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Dec 2022 · 420
Lanz Gabor Dec 2022
mahal, dapat maramdaman mo:
ikaw ay mahalaga
sa lahat ng mga bagay;
ikaw lang ang katulad mo

sa ngayon na wala pang gunaw,
kahit sa katapusan ng araw,
hanggang sa katapusan na siglo,
pipiliin parin kita
for rae
Dec 2022 · 438
Lanz Gabor Dec 2022
I'm dreaming of you
with the moonlight blue
Your eyes stole my soul
Oh, you're my yellow

Flowers like gold
like a ray of sunshine, you glow
You electrify my heart
Oh, you're my favorite part

Would you stay with me?
I'll be here everyday cause

You are euphoria
and this is love
a song for rae
Nov 2022 · 390
Lanz Gabor Nov 2022
i dreamt of a cyber landscape
with lights that screamed
blue, green, and yellow
filled with neon and electro
and unrealistic fantasies
that suddenly became organic

all of these pixel powered ideas
soon has led me to a state of desire
and i wanted her to run with me
on these television roads and be free
and i shouted for euphoria
then euphoria's hello was her

charging my already electrified heart
her beat kept me alive
for more digital seasons to try
and more digital spaces to fly
with a touch of chrome and love
this cyberspace became ours
for rae
Sep 2022 · 299
a timely light
Lanz Gabor Sep 2022
time has gone
and they walked further
through the blank space
with nowhere to go
in search for a purpose
they halted and dreamed

for sceneries they thought
and trees have sprouted
for stars they wished
and rays have twinkled
for music they wrote
and resonance have sung

a living fairytale
it was a sight to behold
a legendary mage
with no name but a light
and from a staff they spelled
now time has come again

they was she
and she was shining
repelling sweet shadows
stealing all the hearts
for she owned the night
for she was the dream
for rae
Sep 2022 · 399
summer dream
Lanz Gabor Sep 2022
a touch of summer
expressed a hundred ways
for me to show you
how much i love you
in all the possible ways

from dreams you came
my dearest euphoria
dancing my heart
into a myriad of skips
from your every smile

looking into your eyes
and summer has gone
but my heart is ready
my ray of sunshine
for a thousand more
for rae
Jul 2022 · 438
extraordinary you
Lanz Gabor Jul 2022
From a steady phase
i've witnessed a lit sky;
it was as surreal as any

until I met a spark —
exposing this blank field
silencing the sky for us

and it was glistening
beating the moonlight
and all the constellations.

To a better phase
i've witnessed a lit sky;
it was as colorful as you

until I met a twinkle —
reflecting my adoration
for you, from my eyes

that's how I met you twice
my spark and my twinkle
and you were extraordinary
for rae
Dec 2021 · 515
the resonance from you
Lanz Gabor Dec 2021
the way your voice rings, the resonance i adore
it tingles a spark in me, makes me the happiest
and i smile wide, and it's all because of you

though my anxiety stayed, it became a secret in time
and i would try to hide, because of the whispers
because of the glares, but i held on all throughout

knowing me though, i'll still continue even with those
i'd further that spark, because it makes me happy
and continue to smile wide, because it's from you
In each line, treat each clause, separated by a comma, as two separate sides. Read the entire left side as one poem, and the same goes with the right - that's two poems. Now, read it normally - that's the third poem.
This whole poem contains three independent poems with the same theme! :>
for j
Nov 2021 · 569
Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
There, and away,
alone, and I can't stay.
Filled with lots of cry;
not a doubt, this is why:

On cities in all days,
it is there, felt always.
Everywhere, they'd lie,
clutch on, and then pry.

Yet, even with the pain,
oh still, we did remain.
But even if time will fail,
again, we'll write our tale.
for z
Nov 2021 · 280
Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
in the blink of an eye, you kept decaying.
lost in space, and no one can help you.
everything in front has morphed like free desert sand,
with some praying to stay as sandcastles because of
a gust that only prides of insignificance, and is clever.
but they deemed it puny, and we dealt with their mistakes.

so we had to run to a labyrinth of terrifying ends.
you had no choice but to move further, away - alone
but to move was to be tickled by the dust devil,
and to stay was to mope in killing silence.
you leapt into both worlds in shifts -
to suffice yourself, even while stuck in the labyrinth.

every day was a mobius strip, and it stretched into months
of moving, of staying, and of waiting
until you discovered a sandcastle on one end.
it had veins of wear, but you tried to keep it *****.
lost in time, but you can help you.
and in the blink of an eye, you kept living.
for inPSYnc
Nov 2021 · 526
Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
to believe in what was lost
for over a dozen months
-to fall in love, but slowly

from those old pictures
of blisses and grandeur
to new messages unread

for what reason was it
to be found living like that
only to be forced dead

now, one can never expect
a sharp cliff waiting for them
at the end of a short story
for d
Sep 2021 · 410
Lanz Gabor Sep 2021
here i see
in a trance

it seems heartless
like it doesn't care
for anyone

it dwells in the silence
as it waits for nobody
but the lune

even without its colors
through decay
still it stands out tall

but now it fades
into the night
a starry void

and still it is lonely
but it is so beautiful
even in the dark
Mar 2020 · 272
Lanz Gabor Mar 2020
– because after
all these trials
you shall bloom like
the shade of the moonlight
and tear no more
like rains of sorrow
for me
Mar 2020 · 191
Lanz Gabor Mar 2020
living in the progress
that we have created
has been so beautiful
that i'd believe in more
chances of firsts
and of fluctuations
with no one else
but with you only
for g

— The End —