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Laura Dec 2018
Did we rush into this thing too fast? Did we make our moves too quickly?
Laura Dec 2018
and maybe I took it all for granted for too long.
Maybe that’s why you left.
Laura Nov 2018
You and me and a bottle of red wine.
On a cloudy afternoon, the sunlight breaking through the clouds from time to time.
An empty beach, wind in my hair, the sound of the ocean in our ears.
There’s nothing more I need.
Just you and me and a bottle of red wine.
Laura Dec 2018
way above the clouds
as the sky starts turning
into intensive colours
not possible to be captured.

burning red is the horizon
as if you're looking
into the glowing embers
of a dying fireplace.

dozens of different
shades of blue
with just a line of clouds
parting it from the fire.

it's a battle of fire and water
in the middle of the air
with the earth underneath
and me watching speechless.
Laura Apr 2019
Time: such a mysterious concept.

Some day, time flies by,
hours feel like minutes,
time is running away
and one can't keep up.

Other days it feels like,
it's been hours when
in reality just a few minutes
have passed.

and then there are
those special moments, when,
just for a heartbeat,
time seems to stop.

But then it continuous,
and the world moves on,
as if nothing has happened
and we need to go along.
Laura Nov 2018
How do you know it’s time to give up?, I asked him.
Maybe, he said, it’s when holding on to all the broken pieces hurts you more than letting yourself feel all the pain.

I looked down at my bleeding hands, at all the fresh wounds and scars still clearly visible on my skin. Yeah, maybe it was time to give up.
Laura Nov 2019
Catching a glimpse of
hope, of future, of something new,
being excited all over again.

Going on new adventures with
strangers, or old friends,
(re)discovering the known and unknown.
Speaking the truth about
what I want and what I don't,
throwing my heart out there all over again.

Letting go of all the
hurt, the what-ifs and what could go wrong
Taking risks and starting over.

Being curious, once more, for there’s
far too much to discover
out there, in this world.

And even though some of
these things could go wrong
I'd try again and again and again.
Laura Dec 2018
what does it mean, being speechless?

It means that there are things that you feel, that you see, that you experience, for which you can’t seem to find words in your language.
It means a desperate search for a word which maybe doesn’t even exist.
It means not being able to say anything at all, because nothing would be enough.
Sometimes, being speechless even means having the urge to say something, anything at all, but not saying a single word.
Laura Dec 2018
At the end of this day I looked back and smiled.
I thought of you and I felt proud of myself.
It was the first time I thought of you today.
All those hours before I’ve been happy.
Without a single moment of thinking about you.

(And so the healing began.)
Laura Nov 2018
I gave you a part of me.
I gave you one of my most important parts.
I gave you my trust.

(and all you did was crumpling it together and tossing it aside.)
Laura Dec 2018
If you had the chance to kiss me once more,
Would you pull me close?
If you had the chance, to feel our fingers intertwined one last time,
Would you take my hand?
And if you had the chance, to go back to the night, when it all starte,d
Would you do it all over again?

(I guess I’ll never know)
Laura Apr 15
when did your dreams get
buried underneath all this
fear and doubt?
and what are you doing
to bring them back
to the surface?
Laura Jan 1
Those words, dripping from your lips,
sweet whispers, telling stories
of you and me, conquering the world,
together, side by side.

Tales of dreams and bright futures  
and never-ending summer days,
bringing warmth and happiness,
even on the coldest days of winter.

Listening to you, creating this world
just for the two of us to live in  
makes me feel like I'm home
at last, for the first time in so long.
Laura Jan 4
I’m lying awake, trying to escape the demons
Who keep coming back to me each night in my dreams.
Ugly creatures in disguise chasing after me,
whispering lies and stories of what could have been.

I’m running from sweet tales of sun and happiness
With laughter and warmth and you by my side.
Reliving all of those untroubled days where
I never thought of such a sudden goodbye.

I’m searching for comfort in the darkness around me,
Looking for anything that could divert my thoughts.
Trying to silence all those blaming voices which
Tell me it’s my fault and I’ve messed it up again.
Laura Dec 2018
And for a moment we got lost.
Lost in dreams and lost in wishes,
Lost in space and lost in time.
We got lost in each other,
In the endless possibilities there are
And what we could be.

But we had to get back.
Leave utopia behind and
Start being realistic again.
Face the odds and realize
That it's nice to dream for a while
But the further you go
The harder it is to come back.
Laura Mar 25
there's a cold feeling
on my skin
in all the places
your touch once
left burning marks
of heating desire
Laura May 9
and I picture us,
sitting in old garden chairs on a mild summer night.
My feet on your lap, a glass of wine in my hand
and the sun slowly setting beneath the trees.
You, telling stories of old days,
of all the times we've been through together
and all the memories we've made, the good and the bad.
Me, a smile playing around the corners of my mouth,
as I remember us dancing to our favourite songs
and singing along at the top of our lungs.
Looking back now it seems so inevitable,
that after all these years we're still sitting here,
cherishing the strong bond that's our friendship.
Laura Apr 2019
why does it feel,
as if you don't
want me to go,
when staying
was never even
my choice
to make?
Laura Feb 7
breathing out
what my lungs
have held for
far too long.
endless pressure
leaving my body,
creating space
for a fresh start.
Laura Apr 2019
Come here
and hold my hand
just a bit longer.

Come here
and keep me inside
your warm embrace.

Come here
and share with me
just one more kiss.

Cause when you're here
there's calmness
inside my restless mind.

Cause when you're here
this endless tension
finds its release.

So come here
and stay a little longer
and maybe you'll feel it too
Laura Nov 2018
We drew closer and closer
to each other. As if I got into your orbit
and couldn’t get away.
Embracing, Kissing, *******.
Like colliding was the only road
we were able to take.
Going for the inevitable.
With the stars above watching us,
keeping our secret to themselves.
Laura Nov 2018
How tempting would it be
To be able to put it all in a jar.
All your words and your laughter.
Your smell and your touch.
So that I could open it once in a while
When we’re too far apart.
Just to feel a little closer.
Laura Nov 2018
That look on your face,
the first time our hands
touched each other.

Full of curiosity, full of hope,
watching our fingers
intertwining with each other.

Your look full of promise, full of chance,
that this could be a beginning,
unlikely the others.
Laura Nov 2018
Your fingers tracing the lines of my body.
Embracing every freckle and all my scars.
Discovering each part of me.
Touching my body and my soul.
Laura Jan 2019
late nights,
driving around
in my parents car,
all alone.

no one to talk to,
music's playing loud.
just me and my thoughts
and nobody around.

it's somehow calming
just by myself
just the stars and the moon
and the car underneath.

without destination,
only darkness around,
just driving and driving
with nowhere to be.
Laura Jan 3
and then you told me, about how miserable you really are.
How could you expect me to not care anymore?
Laura Nov 2018
It's been more than a year.
- That was the last time I saw you,
    but now you're here.

Standing right in front of me.
- Like nothing's ever changed,
   but truly everything's different.

So much that has happened.
- Yet I've got nothing to tell you
   and you've got no words for me.

Only our eyes seem to scream.
- Speaking a language of missing
   the old times and what's been.

There's no going back.
- Too much that has happened
   and too far we're apart.

So we're just two strangers
- Who sadly happen
    to have a lot of shared past.
I met an old friend of mine the other day.
That's how I've felt.
Laura Nov 2018
With you, there is no right or wrong.
There is no black or white.
There is no you or me.
All there is are endless possibilities.
All there is are all different shades and colours.
All there is, is us.
Laura Dec 2018
There are so many things you don’t know,
so many things I wanted to tell you but never did.
There are so many words I wanted to say to you
even after we parted. But not anymore.

Where there were words left unsaid,
there is silence.
A silence so calming and pleasant
I almost forget what’s been there before.
Laura Nov 2018
There’s a depth in your eyes
I love to get lost in.
Falling deeper and deeper
until I hit the ground.
And then there is you.
Standing in front of me again.
Laura Nov 2018
There we were standing.
In between the scattered glass
that used to be our love.

And while you were trying
to fix the broken pieces, I
just wanted to ram them into your heart.
Laura Nov 2018
Embrace me.
Like I’m all you desire.
Like I’m all you’ve ever asked for.
Like I’m all yours.

(Because maybe that’s all I want to be right now.)
Laura Jan 9
And in that moment,
when everything felt alright,
she asked herself,
how it must seem for
a stranger passing by,
seeing all of them together,
dancing the night away.
If in that moment,
he would feel it,
the energy that seemed
to connect all of them,
if he'd feel as happy
as she felt right there.
Laura Dec 2019
from time to time she wondered
how this could be the end
if there had never been a real goodbye,
how he could not turn around
if there was still so much left unsaid,
and if the thought of her crossed his mind
from time to time as well.
Laura Apr 2019
Light a candle
and just put it
inside your heart.

Let that light shine
brighter and brighter
from within.

For there are people
out in the dark
who are lost.

Let those people
find their way
into your heart.

Just be their guiding light.
Laura Jan 9
the art
of eye contact.
such a simple
yet effective way,
to reveal to others
how you really feel.
Laura May 17
Do you remember how we used to never run out of things to talk about?
How even the most ordinary stuff that happened was utterly interesting?
How you were the first person I wanted to tell everything?
Tell me, how did you fill that void?
How did you just replace me?
Laura Nov 2019
be aware, little girl,
that you're so much more,
than just a body.
even if some people are trying
to tell you otherwise.

There are things inside you,
whole worlds and galaxies within,
nobody else has seen before.
Just believe me that those,
those are your real powers.

All the things that you've been through
and all that is there to come,
is so much more than your body.
So go on, little girl,
get lost in what's within you.

Do me a favor, and try
to make a home out of your body,
not a war zone.
For there are enough people yet,
you need to fight against.

So, if you're to promise me one thing, let it be this: Fight those who do you wrong, fight them with what you've got. But please, don't fight against yourself, too.
Laura Jan 3
they were sitting in the kitchen,
just the two of them,
sipping calmly on a cup of tea.
it was peppermint,
her favorite.
looking back at it now,
it seems quite unreal.
how back then
he knew that peppermint
was her favorite.
and she knew,
that he didn't really
like tea at all.
Laura Nov 2018
What a beautiful yet bittersweet name for something that can tear you so brutally apart.
Laura Dec 2018
I’m spinning around. Faster and faster everything’s passing by. Don’t know where I’m going, don’t know where I’m from. Not seeing anything but a sea of colours.
I’m spinning around and I start to feel giddy.
Laura Nov 2018
empty promises
written all across my skin.
Burning like fresh ink
Made of fire and flames.
In all the places you
Kissed and touched me.
Burned flesh,
That’s all you left behind.
Laura Apr 2019
'and what's your thing?', she asked. I immediately knew, what she wanted to talk about.
'Well', I sighted, 'you know, sometimes I feel a lot. But that doesn't really matter, if there's someone else, who needs me. It's just that their well-being is more important to me than my own, you know?'
There was this pity in her eyes. 'I'm sorry', was all she could say.
'Don't be', I said, 'there are others, who feel a lot worse'.
Laura Mar 23
wide awake he stood
in the darkest of nights
with no one around him.
looking at the stars and the moon
shining down upon his head.

there was a calmness
filling every part of his body,
a feeling that nothing mattered.
nothing but the this moment and
the clear night sky right above.
Laura Apr 2019
we talked until
there were no words
to say.
but not in
a bad way
just in calm silence.
since there were
things that I
couldn't put into words
and doors that you
couldn't open for me
just yet.
Laura Apr 2019
Just bodies, no feelings.
mechanically touching
each other like robots.
In the heat of the moment.

What's that? A feeling?
No. There's no feelings here.
Just two people desperately trying
to escape everything for a while.
Laura Mar 24
Found a picture of you
I took a long time ago.
Never told you that  
but I once liked it best.
Laura Nov 2018
Wanting to tell you everything and
anything, just to say something.
Just to hear your voice and your
thoughts and your laughter.
That's what falling for you felt like.
And oh my, I fell hard
Laura May 17
It was one of those nights,
that you can't quite wrap your head around.
there are no words, that could really describe
the atmosphere inside the room.
Looking around, it was like pure magic.

Reminding me of a cold winter day,
where you just don't leave the house.
Like sipping a hot cup of tea, while
sitting on the couch, all wrapped up in a blanket
and watching the snow falling outside.

It was like a late summer day,
when the leaves on the trees are turning
orange and yellow already and starting to fall off,
while the last summer breeze is brushing
over your skin while you're on a long walk.

It was like meeting an old friend
you used to be close to years ago
but somehow you two got out of touch
Like being pulled into a warm and
seemingly endless hug by them.
Laura Nov 2018
Tell me what you think about.
And tell me everything.
In all your brutal honesty.
In every way you are.

(I will be there. Just listening and keeping your secrets, discovering your soul and your mind. If you let me, I’ll be there.)
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