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Lauren Leal Jun 30
My walls are my fortress, but also my personal coffin.
Lauren Leal Jun 30
I've lost my way
I dont want to speak
I have nothing to say
It's all so bleak

The future I thought would be grand
Derailed, the opposite of what's planned
I'm in a plane but it's not manned
Diving towards my mental
No mans land

Where I bottle all my pain
Where I always return
Forced to remain
My heart will just burn

Forced to remember what I sought to forget
No way out
I'll just lay on my bed of regret
With these blankets of doubt
Repetition. It's the same cycle, evertime.
  Jun 30 Lauren Leal
Aaliyah Salia
There were times when I smiled,
but it wasn't real.
It hurt my lips,
it hurt my heart
and yet I smiled,
because I didn't want the others
to feel unhappy
or realize what I'm going through.
Based on true emotions.
Lauren Leal Jun 30
The nickname given by an ex
That made me realize I never
Want a next

I'd rather be alone
And forget how to care

Than to find someone for me
Only to find out too late
That it's not meant to be
  Jun 30 Lauren Leal
our happy memories
served as the ink of my pen,
that when I lost you,
I never got to write again
Lauren Leal Jun 30
I can barely think
Sleep isn't sleep
It's a blink

Tired isn't brief
Its permenent
Mixed with this grief

Death a better solice than living
Looking back on life
Which has apparently nothing worth giving
  Jun 30 Lauren Leal
it's about who you miss
at 2 in the afternoon
when you're busy

not about who you miss
at 2 in the morning
when you're lonely
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