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Laney Mejias Nov 2012
What will you do when the bombs rain down, when the crowds rise up and are shot to the ground

Will u stand with the brave or fall with the weak, will you run from the noose or raise your voice and speak

When the earth turns to ash and the riverbeds dry, and the only sound heard is a Childs sweet cry.

What will you do when its your turn to die
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
so now im falling, deeper.. faster.. chased by stones made from the cruel words you hurled from your mighty perch.. so high above us all, you peer down your nose like an eagle regarding its prey. cold indifference shines in your once passionate eyes. how often those eyes persuaded me.. how easily they broke down my defenses, allowing you to burrow deep inside my mind, permanently attaching yourself to my soul.. you leeched away at my happiness, a parasitic infestation that left me a hollow shell of what i once was, far from the me i know i could be. it all seemed so worth it then.. carelessly giving you everything i could possibly spare, leaving you in control of every vital part of me.. i was strong once.. now, even i falter before the poorly concealed hatred that is woven through your words. i have all but fallen to my knees before you.. you worked so hard to tear me down that you dont seem to know what to do now that i lay broken on the floor. i have nothing left to give and still you take it all from me.. turn away from my screams, shield your eyes from my tears... dont let my blood stain your shoes.. ignore me as best you can, for you have learned the ***** truth.. even when i can no longer stand, i crawl on hands and ****** knees back to your side, where i patiently await a single kind word that will never come. so smile at my screams, smirk at my pain. it will not deter this pet from her master.
i am your prisoner..
i love you.
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
listen to me
im screaming your name
yet you look through me..
im circling you with hate filled eyes.
yelling,scratching, fighting to be seen,
and yet im ignored.
now im begging, pleading on my knees
to be aknowledged
yet im shunned.
my tears fall in noiseless streaks
shattering like glass at your feet
and yet.. You walk right by me..
we dance this fiery tango day and night
neither relenting in his struggle.
u to ignore..
me to be noticed..
why is it so hard to look at me
when,without me, you do not exist?
you NEED me, so i stay.
yet you act like im not welcome.
look at me
at yourself
learn to love what you see
its time you realized who you are..
let me show you the truth
in your reflection.
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
the mighty may fall, but the weak fall faster. in this world of thieves and killers, to stand your ground means to cut them down. there is no hope for the frail of mind, the deviously cunning are all that survive. stand up and fight! i cannot help you now! countless times i have slain for you, laying to rest those that would do you harm, but its your turn now. i have done all i could to shield you, but the world will no longer allow my protection. it is throwing you into the pit with nothing but the knowledge i provided you with. as i watch with worried eyes, you stand on shaking legs, aware that to win this battle, you cannot fight fair, and your first defeat will be your last. only the hard survive in this cutthroat kingdom, where your castle becomes your tomb if you are not quick enough to defend it. i watch determination replace your fear as you remember my words and face your demons, striking them down one by one, gaining confidence with each swing of your sword. you understand now... i am gone, you must fight where i have failed, while i watch from above.. hoping ill see you soon yet praying that i wont. death was my final defeat.. now you must fight.
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
the haunting beauty in your weeping face
is almost too much to bear.
there is pain in your voice when you say her name,
it breaks my heart to hear.
i bite my tongue as you lay in my arms
holding back my pleading words..
"forget about her, shes not worth your tears,
consider this a lesson learned.
please baby, just give me a chance,
let me try and make you see..
she was never good enough to be your girl,
because she wasnt me.
let me be your one and only,
and ill show you what love is.
open your eyes, see whats in front of you
please boy, just let me in.."
i wish everyday i had the courage to speak,
and tell you how much i care.
to be the girl who calls you mine,
and be the one who's always there.
but the tears in your eyes tell me its no use,
your soul is hers to break.
its you who sobs like a broken man,
yet its my heart thats at stake.
she is nothing but poison to your beautiful mind,
your very own personal demon.
but you love her, shes won, you cry her name in my arms..
and so, i bite my tongue
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
im so tired of holding this inside, its threatening to burst from my chest. If i were just certain it wouldnt ruin anything, id tell you in a heartbeat..1..2..3.. "Whats on your mind?" you say..
"love" i try to reply...
my tongue wont form the word. It wont let me tell you how painful it is to watch you leave, or about the tears i hold back when you give me that last kiss.. Is this what its like to be in love? endlessly agonizing over every sweet look? Hoping that this time.. This time you will say those words that burn holes in my throat, trying to escape and find their way to your ears.. I was never sure that i could even fall in love, i had never even come close to feeling a fraction of this painful ecstasy. But i knew.. From the second your lips touched mine with the salty taste of ocean water, that i loved you.. And every day i fall more than i ever thought was possible. You can see it in my eyes , and still you hesitate, wanting the timing to be perfect, when its all i can do to keep myself from collapsing in your arms and choking out those three, enormously small words. I need you to understand that i can no longer survive without you, you are my life now.. Maybe soon you will hear what my kisses are whispering to you so sweetly each time our lips meet..
i love you
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
Its hardest every night,
When The absence of you
Is as clear
And noticeable
As The emptiness i see
On The pillow next to mine.
When i roll over, and only feel
Cold sheets
Where your lips should be.
Oh, My darling, i remember
When you promised me
Every day
For The rest of our lives
and every day
After that.
Oh, My Love, warm My bed again
Kiss these lips again
Hold me close again
And dont ever
Dont ever let go again.
dry My tears by being near
Fill My head with your voice
And My heart with your Love.
Baby all i need is you.
I meant what i said
When i said
"until The day i die"
And i know you did too.
Im preparing myself
For The worst possible outcome
But hoping against hope
For The best.
Hope guides me.
A hope that at The end of The day
and The games that we play
You will see what is already
So clear to me.
Hope is all ive had
These last several weeks
That ive been battling,
And usually succumbing to
The bitter tears of loss,
And pain,
I pray these weeks dont turn
To months
God forbid you take months
Because even for months,
I will be here waiting,
Probably not patiently,
But wait, i will.
Because Love makes you forgive,
And look past faults,
And mistakes,
To The beauty of The soul
You want forever intertwined
With yours
Oh and i want it..
Want it so badly
That it consumes every thought
And action
In My wakeful hours.
And even when i sleep,
My dreams are haunted
by your absence.
Visions of Love and lust
And The sweet carresses
Of The young in Love.
Each night, when My eyes finally dry
And i fall prey to sleep,
What a fretful sleep it is.
All The things i yearn for
In The daylight hours
Come to me
In My deepest dreams.
I dream of your kiss,
Your laugh,
The way you hold My hand,
And tell me you Love me..
All The things im denied in The day,
My mind gives me at night
Hoping to ease The pain
Of The heart beneath it. But truly,
It only makes it harder
When i wake,
Not in your arms,
But tangled in blankets,
With The ghost of a dreams kiss
Still warming My lips.
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