The little things are lost:

The faint smell of sage and wax
Heart eyes and nicotine kisses
Walks through city streets
Laughter like the clearest bell
Soft scratches on my head from your fingertips
Puffs of clove smoke
Your black button down shirt
Cheap breakfast at Joanie's
Soft lips stolen in China
A lonely bench and river wind

Sans Espoir Romantique,
Tu es les etoiles dans mais yeux

The one I wanted to find

French Translation: "Hopeless romantic, you are the starts in my eyes."
  Jun 12 Leah Barton
Peter Kiggin

Born this way

Born this way and always knowing
Born this way time is owing
Born this way darkness floating
Born this way beautiful stunning
Born this way subtle calling
Born this way lion snoring
Born this way holding falling

Leah Barton Jun 12

This coin is all tails
No matter how many times you flip it
A week of silence creaks by
As I choke down my half-full glass of milk
I wouldn't even care
If we were both trying to avoid the cracks in the sidewalk
But you just keep stepping aimlessly
Unable to take your eyes off of that silver lining
"In experience comes wisdom and with wisdom comes experience"
Or so they say
But I don't know SHIT
At the end of the day
"Tis better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all"
Or so they say
But when your going through it
It doesn't feel that way

Leah Barton Jun 11

Born on the wrong side of everything
She learned early on to cover her scars
With a Cheshire cat smile
"No one wants to hear you complain"
Her mother used to say
As she locked her up in the bedroom closet
Daddy bought her candy
But made her work for it
And she thought that was normal for the longest time
She married a man just to get away
Had his babies and cooked his drugs
Until one day he took too much
And struck her in the head with a cast iron skillet
Yet, she smiled
Because that's what she was told to do

She listens to "Jolene" on repeat
She can't sleep on lonely sheets
She dances on poles and turns her tricks
She plays hopscotch and pickup sticks

Would her life have been different if she was born on the right side?
Or does fate always steer you back to where you belong eventually?

Still to this day
Through a cloud of pall mall smoke
Even when shes dying inside
She smiles

Leah Barton Jun 11

It's easy for her
To put others down
She is skilled, and sharp
With deadly tongue
She slays gentle souls
But what people don't realize
She has dinner for one
Spills more coffee than she drinks
And even though she is beautiful
She looks in the mirror with such self hatred
It takes all she has to keep from smashing the glass

It's easy for him
To belittle women
Wearing too many sterling silver rings
To distract from his lack of personality
Calling them "uncapable"
As they bend on knee for his pleasure
But what people don't know is
His mother used to slap him in the head when he spilled his milk
Call him a "worthless little shit"
And all he wanted was a bit of her love

On they outside they are the perfect family
Polished and primed for the best of society
Evoking jealousy from the little people
Facebook photos with plenty of likes
But what people don't know is
Momma pops pills like candy drops
And daddies other girlfriend gets all his attention
The kiddies don't know how fucked up life can be
But they will soon enough
For we can only stay spotless for so long

Leah Barton Jun 9

I heard a voice today
Reminiscent of a famous ghost
Someone unknown yet loved
That I've held with empty hands

I wanted him to talk dirty to me
So I could picture your mouth
Twisting upward at the corners
As you smile deliberately

A wave of words long since departed
Flooded my heart
Until I was drowning in blood and verbs
A tide of the feelings I once had

It cannot be that way once more
As good people do, we came to our senses
But hearing his evocative song
Made me ache for an encore

  Jun 6 Leah Barton

Recently, my eyes have fallen
dimly over the baron wasteland
of my diet regiment

both physically and mentally

I eat like an unsupervised
8 year old in a candy shop
on a daily basis
My body is starving for nutrition

In terms of the soul,
my light reading consists
of ways to overthrow
the government
and drug synthesis

I dabble in the occult
because why the fuck not,
and dip my toes
in methods of havoc
concerning the internetz,
wearing a black hat, of course
white hats are reserved for those
who get caught

With Conor Oberst,
or insert any
depressed musician,
in the background
of every step I take ,
its no surprise my life
revolves around destruction
of self
or authority
or innocence
or brain cells

My soul died long ago
during the great
Gummy Bear Famine

Ain't that somethin', though

Knowing the problem,
dissecting it under a microscope,
slicing and labeling
down to the root,
down to its very core

and doing absolutely nothing about it

I'm no different than
the image I wish to destroy

Yet here I go again,
striking another match
eyes closed,
praying for gasoline

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