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Laura Mar 25
there's a cold feeling
on my skin
in all the places
your touch once
left burning marks
of heating desire
Laura Mar 24
Found a picture of you
I took a long time ago.
Never told you that  
but I once liked it best.
Laura Mar 23
wide awake he stood
in the darkest of nights
with no one around him.
looking at the stars and the moon
shining down upon his head.

there was a calmness
filling every part of his body,
a feeling that nothing mattered.
nothing but the this moment and
the clear night sky right above.
Laura Mar 22
thoughts are following me
through my mind
going round and round
running up and down
endless races
me against them

tried to outrun them  
tried to slip away
around the next corner
thought I could hide
just to catch my breath
but they're waiting again
Laura Feb 11
lately I tend to wonder,
what's been on your mind.
how you think about
the last time we saw each other
and whether you think
about it at all .
Laura Feb 7
breathing out
what my lungs
have held for
far too long.
endless pressure
leaving my body,
creating space
for a fresh start.
Laura Jan 9
And in that moment,
when everything felt alright,
she asked herself,
how it must seem for
a stranger passing by,
seeing all of them together,
dancing the night away.
If in that moment,
he would feel it,
the energy that seemed
to connect all of them,
if he'd feel as happy
as she felt right there.
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