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  Dec 2018 Jenn
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
  Dec 2018 Jenn
If I stayed,
Would it be the same
As when I ran?
If I gave up,
Where would I be?
If I love,
Will it last?

I feel numb,
Everytime I doubt myself.

But what's the use of all these
I don't know the answer.
what if?!
"What if" is the question I ask myself.
What if somebody reads this and hates it?
I wouldn't know the answer.
I just ask myself too many questions!
Jenn Dec 2018
i get tattoos
to love my skin
instead of scar it

i get tattoos
to love the art
that goes into it

i get tattoos
to love myself

i get tattoos
to reclaim
what you stole

this is my body

this is my art

this is not yours

this is me
Jenn Dec 2018
iced coffee and cigarettes
both bitter tasting
makes me think
of the bitter taste in my mouth you left
the sound of your voice makes me nauseous
i hate that i have to hear it
but somehow I find myself coming to your coffee shop
is it because I work near by?
or is it because I crave drama in my life?
do I need that pain back?
am I too happy now with him?
Jenn Dec 2018
I always used to say you broke me
as a metaphor
in my poetry
but now that I’m thinking about it

you actually did…
Jenn Dec 2018
why do I keep looking for unhappiness
why do I look for things to upset me
am I broken
how do I fix me
how do I mend the pieces that you made
without cutting my hands open
Jenn Dec 2018
I wonder if I would have turned out that way
if I stayed with you
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