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Jul 2020 · 201
did i hurt you?
vonny Jul 2020
my dear, did i damage and fracture you,
after all the glowing conversations?
i can hope you know i never meant to
i curse my heart for lack of sensations

you were of cinnamon and pumpkin spice,
and i was of subtle cocoa and mint
you always thought mint chocolate was nice
i never felt the same about pumpkin

did my careful words graze your skin with blood,
because you saw me as aphrodite?
or did you view me as a spot of mud,
desperate to scrub off and make mighty?

did my lack of warm feelings pierce your heart?
or was love bitter and not sweetly ****?
Jun 2020 · 230
true colors
vonny Jun 2020
"it's not right,
you're sick and depraved,
you don't know anything,
it's disgusting,"
is what they all shouted at me

i bit my tongue,
swallowed my blood,
hid my colors
but stood my ground

black and blue bruises
made me feel *****,
but i perservered,
despite the angel's cry

and suddenly all the beatings
turned into shoves
the slurs yelled at me
became "be proud!"

despite the sugarcoating
and the sudden change of heart
i saw through the false, white smiles
popularity creates lies
i wrote it about my anger about how little people cared about the lgbt community when it actually mattered a lot, and a lot of people are now pretending to have supported it all along for clout
Jun 2020 · 81
vonny Jun 2020
when the summer winds blow through the wood
and the scent of pine is fresh
the orange sun peeks through the foliage
and everything is tranquil

but wait too long and the sun hurts my eyes
it either much too bright in the daytime
or the light is completely gone in the night
so i savor those moments of peace

it is tiring to always cover my eyes in fear of pain
and it is terrifying to be amidst a dark forest
i am deprived and anxious everyday
so i wait for those rare sunrises

because even though i am too beaten down to enjoy the view
these are the only occasions of which no damage is being done
so i bask in the calm glow of the sunrise
bracing myself for my eyes to water
i wrote it about my toxic relationship with someone, basically how its hard to hate them when i have those moments of happiness too
May 2020 · 387
bloody hands
vonny May 2020
she was a caring girl
she knows a boy who always cries
and it is the end of january
so his hands are covered in blood
she gives him soap that smells of lemon
and she scrubs his hands clean
he makes her feel uneasy and anxious
but cleansing him is the only thing she does right
he fills her head with steaming tar
and leaves grisly scars over her eyes
damaging her sense of vision
she washes his eternally blood-stained fingers and palms
the blood mixing with lemon soap and tears
completely blind to her own tarnished hands
sobbing, the girl reaches out to the boy in utter darkness
only to find empty air meeting her fingertips
it will only happen again at the end of february
Apr 2020 · 720
i trust you
vonny Apr 2020
golden brown leaves fall delicately from a tree
warm hands pointing at fluffy white clouds
the feeling of back against the grassy ground
fluttering hearts and long, drawn-out whispers
secrets spilled in the dead of night
trust is a dangerous chemical
and I have given you all of it
wrote this with my best friend in mind <3
Apr 2020 · 238
hello charisma
vonny Apr 2020
hearing you speak makes me cry
because i can't tell if it's another lie
the words that exist your mouth are fake
well spoken words make a nice template
your mouth shouts, "have a nice day!"
but your eyes tell me, "it's all for display!"
someday i hope everyone opens their eyes
to see you without all your lies
i wrote this about a person i have observed. a lot of his words were very fake, and he put on a front a lot, and he tended to talk about deep topics such as mental health. it kind of hurt because i couldn't tell if he was lying about something so personal to me.
Apr 2020 · 172
b minus
vonny Apr 2020
i've worked myself off since my birth
to get a simple letter determining my worth
it's hard to get all the things you want
when everyone is telling you that you should not
it's hard to succeed when you get a score
and everyone is telling you it should be more
it's so hard to try to no avail
when everyone is telling you that you'll fail
i wrote this about not only mine, but a lot of my friends' experiences with grades. especially when our parents tend to only look at that as a seal of approval, it hurts our self esteem a lot.
Apr 2020 · 270
walking sunshine
vonny Apr 2020
the girl in my dancing class has a secret

she's not good at hiding

i can tell quite well

she's fallen for him

and for a while now

the boy i eat ice cream with has a secret

i can also read his mind

his smile can't lie

he loves her too

oh what a joy

time passes with a veil of white

my heart is spilling with trite words

that speak every word of truth

she looks so happy

and so does he

why would anyone interfere upon two walking sunshine

but you see

she's given up dancing

so i dont see her as much

she wants to spend time with him

instead of focusing on silly stuff

he doesn't eat ice cream with me anymore

instead rather with her

he wants to grow a stronger connection

and i totally get it

watching the time grow old with grey hair and wrinkled skin

i've always been alone

if he loves her

what else can occur

then her loving him
i wrote this about two of my friends getting into a relationship. i was truly happy for them, but they didn't have as much time for me anymore, which i understood, but i still felt lonely.
Apr 2020 · 143
vonny Apr 2020
he is quite the experimentalist

he always tries something new

his brains spends hours clocking away

for his big, warm heart

that he has spent years blocking up

she is quite the bookworm

she always stays indoors if she can

her brains are sitting cozily working a puzzle

for her bruised, broken heart

that she tries not to show

they are quite the match

his smile glows and her eyes sparkle

he is still careful but he shows her a softer side

she is still hurt but she feels like she can heal with him

as awkward and new and fresh that it may be

they are both trying their best
i wrote this about just entering a relationship with a boy. he was so sweet, and we were just getting to know each other. :)
Apr 2020 · 316
vonny Apr 2020
golden sunlight shines down on the white sand

glaring onto our backs, freshly rubbed with sunscreen

you just jumped out of the ocean, your hair glistening with seasalt

i was never a fan of the water

but you get me to try new things

smiling in my sundress, i look over my book at your face

your eyes are scrunched as you take a bite out of your sandwich

that you crafted so experimentally yourself

i return my gaze to the pages and you put your arm around me

looking back at you makes me realize how lucky i am
i wrote this about a vision i had fanatsized a lot about.
Apr 2020 · 315
rainy days
vonny Apr 2020
the clouds are grey and stormy tonight

i sigh as i let the rain soak into my skin

cold and shivering, i look for a light

there is none and i know i cannot win

i feel the rain pour and it slowly stops

at least in a circle that i am inside

i see an umbrella blocking the drops

and i know he is there with all of his stride
this was inspired from that one scene in miraculous so shush

its about someone being your hope
Apr 2020 · 468
vonny Apr 2020
she is wonderful and has the voice of a queen

they are amazing and can speak with power

singing and talent and drawing and talent and acting and talent and writing and talent

talent talent talent

i have none of that special word

but she does

and they do

and that is enough

because she will protect me

and they will comfort me

and i am enough
tmw you have talented friends
Apr 2020 · 150
galaxies in our eyes
vonny Apr 2020
we are the deadly ivy

leaves of three

and i know we can try, i see it in your eyes

we can be more than you realize

i see you're putting some brick walls up

it will never be enough

but all i see are galaxies 

and though it hurts

and burns and burns

it will all make sense again
Apr 2020 · 148
i am nothing
vonny Apr 2020
he is the autumn leaves and blueberry cake and sunshine

he is the gentle rain and purple night

he smells like grass and warmth

he tastes like coffee bean but 

i taste of nothing 

i smell like nothing

i am nothing
insecurities on my side in my relationship
Apr 2020 · 211
vonny Apr 2020
the black sky is speckled with stars that glow

the full moon sheds a dim light on the scene

the night seems alone, but you and i both know

your eyes shine and you smell of coffee bean

the constellations spell out both of us

my small hand is intertwined with yours

you are finally someone i can trust

you have managed to open up my doors
the relieved feeling of trusting someone. also stars!
vonny Apr 2020
letters and exchanged numbers

folded so carefully

they're hidden but there as anyone could envision

she has never felt more nervous

yet at ease

and she doesn't talk to him much

but she can see the walls are up

what will it take for her to let him in?

or him to let her?
i was getting to know the boy i love through annoynomous letters. it was so nervewracking but also exhillerating.
Apr 2020 · 197
rainbow :)
vonny Apr 2020
what the hell am i?

a colorful mess of sin and shame

the colors make me feel alright

red is the shade of power and strength 

orange light gleams creativity and art

yellow is the tone of excitement and joy

green shimmers liveliness and health

blue is the hue of intelligence and serenity

violet can glow kindness and loyalty

i am a rainbow :D
i wrote this a bit about pride in my sexuality. it's mainly how i can finally feel comfort in it, instead of distress.
Apr 2020 · 137
plaid girl
vonny Apr 2020
Autumn leaves begin to tumble 

The messy look makes me feel humble

It's not the prettiest sight

Yet it feels so right

People drain me and make me tired

Yet you make me feel so admired

I'm always blue

But never with you
loving someone always feels nice
Apr 2020 · 141
i love you <3
vonny Apr 2020
he is the boy with the tousled hair

and the calculating gleam in his eyes

letting people in for him is quite rare

he is not perfect but he really tries

she is the girl with the soft subtle smile

with a pencil often behind her ear

she trusted too easily for a while

her heart is only displayed for those dear

together, a puzzle, they fit quite well

for her, his exterior melts away

he helps to get the girl out of her shell 

it's lovely, even if it's kind of cliché

cold and warm and their hands are intertwined 

they are not the same, they are their own kind
this is a sonnet about what my relationship with this boy was like. we fit each other nicely.
Apr 2020 · 456
the terror
vonny Apr 2020
the Terror was tall, the opposite of me

she growled out harsh, menacing truths

and spit at me with contempt

"nobody cares or gives any concern

towards your golden sadness trailing down your cheek

towards the frill and layers of emotion pouring from your pen

stop crying

stop writing."

she left me gritting my teeth and clenching my palms

but no tears would come

no words would come

the Terror had taken my weapon of sanity and destroyed it

which shattered me into ****** pieces on the ground
this was about fear that was instilled in me by one of my friends at the time, who was a narcissist.
Apr 2020 · 189
vonny Apr 2020
you're hurt

i can see that

you've become a cynical mess

people are evil

but i know that's how

you get your energy 

hold my hand

i'll hold it tightly

and never let it go

you've brought the sunlight back

just let me help you

i could if you let me in

i'm hurt, too

i give too many people weapons

to hurt my broken heart

but we can see the good in it

if i'm by your side

we can discover galaxies

we can lead the universe 

you and i
this poem has two meanings. i wrote this about the two cynical people i knew at the time. one was my boyfriend at the time, and the other was my toxic narcissistic friend. it was mainly written with my boyfriend in mind, but i put hints of stuff about my other friend, too. i cared very deeply about both of these people. i wanted to help them.
Apr 2020 · 566
ex oh ex oh (xoxo)
vonny Apr 2020
we've gone from strangers in the dark

the nighttime glow of excitement 

fingers brushing

faces flushing

now things are different

i hold a warmer hand

i don't look at you the same way

my heart's not racing like before

though i don't long for our previous intimacy

the kisses and warmth are forever gone

i miss you achingly

our late night evening conversations without hearts rushing

the care we shared for each other was pure

although the heat is gone

i did this to myself

i lost a best friend
i wrote this about a boy i used to love. i missed his friendship deeply, even if i was happier with a new relationship
Apr 2020 · 143
who was she?
vonny Apr 2020
who was the girl with the short and dyed hair?

that was all everyone seemed to ever ask me

she had glory and glow that nothing could ever compare

one would have to blind to not see

she was the falling sunset that opened its heart

to the lovely couples on the hill 

due to her intense show she was always falling apart

but nothing could ever destroy her will

however she was bright and hard to look at

her struggles were awful hardships and full of pain

her glasses held her tears as she sat

and she filled her heart with a greed to gain

she wanted more and more and more

i wanted to be free

she always would ignore

the pitiful child that was me
i wrote this about this girl i was friends with who wasn't a good friend. she wasn't a bad person, in fact she was great, but she didn't care nearly enough about her current friends. she held onto the past a lot, and i overlooked these qualities because of her past experiences. i hope she's truly happy now, back in the past.
Apr 2020 · 295
almost four
vonny Apr 2020
hello, i would say my name

but i have too many titles that aren't the same

i've been alive for quite some valubale time

memories that may not always fall into rhyme

but they are pure and true and whole

and the reason of the existence of my very own soul

i am almost four, my birthday is coming soon

it is probably in november, in the afternoon

but the exact date of my birth is not important because

its not the time it happened that matters, its the action that does

i am the strawberries, the cupcakes, the  snow, and the peaches 

but i'm also the cookies, sunshine, the city, and the beaches

i am composed of messages and fingers moving at a fast pace

and nothing else matters, and no one needs space

no, i do not know who i will be because time will come

but i do know who i am, and who i want to become
i wrote this about the personification of a very important friendship in my life
Apr 2020 · 242
vonny Apr 2020
Sunlight pours through a glass pane, filling the room with gentle warmth,

kissing my face.

and i know one truth.

i love you <3
happiness is great
Apr 2020 · 268
best friend
vonny Apr 2020
the walls were crashing down on me

silver sadness poured out of my eyes

i kept running and running

but there was nowhere to go

except pits of black darkness

stumbling, my feet tripped

and i proceeded to fall-

a warm hand gripped mine and pulled me over the surface

more water streaks were on my cheeks

as the goddess pulled me in for a hug

the warm fragrance of animal crackers enfolded me

friendship and smiles in one long embrace

and i wondered why i thought i was alone in the first place
i wrote this about my best friend, but this was after i stopped having romantic feelings for her. this was about our friendship, and how pure it was. i love her so much, she is my sister, my best friend.
Apr 2020 · 642
forbidden apple
vonny Apr 2020
you were forbidden to eat,

yet one look at your crisp red skin sent me into ecstasy

instead of sinking my teeth into your imagined taste like i was tempted to,

i instead took the role of protecting my dear ones from your poison

this task made me keen and aware to your attempts,

of emulating a sweet apple for them and i to eat

despite the graceful attempts to resist tasting you,

i did take a careful bite

only to find out,

you weren't the poison everyone had warned me about
i wrote this about a boy i love, who i did avoid at first because he seemed a little mean. however when i knew him, he was not what people said he was.
Apr 2020 · 85
vonny Apr 2020
silence is golden

and that's why i am silver

i am second best

and i will open my mouth to speak 

the boy who will keep it all in

sugar and cinnamon escape my lips

the girl who cries alone

i will keep talking so she forgets her pain

words words words

that is all i can do

but when push comes to shove

how can i be quiet?

how can i stop talking?

when all i can do is help?

but my tongue has been sliced

there is blood in my mouth

i cannot speak

and i know that they will not want me

i am useless

and they will do what they've longed to do for a long time

they will leave
i wrote this about how my friendship/compliments/love is the only thing that defined me. at least that's how it felt with these two friends, a narcissist and another girl who was stuck in the past. either way, i constantly was comforting these two with words.
Apr 2020 · 111
vonny Apr 2020
my hands clutch the entirety of the earth

a globe of green and blue

my fingers are cupped

and they are kept up

the ocean and lands know of my worth

this is my job to do


however i smile and stand with might

i am scared to fall away

but my legs will shake

and the earth will quake

if i am afraid that i don't have the right

how can i save the day?
sometimes i feel a burden that i take care of everyone too much. its just my instinct to help people.
Apr 2020 · 102
friend crush
vonny Apr 2020
i looked you up

you're the perfect match

our personalities fit so perfectly 

please be my best friend

we can be the stars

of our own reality show

just please hug me

and never let go
having an obsessive friend crush
Apr 2020 · 113
vonny Apr 2020
sometimes i feel so aching inside

and grab a delicate treat

i eat it and it is very delicious 

but this aching only comes ever so often

i think it's supposed to be more apparent

i only partake of treats and delicacies when i am aching inside

and this is beginning to show

am i fine?
i wrote this about the lack of self care i do. specifically about my eating habits. i barely eat, unless i'm super hungry. it's not on purpose, i just tend to forget.
Apr 2020 · 178
hearts of sea
vonny Apr 2020
i walk with you along the bright blue ocean, holding your hand in mine

our hands shyly brushing and creating sparks, letting our fingers intertwine

you talk passionately, and i listen, because i love to hear you speak 

but your strong presence enlightens me, and does not make me feel weak

you kiss me on the rocks, and i feel my heart leap and soar

as we lay together on the sand, i really could not ask for more
Apr 2020 · 160
wild desire
vonny Apr 2020
i've always felt the need to hold back from everything i do

but being with here with you, this time i don't really want to

i was always taught to never perform out on any wild desire

but when everything you say and do sets everything i feel on fire

i want to kiss you until our lips turn blue

kiss you until i lose my breath

i want to hold you until we're no longer two

hold you until our souls have met

the light of your eye is so divine it makes me cry

wouldn't it be so devine if we could stay here awhile
its basically about repressed ****** feelings
Apr 2020 · 261
cookie dough
vonny Apr 2020
soft pieces of purity laid out on a parchment sheet
it smells like raw memory and a warm home
mixed with a spoon to create something sweet
the lovely aroma lets all my memories foam

pouring in the milk laced with my very own blood
these cookies are for someone who is of worth
mixing in the flour, tears at my eyes threatening to flood
but I will endure the pain to put the dough by the hearth

before I put them in the oven, I try a little taste
I feel sick, and my stomach begins to cramp and ache
I ***** all over the floor and look at all the waste
instead of cookies, next time I should make a cake
i wrote this about putting blood, sweat, and tears into a friendship that made me feel awful about everything. however, instead of ditching the unhealthy friendship, i instead opted for different methods of devoting myself completely to them.
Apr 2020 · 216
vonny Apr 2020
it felt so wrong

but she simply had to exist

feelings were all over the place

disaster struck 

simply denying was not enough

all she did was smile

which sent

hearts racing

it felt so wrong




she didn't notice

it felt right

(that's a lie)
wrote this about a girl i loved but also just internalized homophobia in general.
Apr 2020 · 179
vonny Apr 2020
you can't fall in love with a corpse

so you breathe life into a blank skull

one full of wonder and sunshine light

placed delicately upon shoulders

that have mastered every pain

the arms come next

chiseled and carved with attention

soon after follows the chest and torso

which were crafted with care and restrain

legs are after this heinous track

built tall and long and with no regret

the taste of being in love

will follow there sometime

don't get too close
i wrote this about idealizing someone and pretending to like them. this is what i did with my friend. and it kinda messed me up.
Apr 2020 · 96
around the circle
vonny Apr 2020
i could just run away from the feelings

stuffed in a ***** little bottle

however the actions of others are not determined my the restless beating of my heart.

first went the girl with the long blonde hair

guns and helicopters and doctors' appointments

her backpack was passed around, making it lighter when it returned.

the tall boy opened his mouth next

tumors and legs and feeling alone

his package, too, was passed around for a lighter carry.

the girl with the round glasses looked up

police and fathers and lost purity

everyone took from her heavy bag to loosen the load.

the thin boy with the cuts spoke too

custody and friends and playdates

his luggage was considerably lighter by the time it came back.

the short girl with the large jacket decided to go

voices and death and silence

her satchel was not as full when it was placed back in her trembling hands.

finally, words jumbled at my lips

toxicity. guilt. shame. 

i couldn't hold back, my pack was too heavy

anxiety. fear. dread.

i had to take some weight off of me

anger. rage. hurt.

i opened my eyes, expecting pools of disgust on their faces

instead i see i thousand, shattered, mirrors staring back at me.
in theatre, we once sat in a circle and shared our troubles and our utmost deep thoughts. it was truly an experience for me. i felt like i could trust them. talking to them felt like they could see right through me. i learned so much about people. so this is for the girl with the long blonde hair, the tall boy, the girl with the round glasses, the thin boy with the cuts, and the short girl with the large jacket. your stories touched me so much. i'm glad you trusted me enough to share something so personal with me.
Apr 2020 · 1.5k
the mouse and the nymph
vonny Apr 2020
the mouse started off like any ordinary mouse

annoying, small, and persistent.

the nymph tried to take good care of him, and he was treasured to her.

the mouse came limping back to her, after his daily battle with the world

she nursed him back to health

as the nymph cared more for the little mouse, she spurted out pellets of blood and flowers

the mouse tried to stop her

but it was too late.
i wrote this about a my friend who i used to think i liked in that way. i wrote this after i realized i didn't really like him, and it was about what our hypothetical relationship might have been. and it obviously wasn't something i wanted.
Apr 2020 · 107
vonny Apr 2020
the orange bottle was in my hands

translucent and daunting

taking the oblong shapes was however vital

swallowing each pill one by one

left a burning taste in my throat

peering through my wired frames

death blew me over like a candle flame
um... this is kind of dark. it's about addiction, and i just used pills because i used to like to use those kind of visual cues.
Apr 2020 · 157
vonny Apr 2020
through the glass window

all i see is your back

is there any chance?

or am i just fancying ideas in my head?

simple words is all they were

they didn't need to be more

yet i wanted more

i wanted you to love me

i wanted you to push aside 

the facts, the cold truth

that you don't even know me

but i know you

i see through your facade 

i want you

the real you without a mask 

we can't all get what we want
i wrote this about a boy i started loving (i still love him now oop). this was before we entered into a relationship, when i didn't really know him.but i wanted to know him. this boy impacted me a lot
Apr 2020 · 1.6k
vonny Apr 2020
i was only taught one way

walking a straight line

the dance felt right but only halfway

i never understood why

hiding in repulsion

at what i might be

i didn't want to walk in circles

i preferred my simple dance

ignoring my feelings came rather sudden

i didn't understand at all

trying different sorts of line dances

somehow didnt feel right

i found one right in the middle

didn't join until now

full of shame at how depraved i was

for me to want to be in a different dance

would all my friends be in question

would my parents look at me in withering disappointment

too late

i stepped in
i wrote this about my bisexuality and never feeling like i fit in.
Apr 2020 · 185
vonny Apr 2020
i can talk to the sun, did you know?

he tells me about his day

and each time i walk home, i take a pouch of his light

as a gift of my kindness

this careful young girl walked home 

a spring in my step

then my vision suddenly spots

a sad rain cloud looking at me

frightened and worried she looks

anxious and tactful i am

i pour her the warm sunshine

the contents of my pouch emptied

pipper and bright the cloud looks

she is happy and joyful

her rain has disappeared

she rushes off to join her fluffy friends

i decide to walk home

the spring gone from my step

this careful girl stares into a mirror of time

i will wait for tomorrow's routine
i wrote this about my experience as an empath. the sunshine represents my wellbeing/love (depending how you look at it), and the clouds are my friend. the sun is probably just the tiny amount of self esteem i had at the time.
Apr 2020 · 185
vonny Apr 2020
you're not quite the thing in the storybook

i would say quite more beautiful

but you, however much

i blame you

i know hope festered because of me

you opened a door that's been shut too many times

and i let you in

how could i be so utterly foolish?

i'm a monster.
i wrote this about a girl i loved and how i was becoming her best friend when i was scared about getting too close.
Apr 2020 · 223
she is everything
vonny Apr 2020
she radiates in a glowing light

sunshine and flower crowns

warm with an able hug

she is the cool wind breeze of spring

the ocean lapping at her feet

fluffy frozen snow is what she is

snowball fights and linking arms

am i sick?

to notice this about her

twisted and utterly horrible

i wish she could just share her warmth with me

so i could feel like a rainbow

shiny and new

but i'm just the long, dark, dirt road

bitter and full of longing

her light is at the end of my path

sweet and savory

ponytails, flannels, blankets, books, braids

my heart can't take the restless pounding

she tastes like cranberries and chocolate cake

i taste of nothing

i am nothing

she is everything
a lot of my heart was in this love for this girl. i loved everything she did, and she was everything to me. and i was in a recovering mental state with low self esteem. i couldn't be her, or be with her. this girl is actually like a sister to me now, she is my best friend, and i love her. im glad these feelings for her happened because otherwise i wouldn't know how to truly feel this much.
Apr 2020 · 514
vonny Apr 2020

a steady mix

the color of a gentle brown

not nearly as harsh as chocolate

sticky and childish, easy to make fun

the sugary smell is almost intoxicating

look at it for too long and it will no longer be soft
i think i originally wrote this about a boy i thought i liked, but then i looked back on it, and now i think its more about childhood and the past.
Apr 2020 · 295
vonny Apr 2020
every little movement

set my heart on fire

don't ask me to prove it

don't color me a liar

my heart is in two

she doesn't control her actions

you might be asking who

my answer isn't a satisfaction

we could be so close to each other

if it wasn't for my icy frame

maybe she'll yell for another

and i'll be consumed by the flame
i wrote this about liking a girl that i couldnt even get close to because i was scared of my own feelings for girls. this is mainly about liking girls in general.
Apr 2020 · 107
vonny Apr 2020

that's all i was aware of

i paid the notice heed

but nothing could draw me from the spark of colors

carefully, i felt the dash lick my finger

soft, and i never knew it

no sensation could match the flickering feel of the flame

this poem aint that deep, my friend told me she touched fire once and it didnt burn, it felt soft. so yeah. felt inspired.
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
vonny Apr 2020
sometimes i look into your clear brown eyes and

wish you would like my pasty ones

but even though you've never clarified my deeply rooted knowledge

i know you agree with me, the flowers spurting from my mouth coated with a red, metallic taste

knowing this taste will not go away,

i blame myself
more hanahaki disease? i think that's the name. just loving someone who will never love you back.
Apr 2020 · 126
vonny Apr 2020
talking is bright and hurts my eyes

loud and a piercing white

the sound of water hitting a palm

a pen scratching out words

the touch of the world spinning on my finger

why aren't they all falling down?

the colors are all starting to fade

the walls are forcing themselves in

the pressure can't do anything

at least, that's what i tell myself
i wrote this on the verge of having a panic attack. so i guess that's what its about. internalizing panic.
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
grown out
vonny Apr 2020
falling is all i can do

simple words are being said

the plain, brittle truth

forget about the plain girl he thinks

or so he acts

riling up in my throat is the metallic taste of blood

i can taste daisies, roses, and all sorts of blossoms

he is only slightly aware

sighing causes the petals to float out

and i hide my ink markings in shame

does he call me out?

or even think my name?
i used hints of that one fictional disease of unrequited love making you cough up flowers. i used to really like using those visuals. anyway, this was about liking a boy who didnt know the extent of how i felt for him. i wrote this about a boy i loved at the time. we're still really good friends now, and i love him like a brother
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