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Lady Annabelle May 2017
I found her in her room
scattered across the floor,
in piles and in heaps,
shoved in corners,
hidden under the bed,
amongst the trash and the relics.
I discovered her in it all.
In her room, I learned who she was.
We both found her there,
as she sorted through it with me.
An impromptu poem my best friend wrote about me while we cleaned my room
Lady Annabelle May 2017
I wrote a tragedy with our lips.
The story of our affair was filled with pages of your fingertips fluttering across my skin.
Paragraphs covered our hidden desires to embrace what we pretended was ours.
There were stolen kisses between the eyes of the public eye;
Metaphors to mask our immorality;
Chapters filled with our indiscretions;
Never quite reaching the ****** we would have called love.
I crafted a leather bound catastrophe of your infidelity where the bookends were our lips, and between them rested the arc of our lust.
My god, I'm never going to be content with this.
Lady Annabelle Feb 2015
I wrote a tragedy with my lips
the story of our love
the pages of your hands across my skin
paragraphs of our hidden desire
our stolen kisses written in-between the lines of the public eye
the ******
metaphors to mask our immorality
chapters filled with indiscretions
the leatherbound catastrophe of your infidelity
the bookends were our lips
and between them was the story of our tragic love
I have to admit, I'm not entirely content with this. I'll probably add more, and edit it more. I just wanted to save it.

Anyway, pretty much, if you didn't get this already, this is about my ongoing relationship with this guy who is kind of already dating someone. He's an *******. Technically so am I, but whatever. It's an artistic choice, a nice muse.
Lady Annabelle Sep 2013
Have you ever been so tired
that the words won't come
and sentences won't form
and it's hard to communicate
the simplest ideas
because you're so
Lady Annabelle Sep 2013
"I know everything," you say
looking me in the eyes,
testing me with an arrogant smirk.
Yet, you question
what's wrong with me.
Funny, how you think you're right
when you really don't seem
to know anything at all.
Lady Annabelle Aug 2013
Awkward tension
hangs in the air
like the stale smell after the rain.
Every once in a while
a silent glance between us
shows the hurt,
or in your case,
a very apathetic expression.
Don't look at me like that.
What happened to the "I'll always care"?
Lady Annabelle Jul 2013
I still get butterflies
thinking about
the first time
we held hands.
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