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 May 3 Laura
She smiled
And meant it

She laughed
And felt it

She cried
But still wanted life
 May 3 Laura
Kafka Joint
Put just two or three things into your head
And forget all the rest,
And your eyes will be sparkling,
And your smile will be the happiest.
 Mar 23 Laura
Kafka Joint
It could be a gamechanger,
But it's not a game,
And we only can change ourselves.
 Jan 3 Laura
So much to say,
So few people to truly listen.
 Jan 3 Laura
You walked into my life
and offered a different meaning
to every emotion that I
had simply denied
my right to  
feel so deeply

It dove me into a well
that I was now able
to translate and uncover
every hidden nuance
that had been designed to
blossom in it's
own time

You opened the door
to a story that I was now
ready to write and
live with a heart full
of faith and love.

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