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Leah Barton Mar 13
Fiddles parlay playfully
Amidst a sea of wood and chrome
Coming to my favorite pub
Is a lot like coming home

You will take the high road dear
And I will take the low, you know
But they come together in the end
Where laughs and the Guinness flow

So have a stop and grab a pint
Make a friend and spend a night
Cause if you don't sauce the irish way
Then darlin you're not drinking right
At the pub!
Leah Barton Jan 24
Happiness is an elusive beast
Tucking itself away in some hidden cave
Slashing claws at all who seek him out
Everytime I grab its tail
It slips through my fingers
Without so much as an apology

Im tired of looking

Is there a place we can go
Where all of it stops
The fighting and the grinding
And the endless march through time
Is this all there is?

I seek a place of beauty
Of peace and color
Where I can finally take a deep breath
Feel tall
And fulfilled
Is there such a place?

Or is life just the pursuit of it
Until cold hard death takes me
And tucks me away
On the wings of the wind
Never to be again

There has to be more

  Oct 2020 Leah Barton
Have you ever been where raindrops fall
in shades of purple gold and blue,
where in the clouds such beauty sings
of breezy days in June

Have you ever been so light and free
of human bonds and plight,
to laugh aloud with a pleasantry,
that blooms within you bright!

Have you ever been alone at dusk,
to see the lonely moon,
and wonder where it finds such light,
to brighten up your view.

Have you ever been where raindrops fall,
in shades of purple gold and blue,
and if you have did they rain,
their beauty down on you?

For May,
Feb, 1989
Leah Barton Oct 2020
Walking down this barren singular road
Even though you’re by my side, composed of pliable stone
My mind wanders as to why we’re only blessed with a single path
Piercing the unknown with blinding edges
Propelling us forward into the darkness
Keeping us safe yet torn from lives we could have lived
I long to have many paths branch and converge
Weaving a wild tapestry of color and sound
Breathing fully unfettered by the passage of time
Lives I could have lived, holding hands with those I have
Their many fingers entwined and gripped for comfort
Experiences once lost to time now committed to memory
Building a vast empire of experience with gleaming white pillars
I mourn them, the what ifs and the could have beens
For they are astounding and tall
And exist only within my mind
Leah Barton Jul 2020
The lowest key on a piano
Rarely gets a chance
But when its ivory is plucked
It echoes longer than the rest
Leah Barton Jul 2020
Breathe now
Take a breath
Don't take for granted
What is left
Some cannot
Some will die
Some would rather
Than stay alive
In this moment
In these times
Pray together
Fight these lies
All alone
In a hospital bed
Some fight to live
Some end up dead
Breathe now
Fill your lungs
Open hearts
Share tongues
Can't turn back
The end is near
Take a breath
Now its here
Covid has done a number on the world. Stay safe everyone.
Leah Barton Feb 2020
I heard the news today
Of your critical state
It's funny the things the grieving mind gravitates to

My only thought
Was about your last anniversary
And how you told me beforehand you were probably just going to work that day

I yelled at you, and said **** that Eric
You HAVE to keep the love alive
Take the day off
Get her flowers
Take her out and remind her through all the years, children and trials she's the one
Tell her she's special, and pretty and everything to you
And that without her you'd be lost

Your eyes lit up
You took my advice
Romanced her and made her feel alive, beautiful

Now as I think of her
Sitting, grieving at your bed side
Wiping the tears away from your five childrens wet faces
A woman I have never met

I thank god you took my advice
Took that chance

Because it was your last
My friend Eric had a brain anyuresm last night. He is in critical care and is not expected to last through the night.
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