at you with your snowman eyes
They'd easily burn if they weren't so cold
I suppose you can only have black in your sky
When what you see with is made of coal

What can you hold with your kindled hands?
Fingers entwined with a matchstick touch
Discarded from a dying branch
Holding the frost that you love so much

You really are a wintery lad
With your salvation scarf and your carrot nose
If you weren't so cheery you'd be quite sad
Left out all night alone in the cold

When springtime rears its pretty head
Heating the rooftops one by one
Well frosty, you're as good as dead
And the people will wonder where you've gone
Leah Barton Oct 2018
I dont want to be broken
But my heart is made of glass
I can see it in your eyes my dear
The hurts of long days past

Why can't I shake this feeling
That you are gonna leave
And take all of those pretty moments
And hide them up your sleeve

Maybe we went to fast
And thats both of us to blame
But playing with a beating heart
Is the worlds most dangerous game

I cant shake this awful feeling
After breaking through the lust
That you'll wanna see the road again
And leave me in the dust
Leah Barton Oct 2018
It's easy to drift sometimes
In a world of ships in the night
And backness
Is comforting
When you're in over your head
When you cant face up
When you're dancing around the broken glass
Call on me, softly
I'll rest my old quilt around your shoulders
You can run your fingers through its old familiar tears
Take comfort in its memory
And wash it all away down the kitchen sink
The monsters will never get us
Leah Barton Jun 2018
I like the way your hair is tossed up first thing in the morning
And yesterdays makeup is still a little on your face
The way the sunlight hits your skin in the early hours
That is the girl that no else gets to see
But me
That is MY Leah
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