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1.7k · Apr 2019
Laura Apr 2019
Come here
and hold my hand
just a bit longer.

Come here
and keep me inside
your warm embrace.

Come here
and share with me
just one more kiss.

Cause when you're here
there's calmness
inside my restless mind.

Cause when you're here
this endless tension
finds its release.

So come here
and stay a little longer
and maybe you'll feel it too
864 · Apr 2019
/no more words
Laura Apr 2019
we talked until
there were no words
to say.
but not in
a bad way
just in calm silence.
since there were
things that I
couldn't put into words
and doors that you
couldn't open for me
just yet.
851 · Apr 2019
Laura Apr 2019
Time is turning my skin
Into a wild place
With burning red flames all around.

Deep laughter lines,
Like canyons and mountains,
Carved into my skin.

Thousands of freckles
Drawing the map of
Who I am.

Tales of sunshine and rain
And long summer nights
Written upon me.

In between scars and bruises
Telling stories about all
The battles I’ve lost and won.
775 · Apr 2019
/no strings attached
Laura Apr 2019
Just bodies, no feelings.
mechanically touching
each other like robots.
In the heat of the moment.

What's that? A feeling?
No. There's no feelings here.
Just two people desperately trying
to escape everything for a while.
727 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
How tempting would it be
To be able to put it all in a jar.
All your words and your laughter.
Your smell and your touch.
So that I could open it once in a while
When we’re too far apart.
Just to feel a little closer.
551 · Nov 2018
/a bottle of red wine
Laura Nov 2018
You and me and a bottle of red wine.
On a cloudy afternoon, the sunlight breaking through the clouds from time to time.
An empty beach, wind in my hair, the sound of the ocean in our ears.
There’s nothing more I need.
Just you and me and a bottle of red wine.
484 · Nov 2018
/different than others
Laura Nov 2018
That look on your face,
the first time our hands
touched each other.

Full of curiosity, full of hope,
watching our fingers
intertwining with each other.

Your look full of promise, full of chance,
that this could be a beginning,
unlikely the others.
455 · Apr 2019
/side note
Laura Apr 2019
and I just want you to know:
I'm not gonna walk away,
if you don't want me to.
If you want me to,
I'm gonna make myself a home.
429 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
We drew closer and closer
to each other. As if I got into your orbit
and couldn’t get away.
Embracing, Kissing, *******.
Like colliding was the only road
we were able to take.
Going for the inevitable.
With the stars above watching us,
keeping our secret to themselves.
356 · Feb 7
Laura Feb 7
breathing out
what my lungs
have held for
far too long.
endless pressure
leaving my body,
creating space
for a fresh start.
355 · Nov 2018
/a conversation
Laura Nov 2018
How do you know it’s time to give up?, I asked him.
Maybe, he said, it’s when holding on to all the broken pieces hurts you more than letting yourself feel all the pain.

I looked down at my bleeding hands, at all the fresh wounds and scars still clearly visible on my skin. Yeah, maybe it was time to give up.
330 · Nov 2018
/linguistic observation
Laura Nov 2018
What a beautiful yet bittersweet name for something that can tear you so brutally apart.
327 · Jan 2
/that person
Laura Jan 2
And I never wanted you to become that person.
The one I'm lying to, just because it's easier than telling the truth.
320 · Dec 2018
Laura Dec 2018
Aber all das war kein richtig lebendiges Gespräch.
Sie redeten zwar weiter, aber so wie Leute,
die es nicht schaffen, sich wirklich wichtige
oder berührende Dinge zu sagen,
sondern die zueinander bloß nett sein wollen.
313 · Nov 2018
/that dress
Laura Nov 2018
One morning I woke up and decided that it was time.
I let go of all the hurt and all the tears, of all the sorrow and all the hopes you left behind. I took off my old skin like an old dress long forgotten in the corner of the wardrobe. I stood in front of the mirror and put on a new one. A brand-new dress shining in the colours of expectation and wonder. Made from happiness and self-love, sewed with curiosity and love. I walked down the streets and saw people looking at me, asking where to get a dress like that. Everyone has a dress like this, I said, it’s a dress for new beginnings.
312 · Nov 2018
/opening up
Laura Nov 2018
Tell me what you think about.
And tell me everything.
In all your brutal honesty.
In every way you are.

(I will be there. Just listening and keeping your secrets, discovering your soul and your mind. If you let me, I’ll be there.)
311 · Apr 2019
/where to?
Laura Apr 2019
which way to go,
when there's
no right or wrong,
no yes or no,
no easy or hard,
no clue where to turn?
Each part we take
could be wrong.
But what if, for once,
it turns out to be right?
294 · Nov 2019
/the last time
Laura Nov 2019
If you'd known the last time you saw me,
that we were close to the end,
would you have held me a bit tighter?
286 · Apr 11
Laura Apr 11
It seemed like she was playing with fire, on the verge to be burned.
But dear, if you would've stepped closer you might've seen how she was dancing in the flames.
280 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
It’s like being wrapped in a huge blanked, while sipping on your favourite tea. Sitting on a couch all comfortable, wearing your favourite pyjama. On a cold night, the fireplace melodically cracking inside, while the world all around you is cold and dark.
The feeling you get, when someone deeply cares about you. Warmth and comfort radiating all around. Like the safest place you’ll ever be in.
270 · Apr 2019
/can you tell me
Laura Apr 2019
why does it feel,
as if you don't
want me to go,
when staying
was never even
my choice
to make?
269 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
There we were standing.
In between the scattered glass
that used to be our love.

And while you were trying
to fix the broken pieces, I
just wanted to ram them into your heart.
259 · Dec 2018
/and so it began
Laura Dec 2018
At the end of this day I looked back and smiled.
I thought of you and I felt proud of myself.
It was the first time I thought of you today.
All those hours before I’ve been happy.
Without a single moment of thinking about you.

(And so the healing began.)
259 · Mar 23
/night sky
Laura Mar 23
wide awake he stood
in the darkest of nights
with no one around him.
looking at the stars and the moon
shining down upon his head.

there was a calmness
filling every part of his body,
a feeling that nothing mattered.
nothing but the this moment and
the clear night sky right above.
242 · Dec 2018
/trusting in failure
Laura Dec 2018
With you I’m not afraid of being brave.
Because even though I might fail,
I know you’ll be there to catch me.
232 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
Your fingers tracing the lines of my body.
Embracing every freckle and all my scars.
Discovering each part of me.
Touching my body and my soul.
224 · Nov 2018
/everything in between
Laura Nov 2018
With you, there is no right or wrong.
There is no black or white.
There is no you or me.
All there is are endless possibilities.
All there is are all different shades and colours.
All there is, is us.
222 · Nov 2018
/for now
Laura Nov 2018
Embrace me.
Like I’m all you desire.
Like I’m all you’ve ever asked for.
Like I’m all yours.

(Because maybe that’s all I want to be right now.)
211 · Jan 9
/from the outside
Laura Jan 9
And in that moment,
when everything felt alright,
she asked herself,
how it must seem for
a stranger passing by,
seeing all of them together,
dancing the night away.
If in that moment,
he would feel it,
the energy that seemed
to connect all of them,
if he'd feel as happy
as she felt right there.
209 · Nov 2018
/revealing myself
Laura Nov 2018
You saw it, the first time you undressed me.
All that poetry written across my skin,
by all those who came before you.
All those promises they made,
that I tried to scrape out and cross over.
All the times I burned myself,
expecting too much from someone and being left.

With every piece of clothes you took off, more was exposed.
But instead of covering myself up,
I showed all those marks to you.
Instead of hiding myself in the darkness,
I stood in the light revealing it all.
Instead of avoiding your gaze,
I looked right into your eyes.

That was the first time,
I didn’t try to bury all the past I’m carrying around.
And instead of feeling weak and fragile,
there was a new power arising from deep within.
199 · Dec 2018
/a kind of silence
Laura Dec 2018
what does it mean, being speechless?

It means that there are things that you feel, that you see, that you experience, for which you can’t seem to find words in your language.
It means a desperate search for a word which maybe doesn’t even exist.
It means not being able to say anything at all, because nothing would be enough.
Sometimes, being speechless even means having the urge to say something, anything at all, but not saying a single word.
196 · Nov 2018
/an old piece of paper
Laura Nov 2018
I gave you a part of me.
I gave you one of my most important parts.
I gave you my trust.

(and all you did was crumpling it together and tossing it aside.)
195 · Nov 2018
/to myself
Laura Nov 2018
And there will be times
when the façade starts to crumble,
when your hands start to shake
and your voice starts to tremble,
when it feels like
all the memories are coming back,
burying you alive.
Right in this moment, do me a favour.
Pick yourself up and carry yourself.
Don’t find comfort in grief.
Take care of your body and mind
and allow it to heal.
Give space to all those negative thoughts
but know that it’s not
supposed to be this way.
That there should be
laughter instead of tears and
lightweight thoughts instead of heavy sorrows.
It’s okay to crumble,
but never forget to build
yourself back up again.
Bear that in mind.
194 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
Every inch of my skin, that used to long for your touch,
Has been cleaned by the seasons washing over.

The burning sunrays of summer,
carved their light into my skin.

The heavy rain of autumn
Took away all the pain down to the earth.

The ice cold of winter
Made my skin rough, but not my heart.

And then, at least, they came,

The warm breezes of spring,
Softening my lips and my touch.

Just not for you, but for someone else.
193 · Nov 2018
/oh my
Laura Nov 2018
Wanting to tell you everything and
anything, just to say something.
Just to hear your voice and your
thoughts and your laughter.
That's what falling for you felt like.
And oh my, I fell hard
184 · Nov 2018
/marks that'll stay
Laura Nov 2018
empty promises
written all across my skin.
Burning like fresh ink
Made of fire and flames.
In all the places you
Kissed and touched me.
Burned flesh,
That’s all you left behind.
181 · Dec 2018
/above the clouds
Laura Dec 2018
way above the clouds
as the sky starts turning
into intensive colours
not possible to be captured.

burning red is the horizon
as if you're looking
into the glowing embers
of a dying fireplace.

dozens of different
shades of blue
with just a line of clouds
parting it from the fire.

it's a battle of fire and water
in the middle of the air
with the earth underneath
and me watching speechless.
180 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
I don’t know what I want right now.
I don’t know what you’re up to.
But this. Now. You. Me. Here. Alone.
Might be exactly what I need in this moment.
177 · Mar 24
Laura Mar 24
Found a picture of you
I took a long time ago.
Never told you that  
but I once liked it best.
172 · Dec 2018
Laura Dec 2018
The music starts and I can’t stop it,
The melody runs through my veins.
The rhythm like my second pulse feels,
My heart, the beat, they are the same.

The lyrics like my soul’s the author,
The voices filling all my cells.
The movement bursts up to the surface,
My body doing just what’s right.

The energy flows through my body,
The feelings dancing straight along.
The music stops, the song is over,
My passion still continues on.
166 · Nov 2018
/falling in circles
Laura Nov 2018
There’s a depth in your eyes
I love to get lost in.
Falling deeper and deeper
until I hit the ground.
And then there is you.
Standing in front of me again.
164 · Dec 2018
/3am thoughts
Laura Dec 2018
and maybe I took it all for granted for too long.
Maybe that’s why you left.
164 · Apr 2019
/from within
Laura Apr 2019
Light a candle
and just put it
inside your heart.

Let that light shine
brighter and brighter
from within.

For there are people
out in the dark
who are lost.

Let those people
find their way
into your heart.

Just be their guiding light.
162 · Dec 2018
/another chance
Laura Dec 2018
If you had the chance to kiss me once more,
Would you pull me close?
If you had the chance, to feel our fingers intertwined one last time,
Would you take my hand?
And if you had the chance, to go back to the night, when it all starte,d
Would you do it all over again?

(I guess I’ll never know)
162 · Nov 2018
Laura Nov 2018
Laying here with you,
my head resting on your chest,
I feel closer to myself.
Because, even if it was
just for the blink of an eye,
I could’ve sworn,
that my heart and yours,
they were beating
159 · Dec 2018
/back to reality
Laura Dec 2018
And for a moment we got lost.
Lost in dreams and lost in wishes,
Lost in space and lost in time.
We got lost in each other,
In the endless possibilities there are
And what we could be.

But we had to get back.
Leave utopia behind and
Start being realistic again.
Face the odds and realize
That it's nice to dream for a while
But the further you go
The harder it is to come back.
159 · Jan 3
/kitchen table
Laura Jan 3
they were sitting in the kitchen,
just the two of them,
sipping calmly on a cup of tea.
it was peppermint,
her favorite.
looking back at it now,
it seems quite unreal.
how back then
he knew that peppermint
was her favorite.
and she knew,
that he didn't really
like tea at all.
154 · May 10
Laura May 10
'How would you describe him?', he asked her.
'Well, i don't really know', she said, her gaze moving into the distance, 'with him it's simple. He doesn't worry that much and that makes my sorrows fade as well.'
153 · Jan 2019
/driver's seat
Laura Jan 2019
late nights,
driving around
in my parents car,
all alone.

no one to talk to,
music's playing loud.
just me and my thoughts
and nobody around.

it's somehow calming
just by myself
just the stars and the moon
and the car underneath.

without destination,
only darkness around,
just driving and driving
with nowhere to be.
150 · Mar 25
Laura Mar 25
there's a cold feeling
on my skin
in all the places
your touch once
left burning marks
of heating desire
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