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3.4k · Mar 2019
Bella Mar 2019
I know that I'm a disappointment.

I've only been told that half a million times.

It's a running joke within the family now.

I know that I get angry at you.

I know I fight with you.

I know I make things hard.

And as much as you don't think so,

I'm trying really hard.

I'm trying to be better.

I'm trying to better myself.

Get my grades up.

And fix myself for you.

But to you,

I'll always be a dissapointment.
1.0k · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I don't know why I keep crying

What is wrong with me?!

Why can't I keep my emotions stable?

Why is this happening to ME


Why can't I just be normal

For once in my miserable life

I have a great girl

I have amazing friends

Supportive parents

Understanding siblings

So why me

Why does this still happen to me

After all these years of not feeling okay

Why can't it just go away

Why can't I just stop crying

I love everyone in my life

I'm not so sure that I love life anymore

Or even myself.

I cry myself to sleep a lot

Almost every night

I'll cry myself to sleep tonight

I can see it now,

Head in my pillow to muffle the sobs so my sister won't hear me

I won't tell you that I'm crying

I don't want you to worry

I can't have you worry about me anymore than you already do

Which is a lot

So I'll just cry by myself

Without anyone knowing

All alone

Like I'm meant to be
632 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Your lies lured me in

They sounded sickly sweet

If only they were true

Maybe I would've stayed longer

Maybe I would never have walked away

Maybe we would still be together

But your lies stopped

I was no longer beautiful

I needed to lose weight

I was no longer your girl

I was your responsibility

I was no longer worthy of your love

I was only worthy of the truth

The painful painful truth

But no matter how painful it was,

I stayed

And I listened

Until one day you lied again

I finally saw through the facade of your lies

I no longer held onto the notion that I was nothing

I became myself again, well as much of myself that I could

I left you and never looked back

You called and texted, but I never answered

I finally had you out of my life

And I was going to be free

Until I wasn't

You showed up again

You sweet talked me into believing you again

This time it went too far

I believed you a little too much

So much that I'm now six feet under

In a way that's a good thing

It means that I don't have to hear your sweet lies ever again.
562 · Apr 2018
Bella Apr 2018
I feel like I'm better off dead

No one will miss me

Everyone will be happier when I'm gone

The noose is ready

The blade is set

All I need now is the courage

The courage to just end it

To nip this miserable life in the bud

I feel like I have nothing to live for anymore

Would everything be better if I died?


If only I could get out of my head

I could be dead
496 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
My happiness is gone.

I don't know where it went.

It might have slipped out of my heart and up my throat while I was sleeping.

Or someone might have stolen it.

All I know is that it's gone forever.

I have my happy pills.

They force fake happiness into my brain.

They trick my heart into thinking that I'm happy.

They trick my friends into thinking I'm happy.

They trick him into thinking I'm happy.

They trick my family into thinking I'm happy.

But the worst of all is that they trick me into thinking I'm happy.

My happiness is gone.

Where could it have gone?

Maybe it's there behind your ear.

Or hidden in a hat.

Is this a magic trick?

One where you wave your hand over the hat and say the 'magic word'?

This is a cruel trick.

One that can't be undone.

My happiness is gone.

And its no where to be found.
387 · Dec 2018
Bella Dec 2018
i'm sorry that i'm so emotional

i'm sorry for all the tears

i'm sorry

i'm not trying to be so..scared

so angry

so heartbroken

so done with the world

i can't take this feeling anymore

this burning

this rotting

the void that my being has become

i'm so sorry

that i have become such an inconvenience
377 · Nov 2018
Bella Nov 2018
I'm lost

I'm lost in my own mind

I'm trying to stay afloat in all of my thoughts

I'm drowning in them

They're dragging me under

I'm lost

And this time

I wont be found
322 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
My heart beats like a drum.

It only beats that way for you.

The steady beat thrums in my chest.

'*** *** *** ***'

If you are near it speeds up.


When you are away it gets softer.

'***        ***       ***       ***'

I love the sound, oh how beautiful it is.

I hear yours too when my head is on your chest.

It speeds up when I smile at you.

Does it slow when I leave you?

Or does it stay the same, unbothered by the lack of my presence.

I need to know, if your drum reacts the same as mine.

Two drums beating in harmony.

Two drums beating in time.
294 · Sep 2019
Bella Sep 2019
She told me it was her heart

Something was wrong with it

That she needed to see the doctor.

She said that everything would be okay

And not to worry.

She’s really sick now

She can barely breathe

I tell her not to give up

To keep fighting

Keep pushing.

To look death in the eye and tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

She laughs

And tells me that when it’s her time, she’ll know

She thinks it’s soon

I’m not ready.
288 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
You're like a sea

Thoughts of you wash over me

Soon enough,

Thoughts of you drown me

Not in a bad way

But to the point where the only person I can think of is you.

I love thinking of you, but then the thoughts start to change,

My anxiety whispers lies into my ears, about how you don't love me

Even though you said you do

That you don't want me,

But that's not what your arms around me suggest.

You are a sea,

And I'm a rock that your waves wash over.
262 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I am learning to love myself

I am learning to embrace my scars

To embrace a little extra skin

To feel okay no matter what I'm wearing

To not let the words get to me

To not let them pierce my skin

They will ricochet off my skin

They will only make me stronger

And soon enough,

I'll be stronger than you

Watch out, I'm coming for you.
260 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I have these little white lines

They're on my thighs

They tell the stories

Of the times I sat in my bathroom and cried

Of the times I felt truly alone

Of the times that I was told that I'm not loved

They bled

And they stung

But I still did it

Time and time again

Like it was nothing

I was told to stop

Or they would lock me up

So I stopped letting people find out

No one knew

I was so good at hiding it

Until one day

Someone hit my thigh and everyone found out

They were so upset

I stopped

And now all  I have are lines

To remind me

That at one point

I wanted to hurt myself

Truth is

That sometimes, I still want to
259 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Darkness, thats all I can see.

No light, no glimmer of hope.

No way out, no way in.

How did I end up here?

How do I escape?

Simple, I don't.

When will the light kiss my face again?

When will the wind caress my skin?

When will the grass tickle my feet?

It wont.

I will never be allowed to leave.

I can never be who I once was.

I can never go back.

I might be happy now but that can change.

The darkness will slip it's cold dark hand into my heart and steal it away.

How long will this last?

When will it be over?

When will my cries be heard?

When will this darkness release me from it's grasp?

The answer?

245 · Nov 2018
Bella Nov 2018
I hate myself

Eveything about me

I'm told that I'm pretty

That I'm enough

But that's for me to decide

And I will never tell myself that I'm enough

Or Pretty

Or that I'm not fat

Because I'm not

I'm not enough

I'm not pretty

I'm not skinny

I hate myself

That will never change
221 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
You tell me you love me,

But when will you show it?

You tell me that I'm beautiful,

But never to my face

You tell me you're here for me,

But shy away in person

When will your love extend outside of your phone?
217 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I have a noose in my drawer

It calls out to me sometimes

It calls my name in the dead of night

Luring me to tie it to my fan

Stand up on that chair

And drop.

It tells me that it would look pretty around my neck

Like a diamond necklace

It tells me that everything would be better

If I just died

If I got away from this hell called Earth

It tells me that no one really loves me anyway

So why not,

Just jump from that chair

With my pretty necklace tied around my neck

And when they find me,

They won't be sad

They'll be happy that I'm finally gone

Out of their lives

No longer a burden

No longer a pest

No longer Breathing

And six feet under the ground

Where I belong.
202 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Your light outshines the rest

It's brighter and sweeter

It bekons me like a ship to a lighthouse

Like a moth to a flame

I can't get too close though,

I fear I might burn myself

I feel like you will push me away

That you'll ignore me

That you'll laugh at me  

Somedays, I see your light and think to myself,

What would I do to bask in your light?

To shine brighter than the rest

But you dont see me

You don't even know I'm alive

For I am just darkness

And you are light

Love between us is forbidden

And why would you love me?

I bring fear

You bring hope and happiness and life

You'll never feel the same


I am darkness

And you are light
193 · Apr 2018
Bella Apr 2018
Red drips from my arm

It drips from my thigh

It's everywhere

Red is my favorite color

I love to watch it drip from my cuts

Deeper and deeper I go to see more red

It's entrancing

The way it flows

I cut to see the red

The red distracts me from the pain

The red is all I have
188 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018




That's all we hear


Over and over again

When does it end

When will the stigma fade?


We are beautiful

We are strong

We are not;


Made of sugar and spice and everything nice

We are made of steel

We are born of strong mothers

And Grandmothers who went through it all

Who carried the weight of the world on their backs to make a better world for us.

We are told from a young age that we can't do anything

And I'm here to change that

Be you

Be strong

Be like a girl.
185 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
Stand with me

As I break this barrier of hate

Stand with me

As I get closer to the finish line

Stand with me

As I change the world

Stand with me

As I make us free

Once and for all

Stand with me

And we will soar
177 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
When you say love what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Does pain come up?

How about suffering?

How about tears?



Yes, love can be bliss and it can be pure.

But that's not it.

Love isn't always kind.

Love can be cruel.

Cupid can shoot you with the arrow but not the person you now love.

Unrequited love is the worst kind.

But when two people are in love, it's a feeling that can't be expressed in words.

It can be hell.

But if you are truly in love, you can overcome anything.
174 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
When will you learn

That I am not a toy

I am not here for your entertainment

I do not exist for you

I exist for me

I don't dress for you

I dress for me

I don't need your approval

I don't need your permission

I want to be free

Not trapped in a cage like a bird

Singing a song of misery

I want to spread my wings and fly

I don't want you

I want me

And that's what I'll have.
168 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I can't take this anymore

I can't keep living this life

I can't stay on this Earth anymore

Not when my only friend is my Razor

When my only solace is hurting myself

When the only thing that comforts me is the demon in my head

I feel like my friends don't love me the way that they say they do

I want to be done with this life so badly

I want to be done with the way life treats me

But that's life huh?

That's the way it is for everyone isn't it?

But for me it seems worse

It seems like everyone is out to get me

I'm done with everything

But at the same time

I still try, I still strive to be perfect

I try for my family, for my boyfriend, for my friends

I try but at the same time I'm done

How can that be?
159 · May 2019
Not Sorry
Bella May 2019
I'm not sorry for wanting to protect myself.
I'm not sorry for focussing on my health.
I'm not sorry that you're upset.
I'm sorry that I stayed so long.
I'm sorry that I let you do what you did.
I'm sorry that I let you lay your hands on me.
But no I'm not sorry that it's over.
I'm not sorry about what I said or did.
I'm not sorry for loving you.
But I'm sorry that I loved you for so long.
So no I'm not sorry.
158 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
As the pills slide down my throat

I burn with regret

Of telling him that I love him

Of fighting with my mom

Of not telling my family I love them enough

Of being me

I'm just a burden

At least some people think so

I'm one of those people

I told them that everything is better

But I lied

I told them

That I haven't hurt myself lately

But I have

Small cuts on my thighs

Not enough to stand out,

Just enough to bleed

Just enough to feel the pain I know I deserve

As I close my eyes for the last time

I think about how I got here

They are going to think that it was me


Truth is,

It's not me

It's the pills
155 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Everyone fears something.

Whether it's the dark

Or spiders

Or thunder

Or people

Everyone has a fear

But some fears are worse than others

Some people fear the unknown

Some even fear, fear itself

Me? I have a lot of fears.

The one that outweighs the rest though,

Would have to be looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back at me.
149 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
This feeling isn't new

But I hate it

I hate the way she looks at me when I talk about you

I hate the way my mom hates you

I hate the way my sister doesn't trust you

You've been nothing but good to me

You give me the love I need

You whisper 'I love you' into my ear when we hug

And don't even get me started on your kiss.

This feeling isn't new

I've felt like this for a while

I've been in love with you since the first time we made eye contact

The first time we touched

The first time you said 'hello'

So much has changed since then

Both of us have gone through some pretty toxic relationships

We held each other when we cried

We talked into the late hours of the night

We waited for each other

Even though it may not seem that way

But in the back of our heads

We knew

I knew

You're the one

So yeah, this isn't new

But everyday is a new day

And I want to spend every new day with you

For the rest of our lives.
144 · May 2019
Bella May 2019
Would you like me better,
If I looked like you
If I talked like you
If I carried myself the same
Or would you like me better,
If I was invisible
So you wouldn't have to look at me
Or see me in the halls
Or have to hear my voice?
Would you like me better,
If I just no longer existed?
135 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I'm strong

I may not seem that way sometimes

But sometimes being strong isn't hiding emotions and putting on a brave face

It's being able to show your emotions to those who care

Those who would do anything for you

I am strong

I am not weak

And I will show you just how strong I am
134 · Feb 2018
Bella Feb 2018
I feel rotten

From the inside out

It started with my heart

And worked its way around the rest of my insides

My mind is slowly rotting now

The thoughts feel like a thick black tar

Never able to be cleaned

And traps anything that crosses its path

Everything good

Everything bad

I am rotting

And no amount of, therapy, medicine, or hugs can fix it

No matter how many times people try to save me

They are years too late

So I guess i'll rot

And live in this shell that used to be a body

Until the outside of me finally matches the inside

And I'm rotted in the ground

Six feet under.
133 · May 2018
Bella May 2018
I lost her

Because of that ******* monster

He ripped my heart out of my chest

Yet it still longs for him

I thought I could forget about him

I thought that everything would be okay

But it's not, I'm not

I lost her

She is so amazing

She's the light in my darkness

But now...

She's gone

And it's all his fault
132 · Feb 2018
Bella Feb 2018
Sometimes I feel like nothing is real

That everything is made up

Or that I'm in a coma

And none of this is actually happening

Im just laying in a hospital bed

Alone with no one by my side

For they have all given up

I feel like this isn't real

Like I'm hallucinating

like I'm on a high that I can't come down from

One that's never-ending

None of this is real

And I guess, I'm finally realizing it.
126 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I feel like I'm breaking
                Everyday it's a new bone

Broken, Bruised all of this and more
               I feel like my mind is racing

So many thoughts
               Not enough room

So many things to keep track of
               Yet I'm still able to function

I'm still able to fake my happiness
               I'm able to convince everyone else that I'm okay

But truth is
                       I'm still breaking

Little by little

And soon enough
                                                                  I will fall apart completely
124 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I have this friend

He's always there for me

Some people think that he hurts me

But he doesn't

He saves me

He saves me from the hell inside my head

He saves me from the people that torture me

He's always there for me

No matter what

Whenever I feel alone

Or when I cry at 3 in the morning

He is there for me

No matter what

Who is he?

He's my Razor.
122 · Jun 2018
Bella Jun 2018
Would you care if I was gone?

Would you weep for me?

Does it scare you knowing that I feel this way?

Does the thought of me killing myself make you cry?

Or do you not care?

Does it not bother you at all?

Can you go a week without thinking that I'll **** myself?

'Cause I can't

I think about it almost everyday.
120 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
I'm suicidal

I have thoughts everyday about how I might be better off dead

Sometimes I think about stepping into the street into oncoming traffic

Sometimes I think about swerving my car into the ditch

I promised everyone I love that I wouldnt think about this stuff anymore

But I can't keep that promise anymore

I don't wanna reach out for help

For everyone around me has helped me so **** much

I can't bother them anymore

I can't bother with life anymore

So yeah I'm suicidal

I have been for a while.
117 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
Dear dad,


Why were you such a bad person that mom doesn't want me to see you?

Why were you such a bad person that mom doesn't want you to know that I exist?

Why me?

Everyone else gets to say "My Dad"

But I don't

I get to say "My Stepdad"

But hey it's okay

You only missed 16 years

And not to mention not being there for my siblings

No, Grandma has to


Am I not good enough?

Did I do something wrong?

Tell me

What is it?

I want to know

If i can improve

If I can do something that will make everything better

To make the pain go away

Because if there is

I want to try

But dad

I need your help

You have to try too

You have to be my dad
115 · Feb 2018
Bella Feb 2018
I love roses

The color reminds me of the blood that drips from my arms

When I take the blade to my skin, a rose blooms

The scars remind me of thorns

Things that everyone hate

I love roses

They symbolize romance

And I love, love

But I'm not so sure it loves me anymore

I don't know, maybe it does

It just doesn't seem like it

I've been told that I'm loved

I just don't know how that can be true

I love roses

They are beautiful but still have thorns
112 · Jun 2018
Bella Jun 2018
I wanna die

I'm not going to **** myself

But if I were to get hit by a truck, I wouldn't care

I would be so okay with that

I don't wanna live on this earth anymore

But I'm not making suicide plans anytime soon

I don't want to be alive

I just don't know what to do
110 · Feb 2018
Bella Feb 2018
My mind is killing me

It's telling me that I'm worthless

That I'm better off dead

No one loves me

And they never will

So I should take all of those pills

I should take that razor down my arms

And just leave everyone alone

For good.
109 · Aug 2018
Bella Aug 2018
yellow is a color of happiness.

yellow is when she tells you she loves you

it's when you ask her to marry you

it's when she tells you she's expecting

it's holding your little girl for the first time.

yellow is when your little girl brings her first friend over

when she goes to her first school dance

when she gets her first A on a test

When she gets first chair in band

When she walks across that stage to get the piece of paper that helps decide her fate in life

When she gets accepted into her dream college

Yellow is the color of happiness

Sometimes its brighter than others

But its still there

Still yellow

Still happy
107 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
Love me tenderly

No not like that

Softer, Sweeter, With more love

They way it's supposed to be

Don't leave me

Nevermind don't look at me

I'm sorry, I love you

I don't care I hate you

I can't make up my mind

But all I know for sure is that I want you.
105 · Feb 2018
Bella Feb 2018
I don't know anymore

I don't know how to live

How to be happy

How to take care of yourself

How to live with depression

How to be me

How to not fight with my family

How to not snap at them every second of every day

How to tell the truth to my mom

I don't know anymore

How to want to be alive

How to not want to **** myself

I don't know anymore

How I'm going to do it

And when exactly is my last day.
102 · Dec 2018
Bella Dec 2018
i'm scared

scared of the could-be's

scared of what could happen

not to me

but to them

the ones i love

the ones i need to protect

the ones who can't protect themselves

if they end up on the wrong side of the barrell

i'll never forgive myself

so yeah

i'm scared
102 · Jan 2018
Bella Jan 2018
My thoughts are like ice cold water

When they wash upon my brain, it numbs

I have been numb for oh so long

So that's why I use my razor

Because, for a moment I feel something

I feel the pain I know I deserve

Because I'd rather feel the pain than feel numb.
100 · May 2018
Bella May 2018
My heart turned blue last night

It froze over

Its sitting in an icy prison

At least, thats how I feel


It feels so cold, it's like it's not even there anymore

If you touch my chest over where my heart lies, it would be cold to the touch

Cold-hearted...That's what she called me

When this cold heart, broke hers...
98 · Mar 2018
Bella Mar 2018
I wanna be numb.

I want to feel the familiar buzz in my chest.

I want to be fearless around other people.

I want to spend a night with someone random.

I want to not care about love for one night.

I want to feel nothing but numb.

I want to dance with random people.

I want to be free and wild.

For one night.

All I want to think about, is alcohol.
96 · Jun 2018
Bella Jun 2018
we have a future

both of us do

whether we're together or apart

we have a future

nothing is certain

nothing is written in stone

but the future is inevitable

sure, we can hang onto the past

but that will never stop the future from coming

so live in the moment with me

let's live and love together

and maybe

our future will be together

for the rest our lives

living in harmony

in our future
95 · Jun 2018
Bella Jun 2018
My arms and thigh itch at the thought

The thought of running that razor across my skin

The thought of leaving my sadness behind

I want it to end

The pain..the sadness..the void in my chest

I want to give into the itch

I want to take the leap into the chasm

I want to see what's on the other side

I want to leave everything behind

I want to scratch this itch
93 · Mar 2019
Bella Mar 2019
I've lied

To everyone

I told them all that I don't think like that anymore

That all those thoughts are gone

But they aren't

And if anything

They're getting stronger.
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