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 Jun 2018 Laci

I called you love,

an endearing term of surrender

to those moments we spent

wanting more of those dreams-

And that love now it seems

disappeared in an instance,

it was sweet and was tender

when we dared in our intent

to find solace in places

we so secretly guarded

across oceans and distance.

Now we let life become

and alone overcome

all the moments we built,

letting love dissipate

‘tween wanting and guilt

while we drift far apart-

“You're too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love you.” ― Heraline
 Jun 2018 Laci
David Noonan
If only you'd take me for a fool
And not take me for granted like you do
I would rather live on in some ignorant bliss
Than taste the reality of this deathly kiss
For this is too easy to understand  
This is too easy to lose ourselves in
If you would only take me for another and not as I am
To lay me down on this cold hard ground
Pick up my pieces in some different form
A brand new me raised from your ideal storm

If only you'd take me for a fool
As fools are the ones who fall in love
Whose words seem to fall from the stars above
Dancing till dawn under cider filled skies
They are the ones that carry life in their eyes
So rescue me from this vagueness that consumes
Our daily routine of me versus you
And yet maybe you do, at night when i dream
Delivering my innocence rebirthed anew
For only a fool could keep returning to you
 Jan 2018 Laci
David Noonan
lying here waiting to wake
may unconscious streams return me home
as a gentle flow succumbs to riverbank
meandering drift through memories of yore
aromas of sweetest royal fern consume
my days now passed for this night I long
to wrap me around a reed buntings song
so far from this storm of rattling gates
destined to tear through a fragile facade
reality she rides late on a January gale
entrapping my dreams in her deceitful fog
riverbank night heed a compassionate plea
o let sleep announce that I may finally wake
only when we sleep are we sometimes truly awake to the beauty and possibilities of living...
 Nov 2017 Laci
Emily Dickinson

In this short Life
That only lasts an hour
How much—how little—is
Within our power
 Nov 2017 Laci
 Nov 2017 Laci

Your magnetic field encompass me whole

my wandering planets orbiting your sun

all across our distance when you are to call

I’ll answer “of course” lost in the trivialities

of an everyday meager conversations.

And if you must know underneath my tongue

hide the other words I would love to say

when your look entices fantasies to play

captured by the gravity of your constellations

I would love to speak of what hides inside

all the dreams I harvest but I would denied

if you ask again I’ll answer “whatever”

while dying inside to tell you “forever”

“One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy.”
― Alain de Botton
 Nov 2017 Laci
 Nov 2017 Laci
(posted this one two years ago - feeling like this today)


So quick thoughts of you became a daily thing,

morning waking up with your face vividly burned

in the iris of my eyes, brighter than sunlight

filtering through the blinds in mid spring.

And I took you with me in the summer

your face riding the waves as I yearned

to taste more than the salty water.

Dreams of you became a daily sunset

your ghost shifting in winds of mid-summer

waiting for your love to bear fruit.

But autumn wishes dropped dry and brittle

carried by times helping me forget

reasons why holding on to such pursuit

when was faced with my reality.

Now winter approaches with frozen dreams

left out in the cold wrapped in a blanket of regrets

I dwell for a love in my heart deeply whittled

during the passing seasons of my life.

“And in the fall, the cold would wither that which was known, scattering new seed. In the spring, that which had been sleeping awoke and a new season of beauty began. For Life seeks life and builds a bridge across the darkest valley.”
― David Paul Kirkpatrick, The Address Of Happiness
 Nov 2017 Laci
'Tis Love
 Nov 2017 Laci

Describe to me what love should be

if what you seek is real

or only a ghost that haunts your dreams

in lonely nights.

What is it then that fills your heart

with so much hope for some ideal

stuck inside your puzzled mind,

when flesh and blood

is all we find

in fleeting ones that never stay.

So tell me then

if time is kind to promise more

than a brief smile,

wouldn’t you say

that love is all we ever known?

In lovers gone,

in tender hands and hasty kisses

or brief hellos

from strangers lips,

a casual touch from someone’s hand

that left a burn or left a scar,

for it was love

Wouldn’t you say?

“Maybe that's what love is, I thought: it's being *******.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood
 Oct 2017 Laci
A Wounded Bird
 Oct 2017 Laci

Shapes of dark feathers perfectly aligned

against the sky marked a path south

where winter’s lips coldly kiss the clear night-

And your eyes tell me it is time

to spread wings and plan your flight

to new horizons where summer’s heat

will match your wish for freedom

while left behind in a drouth

of dreams a goodbye kiss-

And cold approaching fast reminds me

a promise made some time ago

when kisses fresh the excitement fed

in moments perfect for each other

and hoped my arms help you forget

a golden cage left open-

But now your eyes will look away

into a place your heart will hold

whereas my arms so frail and old

cannot embrace what you now seek,

so spread your wings

my wounded bird I will not speak

but let you go

to summer days awaiting you

while here I’ll stay in winter’s cold-

This poem was inspired by a dream. Dark hair tied into a bun, pale skin, pensive eyes she looked towards the sky where the birds flying south left a longing in her eyes. I knew then I needed to let her go. I woke up feeling sad with a sense of loss.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
 Oct 2017 Laci
Your Map
 Oct 2017 Laci

I was following the bluish lines behind your neck

your moon pale skin became a map

I wished I could somehow traverse across your back

and follow paths that lead to heavens-

And then you smiled

like if you knew somehow I had

these thoughts in mind

while sitting close, so close behind

to smell your scent

and see the map so clear aligned

with bluish trails

I wished to follow across your back-

“Her skin is pale as watermelon ****** free of its juices.”
― Jaclyn Moriarty, The Ghosts of Ashbury High
 Oct 2017 Laci
 Oct 2017 Laci

Fleeting wish to capture and keep you

my beautiful butterfly

wild and free among the blossoms,

I dream to lure you away from a majestic life

into my eager hands

selfishly hiding you from others

to touch your wings

and smear your colors of desire

all over my soul-

“She is like a butterfly,
Beautiful to look at
But hard to catch.”
― Nikki Rowe
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