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giofuellos Dec 2019
The watch has ended its usefulness -
Time is on a stand still and every second
Is dragged into a long deafening silence
As each drop multiplies into long synapses,
Until it ceases to exist, and implodes due to its nonexistence.
There is  a quiet disquiet of encased thoughts
Amid the flashing fluorescence of multi-colored
Memories of the heralding of the new dawn,
As the cold contemptuous swings of air
Rushes through the derelict stations the mind,
As a spirit haunting, in search of reason and meaning,
Or in search for a beginning and an end.
Journeying through byzantine conduits
Scouring the space for a panacea for eternal returns.

And I am here in my lonesome
Waiting for ghosts to haunt me in my waking,
I'm itching to hear them drag their heavy footsteps
My ears ring in the absence of their whispers.
Now my heart has stopped, not because of death
But because death has lost its meaning.
I have lost my mind as I have lost my edge
In writing long drawn out sentences
For the consumption of the absurd - an offering
To the deep abyss of thoughts .
I have turned into a dull blade in my futile attempt to cut
Through the dense meat of time and space
Pining for a piece of tender reality
Ghosts are dead, memories have faded,
And all I have left is this profound vacancy.
giofuellos Dec 2019
Remind me of thunders,
Of feverish longing
For the sun's wrath.
Of waves claiming
The shores of a
Perverted land.
When wrought iron gates
Still keep the monsters from
The peoples wrath.
Let the wind air music
That echoes the raucous chant

Remind me of the lightning
Striking the ivory tower.
Of fire and steel
Penetrating shallow *******,
Disturbing the stillness
With our loud footsteps
Heard deep into
Their midnight sleep.

May the uncomfortable sound
Wake them from slumber deep
May the riotous noise excite
The weary, the dead, and the meek
May our fists raised, storm the heavens
And drag it down into the streets.
May the fog that had cloaked the land
Be forever banished into the depths of history
And a new history of men be born
From the crumbling ashes of the old world.
giofuellos Dec 2019
It is now the moment I feared,
When the ghoulish arms of time
Slowly drags me closer into the precipice of life.
Let the ignorance from that eternal return be
Cloaked with happiness, with memories of joyous youth.
Let the lightness of the clouds
Slowly rock me to that never ending sleep.
Let the winds give me wings
And sway me as the feather sways lightly,
As the long shadows of the setting sun inches into the dark abyss
And may the journey back be
Calmer than the riotous marching bands of life.
giofuellos Jul 2019
Midnight light, will you goad my eyes
   into the unbelievable sereneness of sleep,
And hush into silence the sleepless trucks
   that lines the expanding horizon;
The bicycle man rests his head on his saddle
   dreaming of downhills and leg stretches,
   and the hot streaming aroma of consciousness
   on gradient hilltops overlooking blazing mountains
   passing the silence of the lakes;
Carefully cruising along the highways of the mind,
   going into the light, and ecstasy, and madness;
Revolving, recurring, returning
   into deep slumber then onto the frantic going,
   along the wearisome expanse of flatland purgatories
   then onto the doorsteps of mighty heaven,
   rising up into the chill clouds of eternity and nothingness.
I am awake! and Fortuna's capricious wheel is now turning,
   now I shall rest my future-looking for my going is now
giofuellos Jun 2019
You were there in the driver's seat of memories,
Inching your way through the roads and side streets of life,
Through laughters and chaos and the dull traffic lights.
Witness to the rising and falling of the heavens,
And ears to the after-midnight realizations of men.
Radiant in your losing and finding,
The transient souls passing the doors of your wakeness.
And the sun and rain and hail and the gusts of wind never breaks,
The soul that keeps you alive O' old glory.
Now, as the moments pass from finitude into infinity
When the frantic going turns into a deep peaceful sleep,
May your twilight be as colorful as the red sun's mirage over the horizon,
And may your dreams be as animated as your waking life!
giofuellos Apr 2019
For what is life but a series of comings and goings
The burying of bones and its exhumation
Forgetting and remembering
A regurgitation of the past, the present its mirror and
A future that is a longing for something that might be
A repetition of the summer and rainy days of youth,
But each repetition the sun blazes much brighter and hotter
And the rains bellowing and wheezing,
Its torrents ever more increasing
Like the angry hand on a dull knife
Cutting frantically onto the thawed piece of flesh
Frustrated and annoyed and tired and weary
Hinged onto the surrender into the absurd
A descend into chaos and a ladder back
To the somber and profound certainty of the eternal.
giofuellos Mar 2019
In my search for the serene quietude of dawn
To warm with embers the cold rivers of my soul
I have forsaken your dark shores
Rising and gliding above the hills and mountains
In the swiftest speed I roared

But a giant realization had snatched me
From the mountainous caverns of solitude
Indeed as I have always known, it is
Inside the warmth of your animated splendor
With impassioned ears, I listened to
The sweet cacophonies of jeepneys roaring
In your busy streets, and the hawkers hawking
Along the sidewalks and sidestreets of life
Hustling under the red skies of your twilight

I am alive, and you are alive
Amidst the death that pervades the air
And the disquiet of the surrounding chaos
Like a dark ominous fog that rises into the stars  
Destroying the holiness of dreams

Life, life, life! I screamed into the depths of your bay
Hoping to dredge from the red waters, the long gone
Where tattered dreams where made anew
Woven from the silken threads of sleep
Birthed by the once glorious rising of the sun

We are alive, we want you alive
And with our heft, we will raise our fists
We will break the locked doors of heaven
To drag out the kings to hell
And sentence them to the nothingness

We will dance, like the galaxies
Hammering and pounding the ground
Shattering the yokes of cerebral slumber
To ignite the furnaces of life
And start anew a fire that would burn
To bring the light through the everlasting dark!
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