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laura-jessica Dec 2018

I don't want your filthy hands caressing my curves.

Please remove your hands from my chest, you're hurting me.

I am begging you, don't take away the only innocence I have left.

No, I don't want you on top of me, you're crushing my fraile body.

Stop it.

Get off of me.



Shouldn't these pleas be enough for you to stop?
laura-jessica Dec 2018
don't tell me you love me.

don't tell me you loved me if you broke me.

don't tell me you love me if you manipulated me.

don't tell me you love me if you wanted her body.

don't tell me you love me if you left me.

don't tell me you love me,

because you're lying.
laura-jessica Dec 2018
sometimes to fix a broken heart,

you have to hurt it even more than the last time

it was in pain.
laura-jessica Nov 2018
don't waste your time on a broken butterfly like me,

when you can have a blossoming caterpillar like her.
laura-jessica Oct 2018
i just now, fell worse,
just a scrape of a blade

let tears fall to my cheeks
that didn't damp for months

the rain from my eyes
that shouldn't have came today

for the pouring sorrow streaming down my face
pushed me into a dreadful relapse.

for the relapse washed away my months of broken efforts away
with my tears.

my cries of blue
and my arms of red
my efforts are broken
and better left unsaid.
laura-jessica Sep 2018
stick thin,

i want to be envied by girls
not the envious.

stick thin,

i want to see my ribs bulge out of my skin.

stick thin,

i want my wrist to be as small as 7 year olds.

stick thin,

i want to be as small as my self esteem.
laura-jessica Sep 2018
when the cold tears arrive,

and the warm love rots.

the black darkness of hate,

stays the same.
oh hey, it has been a while!
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