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LR Thompson Mar 2019
He emerged from his cave
Parched and sallow
For captive he had been
Chained in place and staked
Detained within the deepest confines
Of the mines beneath the earth

There his world was of shadow
Formed from flames and ideas
Corporeal yet intangible
Dancing upon the cave wall
And within the nothing beyond
Moved the shapes and figures
That cast the shadow of his reality

Yet he was not to be contained
For a mind restrained cannot refrain
From understanding the concepts
For their forms
And the one form he had not yet found
Was called freedom

So he escaped his cave and emerged
A hero
For he had seen past the shadows of his life
And seen into the beautiful world
Beyond the constraints of base perspective
And there he found the sun

Blinded, the man stumbled
His eyes in shock from sensory overload
Freedom was bright
He thought as he stood straight
To face the new day
His first day
Free to understand a world
Without the misconceptions
That arise from the preconceptions
That define his reality
Were we all to see the world as this man...

To see things for their foundational ideas or concepts allows one to truly comprehend ones reality.

The examined life is definitely one worth living.
LR Thompson Feb 2019
Stolen on the wings of the canary
Soaring within the clouds
And bouncing within hidden canopies
Is a song known only to the sun
And certain flowers

Trapped, the song pleads
In early morning
And in the dusk of shadows
"Hear me sing 'o lonely forest!"
Yet, sadly she found there was nobody to serenade

Frantic, the canary ruffled her feathers
Searching for just one ear;
One soul willing to listen to her precious
Color held captive

You see, it was yellow what stole the canary
For its song had long since seduced her
Dying the white of her genesis golden
After months spent dancing
In tune to swaying southern honeysuckle
Or simply chasing the setting sun
Soaking up every sweet note
Of yellows orchestra

Defeated, the canary found a secluded tree
Alone atop a barren mountain
And sang one final time
"Hear me sing 'o lonely earth
For I have taken that which is yours and have made it mine!"
She spread her petite wings,
Each feather a ray of sunlight,
"Hear me sing, for you 'o mighty mother
Are the only one willing to listen..."

Then, the canary cried
And with each tear dropped
Individual notes in shades of yellow
As her feathers bleed revealing her true self
A pristine white
Unblemished by the envy of color
Finding she was finally satisfied
With her own song
LR Thompson Dec 2018
It's in the quiet moments that we dwell
Kneeling from the weight of countless burdens
Imagining atlas as he stood proud after shrugging
Thinking and gathering the courage necessary
To do what is required regardless of the strain
We heave in determined concentration
At first making no discernible impact until...
Progress and a shift in consciousness as peace
Begins to peak over a distant horizon
Silhouetting our boulders in stark contrast
To the warmth and radiance of contentment
And with one final push we shrug our burdens
Catching them in waiting opened hands
For we realized through the trials of atlas
That his mistake was dropping his weight
Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions
It's okay to shrug so long as we keep in mind that some weight can only be lifted by us
LR Thompson Dec 2018
The universe is a brain
A brain that you live in
An idea given life

Inside your brain is a universe
And your ideas
Create life

We live inside God
God lives inside us
The universe is full of Gods

Gods and ideas
LR Thompson Dec 2018
Seamless we fray
Torn at the seems
Ripped to shreds
As love shears
Our minds
And hearts
Yet mere cuts
Do little to lacerate
The magnetism
That bonds two souls
Stronger than any rending
Splitting or slashing
Capable of separating
Or dividing
Our two hearts
From splicing
LR Thompson Dec 2018
A dim haze silhouetted the mire
A gurgling burble swirled beneath
A twirled stump rotten in decay
A deer struggled frantic to escape
A high pitched wailing and flailing
A deep moan and groan followed by
A silence
A stench welled up as flesh decayed
A harsh hiss as the acid fizzed
A fetid fragrance that wafted to join
A dim haze that silhouetted the mire
LR Thompson Nov 2018
Sadly the clock ticks
And Old Man Time
Steals another breath
As a moment is captured
Frozen in time
Locked away
Just out of arms reach
We grasp
Losing touch with a second
So powerful
As to leave us breathless
For just one more tock
One more kiss
As we say "I do"
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