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 Dec 2018 Jenn
Jack P
Have you ever liked someone so much you regret meeting them?
 Dec 2018 Jenn
Storm Raven
I loved you and you loved me.
But our love turned toxic and dissapeared.
It did hurt at first but I am over it now.
And I don't grieve the lost of our love no more.
Cause beauty can grow from pain.
And after destruction there is place and time to create.
What is broken can be fixed again.
But only when it is worth the time and effort.
When not, we still have the memories to build on.
And beauty can grow from pain.
After the fall we can rise again.
Stronger and wiser than we were before.
And that is why I don't grieve what we once had.
It is dead now and made place for new life.
More beautiful and than what was before.
This is why I don't grieve us falling out of love no more.
 Dec 2018 Jenn
devante moore
I’ve never received a flower
Or even a rose
But I’m a guy
So it’s acceptable I suppose
No kisses
Or sweets
No treats
That signifies ones feelings for me
No token of ones love
But I have gotten
Watered with hate
Planted in betrayal
Fertilized with lies
And maintained by fakes
Roses are Red
But my roses are dead
And crumble beneath my feet
 Dec 2018 Jenn
V i n c e
that breaking moment
when you find your soulmate
in the eyes of someone
who doesn't find his in
it's not much i know but i hope some people might relate to it and know they are not the only one's who are suffering from a heart-break <3
 Dec 2018 Jenn
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for
 Dec 2018 Jenn
Like Water
 Dec 2018 Jenn
it all starts at the tip of my tongue,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
no errors,
never seem to falter,
its that liquid flow,
straight from the soul,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
ain't gonna lose control,
ain't gonna go a stray,
for there ain't nothing for us in the mud yo,
so continue to flow like water,
like water,
like water

© Try
just a bit of mediation and tranquil writing for you all tonight.
 Dec 2018 Jenn
 Dec 2018 Jenn
I was so foolish
I was so dumb
after I've let you go
There's been nothing in my mind but sorrow
I wish that I can be
by your side
This feeling within I can no longer hide
if I could just turn back time
and hug you tight
if I could just turn back time
and kiss you right
if I could just turn back time
and tell you every night
that you are
the love of my life
feeling sad T.T
 Dec 2018 Jenn
 Dec 2018 Jenn
You were at fault,


I blamed myself.


I loved you even through the heart break.
When you truely love someone, you start to justify their wrongs too.
 Dec 2018 Jenn
 Dec 2018 Jenn
I think maybe
I would have liked
To have been loved
But I sunk
With broken knees at your alter.
Pledged Allegiance
To a false god
Who spoke the Old Testament like it was truth.
And the hands
that were wrapped around my throat
were dipped in holy water
So even in death I was blessed.
he will preach
To all the women he has turned into sin
Say -with a soft caress across my check
That echos and vibrates off the walls
Like the silence after a gun shot.
“If you love me you’ll do this”
Because manipulation comes easy to him
Hand to God
he is your salvation
And no one will ever love you like he does.

- He can’t be your salvation
- Because you already saved yourself
 Dec 2018 Jenn
 Dec 2018 Jenn
You don’t deserve me
You don’t deserve my clingy self
You don’t deserve my always worried self
You don’t deserve my annoying calls
You don’t deserve my love.
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