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Lea G Jun 2017
Smears and smudges
I see

Scratching static
I hear

Millions of them
I feel
tickling my fingertips.

What am I?
Where am I?

It is so dryly
Liquid is what I need
It changes who I am.

The shock.

I know.
I know.

Do you?
Lea G Nov 2016
Oh how the times make the factories burn
Yet no strategies for make my heart love again;
Judgement is crippling through my veins
I see what the world gains.

There is stardust in my hair,
I remember how we all went back there
Playing soldiers, pretending sticks were knives,
Pretending to **** and take lives;

I walk through the empty streets
We used to hide in the little bushes around the corner
I loved how the sky looked from my yard
The little dots were sharp
A quiet night was always disturbed by our little childish screams
Taking my hair and telling me It's *****
But I loved it because I smelled the way life smells
I was alive...
Lea G Jun 2016
Restless,without senses
Can't reach my own breakout
Full of stress,full of depression
Where is the light in my reflection?
I'm broken like everybody else
Used and rejected
In the mirror with ugliness reflected...
I'm nothing that matters,
Only a word in millions of chapters.
Lea G May 2016
Under the ground
Flowing water trembles with the earthquake
I like to pretend It's going through me,
Like a sword in a battle killing the enemy,making me;
Suffer in agony!

Crystals fall on me,they crack and leave scars...
No monk can help me
Possesions. I won't ever be free;
Until the chanting stops,
And the last tear drops
Dissapears in the depth of the darkness.

Dirt and mold;
From what I have been made of;
Calls me back to my roots.
Lea G May 2016
I dreamt of a man standing on a empty field,
His shoulders were wide; I felt healed
I couldn't see his face,he was staring into the distance
Observing the emptiness and existence.

A cigarette burns between his fingers,
"Hey!" I call him loudly.
Silence remains,I got nothing.
I want his attention and trusting.

"Hey you!" Now I yell,harshly.
He turns his face to the left and looks at me.
A smile crossed his face,
I felt nervous,fear left a trace...

Softly he licks his bottom lip patiently;
He seems calm and carefree.
I push my nails into the skin,I shake.
Desperetly wanting pain and ache.

"What do you want?!" I scream psychotically;
The tears are burning like fire on my cheeks. Ironically.
Ignoring my presence and being;
Snow everywhere,I freeze.

Everything turned into ice.
A grey sky and clouds in forms of dice;
He takes another smoke and the cigarette faces the end.
The warm smile was a pretend.

He raised his white eyes and looked at me.
I knew something was coming,I felt weird and odd,
For the last time I shouted "Who are you?"

A haunting whisper came from him.
*"I am God."
Lea G May 2016
A soul so pure,It feels crystal clear,
Like ocean water in the Artic,
The fear...
  Transcendal beings are near me!  
Few plants reminded me of myself like I used to be,
Happily running through fields of wheat
While mother cried,I tried to hide my feet
Under a shallow bed,
And now,I'm hollow,I'm dead...

Hanging around my family made me realize
How the world cruel can be...
Teardrops fall
Emotions begin to act like a waterfall
Slipping away from my cheeks,while the other hand
Tries to hit me,and the hills bawl...
Milleniums back,they were fanned
They were sand...
Nothing than little crumbs!

Hound me,but later on the light will consume me
The grey eyes won't see me,until it spits me out
Like puke after a few glasses of *****
It starts,the drama
The yelling

A leaf of happiness and I am already on the ground
The kids are laughing,all around me
While I try to hold my tears back
Remembering the face you used to make
When mother gave us the premission to play

"Someday you will know what I mean when I say 'silent''
The silent never fails to bring peace in my body
I never used to like crowds,gaudy people
My heart beats faster than ever
The dusk is near...
The red is screaming in the sky
I don't know what's wrong but I am so happy
Mother says she used to see the dead
But what I see is myself being one with the world
Corporeality holds me,I spread my arms
Waiting for it...

The end,the end is coming at me!

— The End —