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laura-jessica Sep 2018
when the cold tears arrive,

and the warm love rots.

the black darkness of hate,

stays the same.
oh hey, it has been a while!
laura-jessica Jul 2018
when I"m with my friends,
I'm loud and jumping off the walls.

like I'm on high.

but when they leave,
when its done.

there is nothing left.
nothing more than a silence.

nothing more than an after math of a high.
laura-jessica Jul 2018
you know that little rush of adrenaline you get when you're about
to fall?

that's what it feels like to have anxiety.

to be on edge all the time,
thinking you're about to be pushed over

into a sea of people
drowning you

it feels like




inside yo
laura-jessica Jul 2018
you inflicted your broken problems onto me,
you should've known better than to cry on my shoulder
i was too young,
too innocent,
now breakdown in the middle of the night,

the way you did.
laura-jessica Jul 2018
my trust can't be broken
if i never gave it
out to begin with.
laura-jessica Jul 2018
there is a difference between




laura-jessica Jun 2018
i had a boy,
my boy.

he promised to love me,
but put a strain on my heart.

he didn't love me like he promised to me.

his lies are disgusting,
i even think his truths are fake.

it was bad enough you cheated,
but to lie to my face was even worse.

i had a little bitxh as a boyfriend.
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