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Le Beast Jan 2014
Start over
Try again
Round two
Where and when
Ease up
Take a pill
I'll agree
If you will
New hope
Blue skies
True love
Never dies
Le Beast Jan 2014
Calloused. But aware.
I compensate to operate
The harsh realities roll right off
Bouncing onto a less affected life
Sloughing off the excess
So I may continue this journey
Unscathed by what I see and hear
Tasting grey is all that's left
Memories swirl in but are faded
Like newspaper behind glass
I touch but can't feel
I cry, but I shed no tears
I am dried out like a well
Parched but not thirsty
Alone to take it all in
To share with no one
Calloused. But aware.
Le Beast Jan 2014
The way that you hold me when we go to bed
And how you seem to quiet my head
You tell me I'm beautiful every single day
And lead me when I can't find the way
Your love is like nothing I've felt before
It broke all the locks that I put on my door

You are the light at the end of my tunnel.

— The End —