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He buried his pain in a pool filled with bees
Embraced the thought that they saw him as King and yet bees only have a queen
His skin felt not stings but strings of the sweet melodies that made them buzz and they never made a waggle dance for a new hive
He had a gift of telling them how to sleep when the world needed no noise
He woke them up when in his heart all that was left was void and needed a friend to listen and talk to
Those that saw him from afar thought he was cursed but he had no scars from the bees
He was just a man looking for lessons on how to love  and only the bees showed him how
The loner will be never alone
 5d laura
The choice you have made

is the heart of the matter:

your free will, acting.
"De porseleinkast - Faxen aan Ger #2" ("The china shop - Faxing to Ger #2", January 15th, 1998, published 2018, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
 5d laura
Moral high grounds
Crumble to dust
When pressed through reality
For no man, not one
Will ever be good
Evil wears no hood
Because these labels, which we swear by
Large in size, fit for a demise
Madness is prescribed
We all step on heads to get by
No one is a hero, just people
Trying to be alive
I see you at the edge of my bed smiling. You’re right here and so close you could lay down next to me. I can feel your lips. I can hear you whisper “I love you”. I can come home now…….

         If I drink enough.
An obsessive tendency that inspired this.
there's a chill
in the air
its cold
mid july
except inside
where heaters glow
by those who fear
frost's bite
gather round
this quiet town
but cold
your hands will reach
but not quite reach
the edge on which
we all fall down
Perhaps she thought t’was pelagic

the straits of Taiwan would be magic

she could go on a cruise

the Chinese to abuse

but now what she’s done appears tragic
Does the metaphor,

                 Cogito, Ergo, Sum up,

Rodin’s " Le Penseur “ ?
How deep now has the venom gone
Who's veins have become blue black
Whispering lips and hollow fangs
Will anyone notice when they're bitten
I remember when I myself was venomous
Sure the potential still sits dormant
Watching the sunsets pass in grayscale  
I'm sure you'll always be a victim
Damsel causing their own distress
Concealing where the medicine goes
Stammering as the lights flicker
Entomb yourself in crystal elixirs
Like a ship built inside of a bottle
How deep now has the venom gone
Who will be the one to save you
From the waters you drown yourself in
 5d laura
I exist, I do

want to be noticed by friends --

truly, as I am.
"De porseleinkast - Faxen aan Ger #2" ("The china shop - Faxing to Ger #2", Dec. 12th, 1997, published 2018, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
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