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dove Aug 11
that beautiful face of yours
you give this aura with your smile
you must be in a good mood
i took a glimpse of your eyes
it’s completely different
you look vulnerable and scared
i asked what’s wrong
Im greeted with silence
dove Jan 30
These past few days
Seemed long
Longer than usual
i hate it
dove Dec 2019
“residents only”
you opened a gate to
an apartment complex
one bottle of soju
you and me
i drank most of it though
the sky is getting darker
i need to leave
but i stay a bit longer
bottle almost empty
you said i was cute
you were smiling at me
the sight of my drunk ***
singing and dancing
im sweetly spinning around
  Dec 2019 dove
Varsha K
From here to you I say
Writing is your healing,
Never let it get away.
The community of lovers, hurts, addicts, wonderers & wanderers.
  Dec 2019 dove
amanda cooper
mental illness is the
most expensive thing
i've ever owned but
never wanted
dove Dec 2019
i dont want this
im in such a vulnerable state
i was uncomfortable
and you knew that
you had the nerve to
make me feel bad
when i already have my death bed laid
so beautifully
i didnt have a choice
i just wanted to sleep
but you kept begging so i gave in
you got what you wanted
and im just there
laying there, i was shaking
if you held a gun to my head,
just pull the trigger
let it happen
I have nothing to lose at this point
dove Jul 2019
i like pain
but that doesnt mean you
have the right to hurt me
why would you want to do that,
hurt the ones that you love?
im not very kind with myself
the meanest person is myself
im already suffering
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