Leah Barton Apr 2
I had been blind since birth
Accepting the scraps I'd been given
I just thought it was normal for things to be shitty

I'd been beaten, raped and held at gunpoint
Had more than one dance with the devil
And for the longest time thats just how it was

One day, slumped in a corner
You walked towards me
Slowed down
And after thousands had passed by
You picked me up
Took my blindfold off and said "come with me"

How gentle your outstretched hand was
How beautifully that one piece of hair fell into your kind face
How magnificent your soft body felt against mine

You saw into me
You learned me
Put splints on my broken bones
And with a strength I didnt know exhisted
You held me aloft
Until I learned to walk on my own

You are the dream
The angel of God
Beautifully mild
Wonderfully tough
Cast from the mold of great men long since past

And now we walk together
Tall and full of pride
Side by side and hand in hand

Thank you
Fucking thank you
You amazing kaleidoscope of color, heartbeats and sound
You saved me
Leah Barton Mar 20
The pouring rain encases us
In a candle lit room
Lightning crashes
But Im not afraid
I can smell peach and mango
Clean linen
And of course you
You kiss me for the hundreth time today
How is it possible I still need more
Was I that starved and didn't know?
An angel opens his eyes
And inside them only mirrors
I pray to make it last
This moment
Take me again
I could never say no to you
Keep me here
Locked away
A prisoner of rain and music
Leah Barton Mar 16
Today was a beautiful day
I got to kick your ass at old arcade games
And drink craft beer with oddly oxymoronic names like "Lord hobo"
I got to sit on an old couch with you at some hipster bar and listen to you spill your heartache about your brothers death
Which only made you more vulerable and more appealing
I was lusted to death until both of us ached and still wanted more
I was seen
I was touched
I was close
It all hurt so wonderfully
You said "stay" and held me so I felt beloved, kissing me softly throughout the night
I want you to love me
Make me the brighest star in your sky
I want to dance with you
Feed you
Fuck you
Need you
You're so close to perfect
And I'm gonna fuck this up somehow
All I ask is that I get a little time
Before I do
Leah Barton Mar 15
You're with me this morning
In little notes and silhouettes
In my first sip of yesterdays reheated coffee
In the melody of "Last Dance With Mary Jane"
In each puff of that glorious first cigarette
I see you staring back at me
From the whirring blades of my ceiling fan
Yesterdays booze finally just starting to wear off
It's almost like I can feel you walking
All those miles away
To find a stolen moment on a park bench
To spill a word or two on your lunch break
Will you write about dystopia?
Or find a character to dissect so beautifully as only you can do?
Or perhaps write a little porno?
I can't wait to see
Because even though it's silly
And I know it isn't true
In every piece you write I see a little me
And in every piece I write I include a little you
Create and fixate.
Leah Barton Mar 14
We will always be what we are
And what we're not
A wrinkle for every laugh
And a tear for all these years
I think id like to see a blush
Upon your pale milkbottle cheeks
And see your eyes change to a deeper blue
As age and wear comes to get us both
I hope we can stay this way
Sending little notes to linger
Touching letters with our fingertips
I can still smell you faintly upon them
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