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 Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
The world needs more lovers
With rose colored glasses
Forever worn
With glass hearts
And stoneless hands
With roses growing
Down their spines
And stardust
Coating their lungs
The world needs more dreamers
With centuries in their cells
And galaxies in their bones
With fiery passion
Boiling their blood
With trembling voices
And wonder in their eyes
With music in their souls
And freedom on their minds
The world needs more you's
Who are more than a number
And are wildly outspoken
Who have an insatiable lust
For knowledge
Who love endlessly
And dream all day
Who search for the beautiful things
Only our hearts can see
 Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
Smoking the sun
Man I love the vapors
Gimme all them different types
Of flavors.* Give me all the money,
All them different papers, Gimme
Lots of attention, Because I breach
From the ground resurrection. Dominate by doing.
Experience vivid motions by pursuing. Grasp every moment in a flutter. Awaken from that Ancient Slumber,
I Have BEEN Left fat like blubber.Do not wait. I ShALL Go NOW FOR I AM NO LONGER SPELLBOUND, Left in an endless shroud, Forever Walking in Doubt.
Don't hesitate. Be confident Mate, Levitate from the ground moving with passion, zealous, in-action. Have all rhythm in the day, merry and don't fray. Total Alpha ******* starts from understanding the flaws in your old ways. Never compromise the day by wasting it,
laying waste to it, watch it burn and lay.
See them all-conquering?
LIKE They, TAKE IT!!!!

It is yours.
**Take it for sure it is yours.
With every second in the day, grasp the opportunity and make it work for your own way, same for money make it work for one day life will not see your face or know your fate love thy neighbor a prayer I keep spoken and my faith in a savior lingers on so I keep moving on understanding that i can move on faster like them all-conquering the day like the greats on Earth see me reach me for I am switching my old style for a new action spoken frantic static obliterating my bubble to soar into unbreathable cosmic space for I want to meet my fate not by sitting in and waiting but by taking my opportunity to move be free speak and keep my faith  more solid than any diamond can be, I shall learn and grasp all opportunity forever Lord has been and will be with thee. Lord multitudes know your greatness Almighty bless my faith and family, awaken great wisdom and inspiration in me. Refine us like gold, I shall step in the action, forever more here I go. Move. I tell myself, and I know I will go because I prayed to my Lord. Of Faith, Hope and Love.
 Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
 Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
 Oct 2015 Lane Bohman
Sarah Spang
If I was a mountain

That soared towards the sky,

With craggy snow caps

And stormy grey eyes-

Then you'd be the clouds

That swaddled my peak,

That silenced my thunder

When I tried to speak.

If I was the earth

The desert, in fact:

With arid dry soil

And mud, baked and cracked-

You'd be the rain

The downpour that soothed;

The balm to my bruises,

Relief to my wounds.

If I was the Moon

In the indigo night,

With stars as my blanket

And silver; my light-

Well you'd be the Sun

Just always behind

That lent me your glow

And caused me to shine.
What stands there,
in front of thee?
There is not much left to see.
A mere fragment of vulnerable humanity -
This is not who you are
Or were meant to be.
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