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  Mar 2018 Larry Ladd
one of my earliest memories
is the day my grandmother
taught me how to float in the pool
it took me a few tries
before she let go of my body
above the water

she let me go
all on my own
without me even realizing

i remember looking over at her
and seeing her
great big smile
she then said to me

my girl
this is a life lesson
never believe that you need
to hold onto someone
to get things done
know that all you have is yourself
and know you are strong enough
to hold yourself up all on your own
  Jul 2017 Larry Ladd
Ryan Holden
If I wisp away
Into this humid night,
Whilst my sweat drips
With my honey and
Your anguished hollows.

And as these trees calmly
Blow in this muggy fall,
For when my legs can't clamber
These piercing cliff rocks,
And my knees tremble.

Because I fear, yet anticipate
My own emotions in misty
Wind that blows between us,
That will guide me into a pool
Of my own heart shed.

''Tis not your sensitive heart
My mind will whisper,
We're all a lover deep down
Yet I'm cursed with overthinking
Like a poetry puppet.
I feel like us poets are all sensitive - or we all think way too much into emotions and love. Hopefully some of you can relate!
  Jul 2017 Larry Ladd
cosmo naught
the angel on my shoulder
picked up smoking,
the devil on the other
took up yoga—

they don't know
how much they have
in common.
Larry Ladd Jul 2017
In tents
This is not a Clerihew, Haiku, or any other  poetic form I have encountered before. The alliteration, the.glaring pun, a rythm pattern that barely had a chance to develop.
Larry Ladd Jul 2017
David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson
Watching the bay in surf, sand or sun
Running slo-mo in skimpy suits of crimson
Got their viewers' attention and then some.
Larry Ladd Jun 2017
By Larry Ladd

Oh, I would have a lot of fun
If I were a number 1.
Still, I eat that second hero.
My profile is a number 0.
I cinch my belt to hide my weight.
I only look like a number 8.
At “Attention!” I straighten my spine.
I only manage a number 9.
They say “At ease.” I’m in a fix.
My **** drops down to a number 6.
Oh, I would have a lot of fun
If I were a number 1.

My ego wants to be a capital I,
But I guess I’m not that sort of guy.
My gut droops over my belt, you see,
So I look more like a capital P.
Say, I would not mind a capital R.
Then I could be an adult film star.
But that’s not likely, what’s to do?
**** I look like a capital Q.
So I’ll stay dressed because I know
I really am a capital O.
Larry Ladd Jun 2017
knee unbent
standing toeeot with god
like tiny fists
against his chest
GOD, **** YOU!
melted by love
(fills between space)
muffled by grace
(fills cracks in faith)
echoes into silence

prayer takes many forms
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