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Landon Keys Apr 28
I've always wondered
What life would have been like with you
But today I woke up
A little angry
A little sad
I've decided I'm tired
Of a memory I've never had
Landon Keys Apr 24
I wonder and believe,
Through melancholy of fallen leaves.
What is this to me?
The sentiment
Of finality.
Landon Keys Mar 26
Every wincing moment
Through daily adversities
I find myself clawing
and fighting to succeed
Through every trial and tribulation
That bashed me to my knees
I made it to the finish
Battered and battle scarred
And just when I think I have it all together
There you are
Landon Keys Mar 23
Oh Fortune
Who has shined on me so
What a fortuitous find
What a fantastic glow
What a ferocious finality
What a future sewn
What a ******* fire
Burning in my soul
Landon Keys Mar 19
I can so I don't
But I do
Landon Keys Mar 8
I miss you
I miss me
The simple ways
When all it took
Was a laugh
When all we needed
Was to get out of class
When I was happy on a cloudy day
Not sad on a sunny one
I miss that
I miss my blue hat.
Landon Keys Mar 7
In an uncharacteristic turn of events
I tripped and fell down

I was in love her
Before I hit the ground.
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