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 Jun 2018 laura-jessica
The moon has two sides
The side you see
And the one you don’t
I have two sides
The one you bothered to know
And the one you couldn’t care less about
The moon is only beautiful to you from the parts you can see
I am only beautiful to you from the parts of me you want to see
Cuts on my wrists
hands curled into fists
will i even be missed

Writing a note
i wrote
i love you and it wasn't your fault

That's a lie
i want to die and
its partly your fault

I can't tell you that so i
Sit and i cry

Why do i
Live like this

Will i even be missed
I am not in a good place anymore
I don't want to be here!
 May 2018 laura-jessica
Welcome to our society.
Where the teens are depressed,
And the students are stressed..
Where people will hate you,
For what you wear and your weight..
Where there's only *** no hugs,
And there is no candy just drugs..
Where we cut form an escape,
And the parents beat and ****...
Where laws forbid people of  being ***,
And everything is weary and grey...
So I hope you enjoy your visit with society,
Just try not to get depressed and anxiety..........
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
No food
No sleep
I can't let these things reach out and speak sweet lies
I can't let food call my name
I can't let sleep drown my thoughts

I shouldn't eat
I can't sleep

This is me

I am broken girl
Who can't eat
In fear I weigh too much

I am a broken girl who can't sleep
For my thoughts and memories
Haunt me too much

I am a broken girl who answers 'how are you?'
With 'I'm alright' even when I'm not even close
Because I don't want you to worry
I don't want you to fret
Over a broken soul

I am a broken girl who says 'I have been busy'
when someone asks me why I haven't done something
I have been busy just not in the way they think
I have been busy trying not to give into hunger
I have been busy fixating on how I'm broken
I have been busy
But not in the way they think

I am a broken girl who has let her demons
creep up on her too much

I am a broken girl who has surrendered
her soul

I am a broken girl who dates so she feels
worth something because I don't when I'm alone

I date because I need to depend on someone
Because I am not dependable for anyone
Let alone myself

I date so I can hear someone say I love you
So I can hear someone call me beautiful
And so many other things
Even if I don't believe it

I am a broken girl who has lost so many relationships
Five to death
And so many others just because they left
I was no longer good enough
No longer happy enough
No longer

I am a broken girl who pretends
And when I stop people leave

Because I am too broken

I am too clingy

I am too demanding

I'm just not enough

Or I'm too much


But no one sees
Until I let them

And when I do they worry

But please don't worry
Because you didn't when you didn't know
So why worry now?

I'm still the same me
You just couldn't see all the flaws that my eyes do

You don't see the way I do

I see a girl who's eyes are too big

I see a girl who isn't thin enough

I see a girl who's hair doesn't suit her no matter what

I see a girl with too many scars

I see a girl
But I don't

For all I can see now is a walking flaw

And no one knows that
April/ 19/ 2018/ 10:19 AM
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
who knew you'd be the source to all my problems
anorexia is not okay and never should be. if your going through an eating disorder im always here to help. you can dm me on ig- _.sankavi._ or snap me- sankavi137 and if you dont want to do that i want you to know your are beautiful no matter what your shape or size is. you are beautiful no matter what mistakes you have made in the past. you are beautiful no matter what people say. i love you all and youre all beautiful.
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
Cade Gray
Young kids
bright eyes
True love
Wont be denied
We’re in love yet what is love?
So young
Searches Dictionary
"Love - an intense feeling of deep affection"
Love is unexplainable
Love is something
That people can have if they truly deserve it
Love can’t be explained
But love can be felt
 Apr 2018 laura-jessica
Insert poem here
Insert art here
Insert athleticism here
Insert talent here

Please insert something here don’t live up to the disappointment you are
Time flies when you're having fun?
*******, time flies when you're down and done.
Time flies when you're dying inside.
When you're picking up the pieces and crying in need,
time leaves.
There's no time, to settle or ease.
There's no time, because time never sleeps.
There's no time, so don't beg and don't plead.
Time will leave you for dead.
Time left, and it doesn't care about the time that you spent.
You're going through the motions and you're barely alive but,
time flies when you're dying inside.
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