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Sep 2013 · 945
{coveting the undesirable}
Lauren Fehr Sep 2013
i long for adventure
in a thicket of canadian green
with a scent of petrichor
and a cool foggy scene
i long for freedom
in a concrete jungle of history
with big dreams of the youth
and a tingle of newfound mystery
i long for tranquility
in an island paradise at sea
with flowing waters
and a population of only me
i long for knowledge
in a society void of it
with vivid language
and a sense of wit
most of all
i long for happiness
in my complex psyche of doubt
with no idea where it is
and no way to find out
Lauren Fehr Sep 2013
infinite darkness drips at night
blooms the misty mountain air
closes my eyes and opens my soul
to see a spinning world full of despair
hearts that will never beat in sync
eyes that view but never truly see
minds that are stuck in the labyrinth
locks missing the fitting key
what are we to become
if the world is constantly changing
we play tug-of-war with our hearts
against a mind that keeps rearranging
i look around the streets
people rushing by and by
i will never be a mover or shaker
what if i just die?
this world is parched of feelings
empathy and sympathy floating up in space
my soul absorbs these too great
i can no longer keep up the pace
Lauren Fehr May 2013
as i lay down to go to sleep
my body still aches and my mind's draining
blisters so red that I want to weep
legs like noodles from today's training

the erg awaits in the scorching sun
waiting for its next victim to row
as we strap in to enjoy the fun
coach says "on my call, attention, row!"

i pull and pull to keep my pace
but wanting to stop and take a rest
the crew goes harder to finish the race
so i continue to row my best

and yet i continue to go through all this and more
for it is winter park crew that I adore
sonnet i wrote in 9th grade for english
May 2013 · 2.9k
{lyrical composition}
Lauren Fehr May 2013
it's empty in the valley of your heart {the cave - mumford & sons}
breathing in snowflakes {the a team - ed sheeran}
standing in the dark {standing in the dark - lawson}
on the corner of first and amistad {you found me - the fray}
fading out the light softly saying {shuffle - bombay bicycle club}
life's too short to even care at all {cough syrup - young the giant}
i miss our little talks {little talks - of monsters and men}
now i'm driving round on the boulevard {swim good - frank ocean}
chasing after gold mines crossing the fire lines {between the raindrops - lifehouse}
trying to erase the memory of your face {warzone - the wanted}
but on a wednesday in a cafe i watched it begin again {begin again - taylor swift}
there's nowhere we can hide {demons - imagine dragons}
i'll build you shelter out of the rain {shelter - hedley}
and i will try to fix you {fix you - coldplay}
as long as you love me {as long as you love me - justin bieber}
even if you said i was wrong {perfect - hedley}
one minute i held the key next the walls were closed on me {viva la vida - coldplay}
london calls me a stranger {the city - ed sheeran}
but my shadow days are over {shadow days - john mayer}
nothing's fine i'm torn {torn - natalie imbruglia}
you're no good for me but i want you {diet mountain dew - lana del rey}
you make me feel like i'm intoxicated {intoxicated - the cab}
off last night's whiskey and coke {cold coffee - ed sheeeran}
is there something to believe in {makes me wonder - maroon 5}
i'm lost in the heat of it all {lost - frank ocean}
say what you need to say {say - john mayer}
i'm just waiting for the moment to arrive {gold rush - edd sheeran}
like ships in the night passing me by {ships in the night - mat kearney}
mirror on the wall here we are again {mirror - lil wayne}
but i'm not afraid {not afraid - eminem}
in your eyes i have seen all the feeling and the rain {venice - the lighthouse and the whaler}
you ran away in your sleep {paradise - coldplay}
but i won't give up on us {i won't give up - jason mraz}
like the colors in autumn so bright {red - taylor swift}
i loved you first {loved you first - one direction}
the lingering question kept me up {enchanted - taylor swift}
will your mouth read this truth {little bird - ed sheeran}
i've been loving you for quite some time {stay stay stay - taylor swift}
there's things you need to hear {the heart of life - john mayer}
you don't know how lovely you are {the scientist - coldplay}
i'm in love with you and all your little things {little things - one direction}
i belong with you  {** hey - the lumineers}
you belong with me {you belong with me - taylor swift}
i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend {lucky - jason mraz feat. colbie caillat}
i wrote this yesterday
it's a plethora of lyrics from songs off my ipod
May 2013 · 4.9k
{i like}
Lauren Fehr May 2013
vintage polaroids
mountain air
girl scout cookies
summer hair
ed sheeran lyrics
mint lemonade
blowing bubbles
christmas parade
harry potter
winter park crew
biscoff spread
morning dew
british accents
plaid shirts
old castles
chocolate desserts
breakfast for dinner
big bang theory quotes
shakespearean language
cape cod sailboats
sweet nostalgia
the smell of books
longing wanderlust
forest nook
80s movies
neon lights
time with friends
caramel delights
the great gatsby
walk the moon
old typewriters
plumerias bloom
bombay bicycle club
chinese cuisine
abstract art
seafoam green
vineyard vines
life of pi
scuba diving
monarch butterfly
just some little things that i like
May 2013 · 900
{love is}
Lauren Fehr May 2013
love is strolling through a city at night
love is reading by candlelight
love is paris in the summer
love is the leaves changing color
love is snow falling during the day
love is hearing a ukelele play
love is new york city at chrismas time
love is hearing the sound of a wind chime
love is surfing in the sea
love is iced chai tea
love is being in a room full of laughter
love is a story of happily ever after
love is the smell of petrichor
love is not knowing what's in store
love is hugging someone
love is the rising sun
love is listening to a great song
love is talking all night long
love is counting every star
love is traveling somewhere far
my ideas of love
May 2013 · 435
{shadow days}
Lauren Fehr May 2013
as i walk through the streets tonight
the world has taken a break
the only guide is a street light
that shows i'm the only one awake
my thoughts wander through my head
like birds chirping in my ear
i feel that i should really be in bed
but the silence is all i hear
the moon hangs low
reflecting off the damp street
it possess an iridescent glow
that replaces the absence of heat
i slowly begin to drift away
as the darkness engulfs me even more
i start to spin and sway
as the night closes its door
the sun emerges from its slumber today
as the moon falls into the sky
i feel that today might be a better day
and not a sad goodbye
written at 10:45 pm
title inspired by john mayer's "shadow days"
Lauren Fehr May 2013
i desire for a life on the shore
where the birds sing and the tides flow
i want to run away and close the door
and find a place that only i know
i want to surf all day
and swim amongst the creatures of the sea
i want to navigate the bay
and lose myself in sweet serenity
i want to explore the land
and play my guitar
i want to lay my feet in the sand
and at night count every star
but then i find
that this elysian world
shall never be mine
for it is only a dream
that i wish to keep
far away in my mind's seam
as i drift off to sleep~
written at 10:28 pm
title inspired by coldplay's "paradise"

— The End —