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Aug 14 · 219
it’s like...
strawberry Aug 14
it could all end at this moment.
the human body is so weak, i could end it all here at this second.
i don’t know if it’s me being off medication.
i don’t know if this is just the way i am.
and i don’t know if it’s because i’m insane.
i want to end my life. i wish to have my throat slit as it was in my dream.
it was so warm.
like a hug
Sep 2019 · 109
am i bad
strawberry Sep 2019
she tells all her friends about me.
i used her. (?)
and ruined her life
like he did?!?
they don’t even know me, but they know her, so they trust her.

just leave me alone.
after this i don’t want a single friend anymore.
5:40 AM hair pulling frustration
Aug 2019 · 187
a hen
strawberry Aug 2019
i eat chicken, the world knows i do.
my life is a mother hen, punishing me for eating so much ******* chicken.
but once a day she gives me one good thing,
a single egg to hold onto.

i always break it.
one day i received a golden egg she conceived.
told me “you know what will happen if you eat more chicken again.”
i promised her i would not, and i kept that egg warm in a feather bed, staying up till 5am smothering it with love and heat.

the morning i saw the gold flaking off, i cried.
mother had tricked me into eating no chicken.
it was a fake.
i wanted to strangle her, that **** mother hen.
what would become of us if i snapped her neck.
no more eggs.

do i need them?
who really knows?

— The End —