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Nov 7 · 226
When you see me
Landon Keys Nov 7
"What do you think when you look at me?"

"That I feel safe.. Like I can breathe. My gaze always pauses extra long on your eyes, and I want to run my hands through your hair and beard."

"My eyes are simply a reflection of yours."
Nov 5 · 57
I am
Landon Keys Nov 5
I am
Many things
Not the least of which
Tirelessly through the storm
Till my hands don't work anymore
Nov 5 · 229
Loving you is easy
Landon Keys Nov 5
To me
Loving you is easy
I think more about breathing

You are not hard to love
Simply because you feel

Not loving you
Is the true

I love you loudly
I love you proudly


To me
Loving you is easy
Nov 4 · 250
Landon Keys Nov 4
I can love you
I can feel the vibe
But the answer is no
I can love you
But you'll never be her
And to you that's not fair
I'd rather be alone
Then cause another single tear
Oct 30 · 52
If I had to choose
Landon Keys Oct 30
If I had to choose
I would choose you
Without any doubt
Or question

Between life and death
If I had to choose
There is no chance in hell
I do not choose you
Oct 30 · 54
Landon Keys Oct 30
The subtle sounds of a symphony
Like a true master of the heartsichord
You strum my heart strings
With a prodigy's precision
Oct 7 · 35
Monkey Voices
Landon Keys Oct 7
Hidden beneath the jagged remains
That sprouted from a multitude of my ill fated choices
There were legions of unrelenting monkey voices
Speaking in a thousand tiny languages that we may deem foreign.
Not 100% sure this is mine. Found it archived from a long time ago, but I liked it so I wanted to share
Oct 7 · 156
Landon Keys Oct 7
I woke up and made peace with the moon
All is everything
All is chemical
All is sublime
I can sleep
I can dream
I can dream about dreams
I woke up and made peace with my coffee cup
The world woke up and I made peace with my coffee cup
Repost from 14 years ago.
Oct 2 · 42
Landon Keys Oct 2
Your absence left an unquenchable thirst in my heart
An unfillable void, not with all the riches in the world
A deep and unforgivable cold that could not be warmed with the light of A thousand suns
A day without you
An eternity in Hell
Sep 23 · 397
Landon Keys Sep 23
Few things in this life
That I truly adore
My children
And petrichor
Sep 5 · 273
Landon Keys Sep 5
As we acquiesce
To the depressed of society
I try my best
To digress from propriety
Unlike the rest
To impress Gaiety
I undress
To caress anxiety
Pitter patter
Aug 21 · 52
Landon Keys Aug 21
These words are not enough
The sky, and stars
And the heavens above

A singing wind
To caress the trees
A beautiful sonata  
Between birds and bees
A smell of ocean air
The bits of sand
Strewn in your hair
A concise and definite
Aug 16 · 322
Landon Keys Aug 16
Starlight gleaming from your celestial eyes
Highlighting my perilous existence
Save me
I pray thee
Let me not fall to darkness
Not again
Jul 21 · 520
Landon Keys Jul 21
I see it in your smile
I see it on your face
I feel it in your touch
I feel it on your skin
I hear it in your laugh
I hear it on your chest
I smell it in your hair
I smell it on your breath
I taste it in your kiss
I taste it on your lips
All my senses tell me
My heart knows how to feel
With all my being I know
My love for you is real
Jun 19 · 58
Landon Keys Jun 19
When I die..

Do not mourn
For I now know the secret
The great mystery of the cosmos

Do not mourn
For I now reside
In the great celestial bodies of our night sky

Do not mourn
For in my earthly absence
I gained the immortality of the universe

Do not mourn
Take solace
For I am once again stardust
And I shall mend the hearts of the forlorn and lost
Jun 14 · 57
Landon Keys Jun 14
In the chaotic swirling mist
Of iron raining from my life's sky,
I stand adamant
Amongst the storm,
Against the merciless roar,
And din of a dying light.
Apr 28 · 217
Landon Keys Apr 28
I've always wondered
What life would have been like with you
But today I woke up
A little angry
A little sad
I've decided I'm tired
Of a memory I've never had
Apr 24 · 84
Landon Keys Apr 24
I wonder and believe,
Through melancholy of fallen leaves.
What is this to me?
The sentiment
Of finality.
Mar 26 · 84
Landon Keys Mar 26
Every wincing moment
Through daily adversities
I find myself clawing
and fighting to succeed
Through every trial and tribulation
That bashed me to my knees
I made it to the finish
Battered and battle scarred
And just when I think I have it all together
There you are
Mar 23 · 81
Landon Keys Mar 23
Oh Fortune
Who has shined on me so
What a fortuitous find
What a fantastic glow
What a ferocious finality
What a future sewn
What a ******* fire
Burning in my soul
Mar 19 · 176
Caring, Caring
Landon Keys Mar 19
I can so I don't
But I do
Mar 8 · 163
I miss my blue hat
Landon Keys Mar 8
I miss you
I miss me
The simple ways
When all it took
Was a laugh
When all we needed
Was to get out of class
When I was happy on a cloudy day
Not sad on a sunny one
I miss that
I miss my blue hat.
Landon Keys Mar 7
In an uncharacteristic turn of events
I tripped and fell down

I was in love her
Before I hit the ground.
Jan 10 · 104
Landon Keys Jan 10
Such beauty in phrase
That of, "Cellar door."
But I'd argue, "Hello Lovely."
Is just that and so much more.
Oct 2022 · 116
Space Man in Love
Landon Keys Oct 2022
Hello little star
I see your little light
So high up in the sky
But I know you're burning bright
So far away in space
A million miles away
I long to touch your face
And soon I will some day
From earth your light seems dim
But I know this isn't true
So I'll take off through the heavens
In my rocket ship I flew
Quickly in your direction
I am hurling like a comet
There you are to guide me
I'm in love and I can't stop it
A star that burns so fiercely
So brightly in the sky
Baby I'm your astronaut
So come me with me and fly
Aug 2022 · 196
Landon Keys Aug 2022
I haven't written in a while
For I've not been sad
The love of my life
Fell in my lap

It's a weird feeling
that is, appreciation
For all you do for me
It's reciprocation

You are wonderful
You are worth it
At least to me
You are perfect
Aug 2022 · 292
Landon Keys Aug 2022
If my heart, the purse
And currency my love
My dear, you'd see
I'd buy you every star above
Aug 2022 · 200
Colder Weather
Landon Keys Aug 2022
Emotions run deep.
Is it true? Is it right?
Well, I would imagine so.
Though only time will tell.
So, let's wait for the snow.
Jul 2022 · 189
Landon Keys Jul 2022
There will be no one on this journey to help me,
and I'm there to forgot the one I would be thinking about the entire time.
time to go.
Jul 2022 · 564
Landon Keys Jul 2022
I love how the stars in the sky try to imitate the freckles on your skin because the night sky is the only thing that can even come close to matching your beauty
Jul 2022 · 106
Landon Keys Jul 2022
Know it now in your cocoon
Eventually, yes, you will bloom
Never think you are not perfect
Do not doubt, you are worth it
Realize please that you're now mine
And spread your wings, my butterfly
Jul 2022 · 112
Landon Keys Jul 2022
Late at night
I hear your sighs
As I taste your skin of cream

Late at night
Into your eyes
I look as my heart screams

Late at night
You and I
So surreal as it seems

Late at night
You and I
It is real and meant to be
Jun 2022 · 97
For a Friend
Landon Keys Jun 2022
Fears and doubts
They creep around
But in your radiance diminish
Those thoughts and worries
Let them scurry
Let this unrest finish

Thus, in your smile
And in your laughter
These are things to love
Walk with pride
And learn to see
The shimmer from the scars beloved

Believe in you
Not in them
For you're where victory lies
Do these things
and love yourself
You'll never have to say goodbye
Jun 2022 · 83
all of it
Landon Keys Jun 2022
You are the sky above
The earth below
Your gravity holds me
I cannot fly
Yet I am free
You're the flowers
The grass
The trees
You're everything
There is to be
Jun 2022 · 96
Landon Keys Jun 2022
Pretty potted plant
Sits on my window sill
Planted by my lovely daughter
I tend to it now
Waiting for it to bloom
Hoping I can show it to her
It's very close now
In just a few more days
Just wishing I can make her proud
May 2022 · 112
Landon Keys May 2022
I sondered
As you passed me by
I wondered
As many past goodbyes
I stiffened
As I saw you cry

Was your life
As sad as mine?

I offered
As you stopped in awe
I assured you
As your tears did fall
I listened
As you told it all

Our world of sadness
Is not so small

I let you know
I too have felt it
I too have known
The weight of existence
Upon your soul
I promise you
You're not alone

Let us go together now
I'll wipe away the tears and clouds
No longer will this strife enshroud
Our lives this way with fears and doubts

Together we are stronger
Than we could ever be alone
Please take my hand dear friend
And let us wander home
May 2022 · 617
Landon Keys May 2022
The great realization
Comedy is the remedy
It doesn't take much
May 2022 · 110
Landon Keys May 2022
The great perhaps
has passed
Thinking of people
You've met and asked
When're you done?
Who are you now?
What you've become?
Where and how?

The great perhaps
has passed
But that doesn't mean
We shouldn't ask
The people we meet
The difference we make
It's hard to adjust
To the risks we take

But perhaps,
The great perhaps
Is now
Yes, I see it
This is true
As surely as
Our sky is blue
One step
Then another

Then another

I believe in you
May 2022 · 193
Landon Keys May 2022
Sometimes I wonder why I wonder why
Then I wonder why it matters.
Then there's you.
You matter.
May 2022 · 760
Let me
Landon Keys May 2022
Let me bring you flowers
Let me have your time
Let me know you now
Let me be your light

Let me cook you dinner
Let me rub your feet
Let me see you here
Let me be your peace

Let me tenderly surrender
Let me give myself
Let me try forever
Let me prove oneself

Let me love you
Apr 2022 · 293
A promsie
Landon Keys Apr 2022
Is this the end?
The great finale?
If all is quiet and well
I'll believe it then
Though if calamity still lingers
It cannot be so
I'll stay
Until the wrongs have been righted
This is my promise to you
Apr 2022 · 85
Landon Keys Apr 2022
It's the sudden collapse
Of all we hold dear
That ferries us to realization
Apr 2022 · 94
Landon Keys Apr 2022
A profound feeling of disquiet
A soul anxious and eager
A ruptured endeavor
A heart in riot
A jest though meager
A feeling forever
Apr 2022 · 185
Day before
Landon Keys Apr 2022
Yesterday got away from me
Yesterdays tend to do that
Tomorrow we can try again
Or maybe I'll just get a new cat
Mar 2022 · 241
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Sling me from your trebuchet
Launch me into oblivion
I don't want to be near you anymore
Not because I hate you
But because loving you is too much
For my soul to bear
Mar 2022 · 90
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Fate is a cruel temptress
Those of us that lack the resolve to resist
Wind up in a purgatory
Unable to atone for breaking
Mar 2022 · 527
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Can I see it?
Your heart.
Let me look into your eyes.
Nothing much can hide there.
Mar 2022 · 109
Brevi Tempore
Landon Keys Mar 2022
A brief moment of peace
Before losing it all
How underappreciated
Is the serenity
Before the fall
Mar 2022 · 194
In Partes Tres
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Vita mea est divisa in partes tres

Pars una est amare
Pars duae est lacrimare
Pars tres est mori
Mar 2022 · 440
It is what it is
Landon Keys Mar 2022
I'm not mad
I'm not sad
I just am
It is what it is
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