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dove Jul 7
i like pain
but that doesnt mean you
have the right to hurt me
why would you want to do that,
hurt the ones that you love?
im not very kind with myself
the meanest person is myself
im already suffering
dove Jun 29
think to yourself
and just breathe
take something
to make you feel
above the clouds
past the moon,
past the stars
dove Jun 12
The concert just finished
I had the time of my life
But my body gave out
dehydrated, exhausted
I remember being scared at how pale my hands were
It was midnight
Im inside an ambulance
And my mom was waiting at the hospital
I laid on the bed as if I was dead
I recall my mom telling me that my blood sugar
Was very low— around 60 mg
That moment, I didn’t feel anything
And I liked it
My mind wasn’t jumping from wall to wall
I felt at ease
I was taking a break from myself
dove May 16
cute chuckles
what’s so funny
absolutely nothing
she is nervous, angry
& sad
all she can do is laugh
all she can do is pretend,
act like things are okay
dove May 4
i broke a little bit
as i read your response
worthless, that word
thats what you said
you described yourself
as worthless
“don’t think like that”
“you’re not worthless”
i said that as tears were falling
dove May 3
her legs are aching
she isn’t running
she is actually walking,
with her head down
she doesn’t want any of it
everything is a red flag
stone cold
just from a noise or a touch
nothing but fear inside her soul
dove Aug 2018
upbeat songs
the kind of sound that
makes your mood brighter
or slow ballads
those few lines that give off chills,
because you can relate
i dont know what to listen to
im feeling quite down
am i in the mood to jam out?
or should i be a sloth?
you know
just let the uneasiness seep in
do i even have the energy
to make myself feel better?
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