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Laura May 17
It was one of those nights,
that you can't quite wrap your head around.
there are no words, that could really describe
the atmosphere inside the room.
Looking around, it was like pure magic.

Reminding me of a cold winter day,
where you just don't leave the house.
Like sipping a hot cup of tea, while
sitting on the couch, all wrapped up in a blanket
and watching the snow falling outside.

It was like a late summer day,
when the leaves on the trees are turning
orange and yellow already and starting to fall off,
while the last summer breeze is brushing
over your skin while you're on a long walk.

It was like meeting an old friend
you used to be close to years ago
but somehow you two got out of touch
Like being pulled into a warm and
seemingly endless hug by them.
Laura May 17
Do you remember how we used to never run out of things to talk about?
How even the most ordinary stuff that happened was utterly interesting?
How you were the first person I wanted to tell everything?
Tell me, how did you fill that void?
How did you just replace me?
Laura May 10
why couldn't you simply tell me,
that everything's alright, with you and your life?  
why couldn't you just lie to me,
like you've so easily done before?

why did you have to confess,
how thing's didn't get any better after you left?
how you're still miserable and
confused and alone.

why did you have to say all this,
as if you never stopped telling me.
and why, why couldn't you just make me believe,
that at least one of us is happy now?
Laura May 10
'How would you describe him?', he asked her.
'Well, i don't really know', she said, her gaze moving into the distance, 'with him it's simple. He doesn't worry that much and that makes my sorrows fade as well.'
Laura May 9
and I picture us,
sitting in old garden chairs on a mild summer night.
My feet on your lap, a glass of wine in my hand
and the sun slowly setting beneath the trees.
You, telling stories of old days,
of all the times we've been through together
and all the memories we've made, the good and the bad.
Me, a smile playing around the corners of my mouth,
as I remember us dancing to our favourite songs
and singing along at the top of our lungs.
Looking back now it seems so inevitable,
that after all these years we're still sitting here,
cherishing the strong bond that's our friendship.
Laura Apr 15
when did your dreams get
buried underneath all this
fear and doubt?
and what are you doing
to bring them back
to the surface?
Laura Apr 11
It seemed like she was playing with fire, on the verge to be burned.
But dear, if you would've stepped closer you might've seen how she was dancing in the flames.
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