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Mar 29 · 41
Im proud
I'm proud to call you mine
Infact I do
Every chance I get
I'm proud to say I have learned your mind
I have begun to understand you
like no one else can
I'm proud to show you off
And I d o to each of my friends
I'm proud to say I'm inlove with you
Because I know I can rely on you
When my emotions get the best of me
And so I will always be
Proud to call you mine
Mar 29 · 30
My heart
My heart beats for you
It longs to be closer
It longs to be in your arms
I love you
And miss you most
On days like these
Were my heart longs
For you the most
But this is what happens
When a heart beats for another
Mar 29 · 17
I love you
I love you
In every way I can
Every piece of your personality
Makes me smile
Even if I don't yet understand it
I smile even more when you teach me
Like how to fix lights
Or what a part of a car is
I love how smart you are
But nothing could match your kindness
And so I just need you to remember
I love you
Mar 24 · 38
The truth
Grey skies turn to blue now
My eyes turn to stars now
And I'm in love
We are nine clouds high
And I know we won't fall down
We don't need to hide
We let our feelings show now
I don't mind telling you the truth
Because the truth is
I love you
Mar 23 · 31
A home
I never ment to find you
Infact it scares me that I have
Your kindness
Your pure heart
The way you look at me
Like I'm all you will ever need
The way you smile like
I'm the only girl in your world
You are safety
Something I struggled to find
And in your arms I've found
A home
Mar 19 · 29
i miss you
my skies all turn grey now
my eyes become rain clouds
and im happy
im so happy
its been months
its been six months
since we came together
and i wish you'd call
because its been three days
and i find myself missing you
more then air to my lungs
each time i hold it too long
its raining
its pouring
its four in the morning
and you just crossed my mind
and i really need you here
its raining
its pouring
my head is imploding
and i dont want to leave this house
but i really miss you right now
its raining
its pouring
my eyes are over flowing
and im overthinking again
i hope you think of me now
its raining
its pouring
my world keeps on spinning
and im stuck in place
i hope you dont mind helping me escape
because im a mess
Mar 16 · 106
i love you
if i were to wonder
even for a second
even for a moment
if im at my weakest
at my mind struggles to see the notion
of you
and of me
and this love we have made together
please just hold me
tighter than you've ever
closer than you have ever
and whisper in your deep kind tone
"i love you"
Mar 15 · 19
i see that you look happier its true
i hope one day i get there too
all this time i was watching you
and i hope i find love like you
and you look happier its true
Mar 15 · 40
january snow
sometimes when the nights are dark
and the stars are hiding
i think about you
wishing i could understand
why you left me
standing frozen in the icy air
waiting in the january snow
Mar 12 · 205
you fell in love with what
i let you see
but this has never been the real me
i let you see my true heart
and you stayed with me
while i crept through the dark
you held my hand as the sun shined
and now its my turn to
change your life
and help you through your darkness
Mar 11 · 375
thin white lines
we grew up on
pretty thin white lines
but now there breaking apart my life
splitting what i need and want
throwing me
int this sea of sadness
this sea of broken
if only i knew how
to slip through the lines cracks
Mar 11 · 27
always with
how can you miss someone
when your with them
cause i need you know
but you cant feel it
and hope you see me soon
because im in my head
how can i miss someone
that im always with
Mar 11 · 42
lost in my head
im in my room
with our song on
i still feel like your arms are wrapping me up tight
im in your heart
but i cant see you
and theres no one to blame
for the pain that i worry i will cause
and your not here
not today but i need you most
when i get lost inside of my head
Mar 8 · 54
giving up on me
you say that you wont give up on me
but for you that be so **** easy
and you say that were okay
so i put on my best face
even when you say im not perfect
even if i dont need to be
why cant i swallow my pride
when you look me in my eye
and tell me that you do not think
that she is so pretty
but she is the reason that
im giving up on me
Mar 2 · 67
end of my time
every day that the dawn rises
i find myself celebrating
as another day passes
because at least i made it
this far
making me this much closer
to the end of my time
Mar 2 · 60
I love you
When I say I love you
What I'm trying to tell you
Is that no matter what
This world throws at us
It won't shake me lose

When I say I love you
What I'm trying to say is
I will fight the biggest battle
The strongest monsters
Just to hold your hand

When I say I love you
What I want you to know is
I am here through this timeline
And through the next
So I wanted to let you know
I love you
Feb 28 · 35
His eyes hold oceans
His lips hold seas
His heart holds a kindness
That I'm so happy he shares with me
His laugh holds dreams
His words hold wisdom
Some of which I could never speak
I'm just so glad he shares
that wisdom with me
I'm so in love with him
I just hope he knows
I'm here till the end of time
I will stay in his life
Feb 23 · 339
Songs in my head
At first when we met
I danced to my own beat
To my own toon
That whistled in my ears
But then as we kept talking
Kept growing closer
You became the song
That was evermore stuck
Dancing on the walls
Of my head
Feb 23 · 466
will you
will you be there
when i say good night
will you be there
when i break down
will you be there
when im crying
and my vision goes blurry
when my love is over run by pain
will you be there even when im not okay
when my brain takes my smile
with flashes
with broken images
will you be there
to hold me when i need you most?
Feb 23 · 63
golden boy
you overfill my senses
your touch like a feather
brushing on my skin
you smell like bitter rain
and sweet cologne
you look like kindness
and love
your eyes hold stars
when i look at you
i realize your my
G O L D E N       B O Y
Feb 23 · 53
His ocean
He is an ocean
Even though some people see him
as a puddle
But they don't pay attention
Because underneath the top layer
That he's built for protection
He is deep
He is vast
With many undiscovered cracks
Unnoticed cracks
That lead in deeper
But it is only through love
Only through kindness
That he even opens up
And little by little
he will show you all his beauty
Feb 21 · 48
My home
He's like early mornings
When the sun starts to rise
And there's just enough frost
For the grass to look golden

He's like the late night ocean
On the outside calm
But bursting with life on the inside
And each time you get past a layer
You find more and more
differences from that calm

He's like the best thing that could happen
Especially to me
Who had thought that men were all the same
But when I look in his eyes
I end up finding my home
Feb 20 · 36
The weightless nights
Its funny
I've been noticing
On the nights
That I'm supposed to feel the most weight
The most sadness
I don't because I stare
At those misty blue eyes
And that smirk
The one thats only been captured
In three of the pictures I have
That they bring enough comfort
To lift my sorrows away
Feb 19 · 170
What its like to crash
Sometimes I notice it
When the walls get to big
And the world distorts
When I'm crashing to the earth
When the world is thruming
Pulling me under the universe
And other times I can't
Sometimes I lay
In pieces on the hard wood
While my mind rushes away from me
And crashing through
Like a meteor to the ground
Feb 12 · 38
does it make you smile
when i crumple at the edges
when i break down
and cry
only to crawl back
to your cruel words
because your my only
C O M F O R T ?
Feb 12 · 54
Adventure through time
I wonder if he's happy
Now that he's gone on his
I wonder if he thinks about
Me and him
The freezing cold nights
I wonder if he ever looks back
On the beautiful
When he called me "mine"
Feb 10 · 535
I will always smile
When my thoughts run to you
Your soft touch
Your honey filled smile
Those handsome blue eyes
Your gentle laugh
Your hopeful eyes
The way you protect me
I'm glad our paths crossed
You make my heart flutter
You kiss me
In a way
I will always
remember this ad me when you feel down i will miss you most of all
Feb 10 · 243
keep your promise
I only pray
You keep your promise
To never leave
My broken soul
I know its hard
I know i'm not easy to love
But say with me
Until our pictures are old
And there fraying at the edges
After all that was your promise
You swore you would stay with me
Even when its hard
Because the sadness from you
Abandoning me is a sadness
I could never recover from
my abandonment issues are so strong i only hope you hold me close
Feb 10 · 22
when he says
he says
he's not a poet
but i find his poems
to have more meaning
more beauty, more heart
to them than mine
and the way
he uses his words
can change how a person is feeling
from sad to happy
just with a couple of phrases
knitted together

he says
he's not a good writer
but those early morning
last minute essays
of pure adrenaline and
half-awake thoughts
present ideas
in such a way
that it's impossible
to find them anything
but perfect

he says
he's not sure
what his future will bring
but i know him
he's smart
and he's
so wonderfully stubborn
that wherever he may end up
he will go farther
than anyone could have ever imagined
including me
i can't predict exactly where he'll be
in 4 months
or 4 years
but i know his path will go
down the most bountiful roads
and in the end
he'll be happy
and all will be worth it

he says
he's not grateful
but almost everything he does
he does for others
he loves his parents
and hurts when they hurt
he realizes what they do
for him, and wants to make them
the proudest parents on earth
he loves his friends
and tries to make them better

he says
he's a relationship whisperer
and i guess he's right
because with a few choice words
gentle nudges and an onslaught
of appreciated suggestions
he whispered us together

he says
that the dark spots on the sun
can bring shadow
to the most brilliant light
but not even
the dark of endless night
can dim his brightness
or hide him from those
who see him for who he is
who see his potential

he doubts herself
sometimes she thinks
he won't succeed,
always worried
that what he's done
isn't enough
or that there's too little time
to get everything done
but no matter the odds
no matter what he's up against
he pushes through
he persists, he fights
and he gets what he wants
or as close to what he wants
as is actually possible
sometimes he even achieves the impossible
and it's nothing if not admirable
showing me that anything is possible
proving to me that
"You could rattle the stars
You could do anything
If only you dared"
not by anything i've done
but by everything he's accomplished

he says
he's not beautiful
true, she's not a model
but that doesn't mean he's not perfect
but the way those eyes shine
like earth kissed by spring rain
promising life and happiness,
mirrored by his wide smile
though not often seen,
just one smile from him
is like a ray of sunshine
through grimy windows
bringing light into a place
that knew nothing but darkness,
warm enough to melt the walls
surrounding the coldest of hearts
And i would never love anyone else
Feb 8 · 40
my lightbulb
you light up my
world like a lamp in a
dark room, bringing me
happiness with just a small
smile a small touch of your hand
lighting my nerves like some be
autiful brite light bulb grows from
my stomach and growing th
rough my entire bo
dy making me
smile holding
me in the
Feb 5 · 222
love is a puzzle
Love isn't what we want
Its never like we imagin
Its not dancing the night away
Or loving till you think you'll brake
Its taking the pieces
Of me
Of you
And putting them together
In a new
More perfect way
Each person leaving you with a piece
Each collecting good and bad
And in this way
Love is a puzzle
Feb 5 · 28
your just like fire
Just like a fire
I will light your world
When darkness pulls you under
And sadness holds you
And you grow cold
I will be your fire
Warming you
Holding you tighter then any sadness could ever
And i will be your light
Like a sun
Burning the night sky away
I will be there
When no one else wants to
When pain and brokenness
Leaves its call in your mind
I will leave my call
Screaming louder then the pain could ever
Feb 5 · 36
i let myself drown
When people are in love
They often say
That they have simply fallen
Perhaps they tripped over there own feet
Falling into there beloveds arms
I however did more
I didn't simply fall into your love
For me you are an ocean
One that is deep and vast
I dived in
Head first
And stayed in your waters
Letting myself drown
Into the waters of your love
Feb 5 · 31
my hearts
And my tony                 so deserves love,
It makes me happy              to see it glowing all
Around him, glowing      inside him, filling him
Up with a beautiful light. Such brilliant
Light must come from heaven
If such place exists. He
Doesnt believe it
Does nor
Do i

He is real
A complete gentle
-man a true lover that
Could have only dropped
From the sky when it was blue
And each time i see him my smile
Is ethereal. It makes    me shiver as all up
And down my arms,        a colony of goose
Bumps lifts. And                 suddenly a jab
Of pure happines
Deep in my gut
Feb 2 · 132
dont give up on me
You and me can make it
We will get to the other side
Like lovers do
I will reach my hands
Into your darkness
Wait for yours to interlock
I will stay with you
Because i know our love is true
I'm not giving up
So i wont let you
Even when were on our last breath
Even if were told theres nothing left
So please don't give up on me
Feb 2 · 39
i will fight
I will fight for you
I will always
Even if my heart turns black and blue
And i will stay with you
Through the dark
Through the light
Through the times it hurts to decide
When you cant see the clear path
I will fight
And i will stay
For you
Jan 29 · 30
walking on air
sometimes while im outside
thinking about you
and the love you give me
as i dance past the trees
through the trees
through the woods
remembering the way you hold me
lifting me quick into the air
as i keep holding
tightly, keeping me safe
while the whole world
buzzes around me
filling all the
Jan 29 · 60
loving the way i feel
at the start
it never crossed my mind
that i could fall for you
or anyone for that matter
but i am truly
                                                           ­      in love
the way you move dancing with me
moving to an unheard beat
makes me fall so much deeper
that i saver every moment
                                                          ­        with
you, every second
floating on air
floating in the raindrops
and the snowflakes
that sparkle on your soft skin
                                                            ­   the way
a dew drop makes a leaf
that much more beautiful
in the buttery sunlight
while your working on a project
because i love everything
                                                      ­        you make
and i know
you see the way you
                                                         Make me feel
Jan 27 · 48
its lovely to think
of you sleeping next to me
of me curled in your arms
i would like nothing more
then to fall into the safety
of your arms
of your love
Jan 27 · 45
slowly i fall
slowly i fall into your arms
allowing you to take over my mind
slowly i fall into your heart
allowing you to hold me close
slowly i fall for a person
allowing myself to fall in love with you
slowly i fall for a man
allowing myself to finally marry
Jan 27 · 43
a rose
he is a rose
his skin is soft and bright
like the petals of a rose
his voice as as deep as a shade of crimson
like the red that surrounds the flower
his personality sharp but kind precise
like the thorns that decorate the stem
and every piece of him is beautiful and majestic
just like a rose
a kind
a past of    
much love        
as i
Jan 27 · 34
i think its the mystery
that pulls me into you
the mystery of the way our love
burns so brightly
that it blinds my eyes
and over fills my senses
and the only thing i have to hold onto
is your sweatshirt
and the drumming sound of your
Jan 27 · 249
love is a hurricane
it begins as a light rainfall
a soft heart beat
a light footed dance
and then the wind picks up
and our desires grow
and the dance becomes fast
and the need to be in the others touch
can leave you broken
and shattered in its wake
Jan 26 · 47
the world i knew
when i met you the world i knew
melted away and surrounded around you
and now in my future
i see happiness in you
i see a family
i see smiles
and love so bright
so happy
that i will never let
the world i have with you disappear
Jan 21 · 38
sunlight brushes your skin
lighting it
darkening it
those piercing blue eyes
pulling me in
and with me he loses his disguise
and with him i can be myself
i can dance on water
i can fall into my dreams
and im so happy he let me fall in love
i only hope for me to never hurt him
because to me he is precious
Jan 21 · 29
my star
your eyes hold stars
i swear to it
because when i see you
i am astonished by the beauty
you shine like the brightest diamonds
and you are as mysterious as them to
the love you give me
is undying unbroken
and sweet
because i love the feeling i get
when you,
my star holds me
Jan 20 · 35
driving to your house
you get so excited for me
when im driving to your house
and im riding through the corn fields
crying cause i miss you now
and your probably with your sister
waiting for me to call
i pull up in your driveway
trying not to look to scared
but when you smile
i have to ask myself how i could ever love someone else?
and its not like we are perfect
but ive never felt this way for anyone
and i love to imagine every time
you make things okay even when
everything's all wrong
Jan 20 · 39
snowflake heart
his heart is snowflake
to some hes as cold as snow
icy and reserved
but if you look closely you see how special he is
because he is
and he is beautiful
and he is kind
but he is fragile
and easily broken
and i have promised him
to always take care not to ruin
his snowflake heart
Jan 20 · 62
withstand our time
His eyes dance like the snowflakes
Unique most special
His arms pull me in like a tide
Warm and strong
His lips press onn mine
Soft and loving
As we spin around his kitchen
Light and happy
And i realize that this boy truly loves me
Sweet and kind
And i have as well knowing we will
Withstand our time
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