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Laura 10h
which way to go,
when there's
no right or wrong,
no yes or no,
no easy or hard,
no clue where to turn?
Each part we take
could be wrong.
But what if, for once,
it turns out to be right?
Laura 1d
we talked until
there were no words
to say.
but not in
a bad way
just in calm silence.
since there were
things that I
couldn't put into words
and doors that you
couldn't open for me
just yet.
  3d Laura
Free as the wilderness no one could tame,
May your spirit stand as an eternal flame.
Laura 4d
Just bodies, no feelings.
mechanically touching
each other like robots.
In the heat of the moment.

What's that? A feeling?
No. There's no feelings here.
Just two people desperately trying
to escape everything for a while.
Laura 6d
and I just want you to know:
I'm not gonna walk away,
if you don't want me to.
If you want me to,
I'm gonna make myself a home.
Laura Apr 10
Light a candle
and just put it
inside your heart.

Let that light shine
brighter and brighter
from within.

For there are people
out in the dark
who are lost.

Let those people
find their way
into your heart.

Just be their guiding light.
Laura Apr 9
Time: such a mysterious concept.

Some day, time flies by,
hours feel like minutes,
time is running away
and one can't keep up.

Other days it feels like,
it's been hours when
in reality just a few minutes
have passed.

and then there are
those special moments, when,
just for a heartbeat,
time seems to stop.

But then it continuous,
and the world moves on,
as if nothing has happened
and we need to go along.
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