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Yours Truly Aug 24
I'm a voice for the broken
a reflection of pain
for that one small child
hated for being ***

Inhaling the crisp fall air
gazing fondly into her eyes
anticipating the day
a girl will become her wife

treated less than for loving a soul
disowned by their parents
for wearing purple eye shadow

God taught me to love
so I will spread it wherever I go
like smooth Irish butter
on a warm piece of toast
Yours Truly Aug 20
“This is my last time”,
I said 4 times ago
As I paint my brittle fingernails
Red with blood
Somethings deeply wrong with me
Yours Truly Jan 11
At the age of seven, I fell in love with a boy.
David made my heart race with anxiety.
I yearned for the simple touch of his hand holding mine,
to embrace him with my small, fragile arms,
and tell him how much I cared,
but I never got the chance.
I was just the girl in his first-grade class.

His brown hair flows down his neck,
then stops quietly before reaching his shoulders.
His eyes warm golden specks of light.
Your lips soft pink, waiting to be kissed passionately,
by someone, you'll someday love.  

The second has passed.
Time resumes it's place,
and I forget how to breathe.
You made me genuinely laugh and smile,
something I haven't done in months.
You haven't crossed my mind in ten years,
yet you still have this dangerous effect on me.

But it's not me who's in love.
It's that soft-spoken girl in elementary school.
The girl that laid in her twin size bunk bed,
looking at your yearbook picture fondly,
wishing you were hers,
remembering you will never be.
I love hearing you explode with joy
when you talk about your hopes and dreams.
I love seeing your endless compassion for others;
you have such a beautiful soul.
You would do anything and everything for me.
I love the touch of your body against mine after being apart.
I love the taste of your lips when you kiss me with such intensity and desperation;
makes me fall in love with you over again.

I think of what could be as I walk to my car,
carrying a paper bag filled with oranges and water.
I dedicate this poem to all of my childhood crushes. I hope you're doing well.
Yours Truly Sep 2018
Will you love me when I'm skinny?
Will you love me when I'm pretty?
Will you love me when I'm funny
or have lots of money?
The answer is no.
I could change in a thousand ways and still,
my life would remain the same.

My presence would go unnoticed
so what's the point in pretending.
Who cares how others perceive me,
it's a waste of emotional energy.

Burdened by my irrelevancy,
now I see that it's a blessing.
I can finally live freely.
Without fear of judgement
or someone abandoning me.

I can't lose what I never had.
So I will go ahead and speak my mind;
wear my imperfections with pride;
laugh in inappropriate situations,
and eat ice cream without being worthless.
I am tired of caring so excessively.
Yours Truly Apr 2018
Arms tightly linger around my waist.
Holding me close, trapped in place.
Oxygen lodged in my throat
I can’t breathe.
I began to choke.

When the emptiness settles in deep,
She always reminds me no one loves me.
Heavily intoxicated by my tears,
Dancing in the gloomy atmosphere.

Hurtful words hang in my ear,
Maybe this was meant to be.
Me and lonely.
Together it seems.
Dying in love for eternity.
Yours Truly Apr 2018
i lost you in spring
you didn’t say a word
not one goodbye
a warning, a verb

left empty handed
alone and distraught,
that someone could break
a lonely girl’s heart

i question your motives
each day that i breathe
longing for answers
i’ll never receive
Yours Truly Feb 2018
yellow makes you smile
even though you are hurting
the warmth of it comforts you
like a loving mother
holding her newborn child

i was blue for so long
yellow was a foreign concept to me
finding sparks of happiness
amongst the pain
was hard to do
now it’s second nature

yellow represents hope
it’s vibrant and pure
the feeling you get
when someone compliments you

when yellow came around
i forgot about blue
experiencing unexplainable joy
with no logical reasoning attached
i now stood in peace
as the raging storm passed through me

i wasn’t used to this mysterious feeling
so I sat and questioned it’s meaning
soon my friend anxiety decided to pop in
following blue
she looked so sad and frail
i ran and held her tight
until her pain was unknowingly transferred to mine

yellow never sits still
it comes and goes
that doesn’t mean you
can’t enjoy it’s stay
life can’t just be filled
with yellow days
now and then
you need a little grey

sometimes we’re blue
a skeptic to our own existence
some days we’re green with envy
because we’re no longer content
with the way we’re living
sometimes we’re a burning flame
with red chills rushing to our face
some days we’re yellow
and give ourselves grace
that nobody’s perfect
and go on with our day
Hold on to what gives you a glimmer of hope. Enjoy your yellow days, and remember you're not the only one that feels blue. I'm right here with you.
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