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421 · Nov 2013
Oh, did it kill you....
Lauren Constance Nov 2013
I guess spilling the beans means ruining everything.
I am not ashamed.
Don't bother feeling anything.
It would take too much for a pinch of reality.
And too much of your energy to care.
Oh my, did it **** you to have emotion.
Could it make things worse to spit things out.
Or does it make it better to hide.
And tell me I am not aware.
I know what I have done.
These shoes fit well believe me.
And I, ALONE, am not ashamed.
Lauren Constance Nov 2013
A long line of lies
and no one knows who you truly are
because you're too selfish to show them

I give you all the time in the world
to show me
but you turn it all around

— The End —