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Raina Apr 23
humanity, you're too much.
humanity, with your colors & your voices & your cries...
humanity, with your death, & your loves, & your lies.
humanity, i cant breathe
humanity, i cant see.
humanity, its all too much
humanity, i just cant get enough.
humanity, i've fallen into the well
humanity, i cant say things are too swell.
humanity, i have found myself in a rut
humanity, why are there so many cigarette butts?
humanity, why do i need this drink?
humanity is all gone within a blink.
humanity, you're too much.
Raina Apr 2015
once upon a times
& happily ever afters
were never real
but you are
but we're so young?
Raina Mar 2015
my desires & my needs are two completely different things
I crave you
& your touch
& your voice
& your words
but I know it's all a sham
filled with empty promises
& distances in the middle of the night
you want me
& I want you
but it can never be
& that kills me
Raina Mar 2015
I listen to your songs
& my heart is heavy
there's an unbearable pressure on my chest
& it's constantly lingering
Raina Mar 2015
get away
go to some far away new place
with new loves & new faces
play your music & relish in the opportunities
do not think of me.
Raina Mar 2015
mixtures of disappointment & guilt
paired with euphoria & bliss
blended together with anticipations & dreams
but muddled with expectations & faithlessness.
  Mar 2015 Raina
stéphane noir
to my darling who feels she's not:
our separation is mere illusion.
truly, your pain strikes me as i write this;
your sensations of abandonment,
and the decisiveness they have caused,
bleed from my skin into the fibers of my clothes.
i am no longer clean.
i do not feel pure.

to my severed arm and shortened tendons:
destruction is merely another side of life.
out of disappearance comes all things-
without space, there would be nothing to contain us,
nothing to allow and enfold our beings' spirits,
and they would sputter and cease like my love's flame.
i am no longer yours.
i do not feel full.

to the farthest star that my eyes can see:
your light reaches me- i glimpse you!
in the perceived emptiness between us
there is no distance to be found;
around us exists the infinite potential for
further connection and deeper growth in closeness.
i am no longer alone.
i do not feel sorrow.
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