Slate layered lines continually re-laid
In search of the familiar in between the fibers  
Only to find something unexpected
Unplanned or undesired in its final breath
Struggling to capture the essence of both art has loved
Stroke by stroke they create what can’t be found over Payne’s Grey
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
The water is high
It will rot the trees alive
They won’t even know.
©LadyofRavenhill 2017
Haiku 19
Uncertain futures number the leaves by summer's height
They linger and twitch teasingly in the hot July winds
The sounds keep her forest awake at night

The autumn comes sneaking in slowly
Turning and shivering those green hopes and fears
That rattled through her trees so loudly

They all fall away to an aching quiet of bare branches
Soon to have winter fills her wood's empty spaces
And blanket naked quivering bones with cotton colored chances

The peace of the chilled silence soon melts away
The future starts to weigh on her forest’s limbs once more
New life springs in with its ever-mounting buds of May.
©LadyofRavenhill 2018
Love me.
    Hold me.
         Play with me.
   Display me.
But please, Sir,
                Protect me.
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
A moment of clarity
Painfully beautiful
She prays to see
The beauty of it soon
For the pain is more
Than she can bear
Alone once more
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
I was addicted to him.
He was under my skin,
Inside every hair,
Flowing through my blood.
I could taste him
In every breath
And feel his eyes
tickle me in the wind.
I was hooked at first glance,
Never sober again.
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
I am his.
He claimed me and my heart,
Planted his love inside of me,
And I am finally whole.
We belong to him,
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
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